31.05.2023 Continuation of Swiss authorities organised criminality and violations of human rights

Sharing yet again correspondence with Swiss authorities, who remain totally silent. Testament to the ongoing human rights authorities denial and violations: commit by omission.

Child and parental rights under the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) have been violated by Switzerland since the by Swiss authorities co-organised kidnapping of my children March 7th 2020, in retaliation of my denouncing Child Sexual Integrity Violations. And all contact has been blocked by Swiss authorities, against Swiss court order, since April 11th 2023.

Sent to the usual list of email addresses, including: – the director of the child protection service (Mr. Bussy) – the director of the child and adult protection services (Mr. Fellrath) – the cantonal councillor (Mrs. Graf) whose department is responsible – the magistrates council – the state chancellor – the great council – the justice councillor – the federal prosecutor

Sent: Wed, 31 May • 3:56 pm

Mrs. Graf, Mr. Fellrath, Mr. Bussy,

Reiterating all previous correspondences and the demands within, in particular those dated: – Wed, 24 May • 2:29 pm – Wed, 17 May • 5:08 pm – Wed, 10 May • 3:33 pm

The OPE secretary once again today mentions postal letter(s) allegedly would have been sent. I reiterate as per previous correspondence, no further postal mail has been received. It has been expressly asked, out of courtesy, to receive at least their copies electronically. This despite GDPR and other international law demanding for them to be made available electronically!

I will not take part in this “alleged” and “medieval communication” frenzy by Swiss authorities which appears designed solely for the purpose of obstructing justice and aggravating human rights violations. I underline no postal letters will be accepted as a form of communication going forward. Should it be of concern, my email service is known to be fully compliant with international law. I would imagine the Swiss state email service(s) to not be in violation of international law.

At 14:00 today May 24th 2023 [typing error, 31st as per indicated below] my children were once again not presented to or in the care of the OPE as per court order. Further acts equivalent to child kidnapping by your authorities.

Once again, Mr. Schallenberger was unavailable and also not at the OPE.

The date of 31 May 2023 is added to the list of rights violations (co-)organised by state authorities, and added to all demands pertaining to the previously reported right violations.

During the OPE secretary conversation today was mentioned various levels of Swiss authorities are copied in the correspondences, and it was notified Mr. Schallenberger has blocked messages for several weeks.

It is striking a few minutes after the call with the OPE secretary confirming Mr. Schallenberger's unavailability “suddenly” messages started being delivered. Mr. Schallenberger allowed himself to respond at 14:31 with a message containing provable lies. This 10 minutes (!) after ending the call with the OPE secretary confirming Mr. Schallenberger's unavailabliity at the OPE.

From past recordings Mr. Schallenberger's difficult position as executionary of his administrative chain of command is understood. Afraid under Swiss persecutionary laws and praxis to loose his employment should he not exectute instructions by the mother and/or his hierarchical superiors, even when in doing so violating a court order.

The lies in today's message by Mr. Schallenberger are nothing compared to the much worse criminal acts for which all authorities in copy of this email have in the meantime become co-responsible under international law and at least the commission by omission principle.

A non exhaustive overview which may also be found in previous correspondences: 1. endangerment of child psychological and sexual integrity, including obstruction of collection of evidence thereto, and repeated recidivism of acts of child abuse in full knowledge and co-organised by authorities. 2. plethora Convention on the Rights of the Child and additional protocols violations, including ongoing alienation as per defined in international law jurisprudence. 3. by Swiss authorities non protection and persecution of witness(es) to child sexual abuse, which are classified as victims under in Switzerland directly executionary international law. 4. non protection and persecution of witness(es) to child international kidnapping from at least 4 countries to Switzerland, structurally organised by Swiss authorities, including defining who is buying the plane tickets and who is responsible for identification documents of to be abducted children. 5. violation of the Convention Against Corruption through persecuting witness(es) of corruption by Swiss authorities. 6. transnational repression and acts of retaliation by Swiss authorities violating international rules, laws and instruments. 7. various violations of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, in particular those foreseen in articles 7 to 11. 8. violations of Swiss court orders by Swiss authorities.

I reiterate having some 500 hours recordings and documents to substantiate all the above.

All accumulation of mentioned evidence has been achieved for the greater interest of the state in the manifestation of the truth. The state has shown its profound disdain thereto by enforcing rights violations and doing everything in its power to prohibit the universal right to truth to come out.

I again notify:

  1. I hold personally responsible and accountable as directors of their service Mrs. Graf, Mr Fellrath and Mr. Bussy, as well as the state for these continuous acts of violence and corruption by the state.

  2. Under the universal right to truth, publication of the premeditated criminal acts by the authorities continues.

  3. Should this correspondence better be addressed by a legal scholar, you are reminded articles 7 to 11 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights are still violated by the Swiss authorities, including yourselves.

For the remainder reiterating all previous correspondences in their entirety.

Without any prejudicial recognition, and with reservation of all rights, expressly without recognition of any Swiss competence which remains contested.

For transparency:

1) May 31st 2023 @ 14:00 Message sent to Mr. Schallenberger Wednesday 14:00, by court order my children are supposed to be at your office in your care for their contact with their father. Where are [child name] and [child name]? The message was confirmed delivered, together with those of May 10th, May 17th, May 24th at 14:30 on May 31st 2023.

2) May 31st 2023 @ 14:15 call to the OPE. Confirmation by the secretary mr. Schallenberger is not available and my children are not as per court order at the OPE. End of call @ 14:21

3) May 31st 2023 @ 14:31 message received by Mr. Schallenberger. In bold are lies.

Bonjour Monsieur, comme je vous l'ai déjà écrit la semaine dernière, les enfants viennent pour être avec vous le mercredi après-midi. Pour une raison que j'ignore toujours, vous ne venez plus le mercredi depuis quelques semaines maintenant. Merci de m'expliquer clairement vos raisons et le temps encore pendant lequel vous ne viendrez pas voir vos enfants comme convenu. S'agissant de la mise en place de visioconférence hebdomadaire, comme également expliqué, le mercredi n'est pas possible. Dans un premier temps, merci de m'expliquer ce qui se passe pour que je puisse, ensuite et si nécessaire, mettre en place un moyen de contact avec vos enfants. A noter que vous pouvez toujours appeler la maman qui vous mettra en lien avec vos enfants. Bien à vous.

a) Nothing was written to me last week by Mr. Schallenberger. His last communication dates to May 3rd 2023, communication in which he reiterates against court order he denies access or contact to children at the mother's request.

b) Wednesdays are imposed by the court, children need to be presented in Mr. Schallenberger's care at the OPE.

c) The mother denies any and all contact since the kidnapping of the children March 7th 2020. Various written and recorded evidence thereto available. The mother has gone as far as stealing a device (iPod with Signal App) which their pedopsychiatrist had recommended, enabling the children to have contact. Theft of children property by a parent, denying any contact in full knowledge of Mr. Schallenberger and child protection services. It is under International Jurisprudence a requirement for an illegally child detaining parent to demonstrate actively enabling contact between children and the alienated parent for the illegally detaining parent to retain parental rights. This regardless of the total illegality of assignment of children by Switzerland to Switzerland.

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