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20230929 Report confirms Swiss lied to Council of Europe: Transparency & Electronic Communication
20230928 The Swiss Federal Prosecutor is alive !
20230927 catching up on court order violations
20230926 Child kidnapping and endangering child protection services overview
20230924 fesip
20230918 Where are the recordings?
20230916 fesip
20230915 running behind on publishing
20230912 Switzerland is the Auschwitz of Child Sexual Abuse
20230912 Whistleblowers in Europe: how states waltz around Human Rights
20230911 Whistleblowers in Europe: efforts to keep Pandora's box closed
20230910 fesip
20230908 Whistleblowers in Europe: lawmakers reduce opportunities to report wrongdoing
20230906 A new secretary at the child protection services
20230905 To Europe or not to Europe, that's the question
20230904 Whistleblowers and the OECD Anti Bribery Convention
20230903 fesip
20230901 Whistleblowing definitions: International Organisations
20230831 child protection service secretary lied
20230830 the era of age and sexual consent: a path to solution
20230829 the era of age and sexual consent: the problem
20230828 The endeavour of mankind's obsolescence in matters of ... taste.
20230826 fesip
20230825 unannounced holiday of court appointed child rights
20230823 New laws won’t help: the doggy-style clip
20230822 Swiss Pirate Party and hacking
20230819 fesip
20230817 What's the fuss about not bringing children to a court order about?
20230816 Incest according to Manon Schick
20230814 Swiss violation of judicial rights: no access to justice
20230812 fesip
20230811 highest judicial authority reverts to threatening and lying
20230810 the Committee on the Rights of the Child latest report on Switzerland
20230809 Swiss perpetrating authorities threaten victims
20230808 (child) sexual violence parliamentary commission: canceled
20230807 the failing of initiatives against child abuse
20230805 fesip
20230803 The ghost of child and adult protection services
20230802 Officially announced internal accountability investigation ... that never happened
20230731 Independent interim report reveals Neuchatel child protection problems
20230729 fesip : in memoriam, Tata
20230727 Sinéad O'Connor ~ War: children sexual abuse and rights
20230726 Week 18 of Swiss court order violations by Swiss authorities
20230725 Neuchatel perpetrators, who's who?
20230722 fesip
20230721 Incest is a form of slavery
20230719 Electronic Communication bites back at child rights violating Swiss authorities
20230715 UNSRVAW violence against men, boys, and particularly children as a whole
20230715 fesip
20230713 continued denial of access to justice and child kidnapping by Swiss authorities
20230712 Swiss Judicial Electronic Communication conclusion: Human Rights Violations Galore
20230711 the Swiss and electronic communication in justice
20230710 Switzerland subject to European electronic communication rules
20230709 Council of Europe report on Switzerland and National Minorities
20230708 any International Judiciary standards for email? Electronic Communication
20230708 fesip
20230706 Swiss United Nations Expert says publicly Switzerland is a problem to children !
20230706 the use and abuse of false mediation and the mental health industry to legalise child kidnapping {continued}
20230705 AGAIN: Neuchatel Magistrates Council bans correspondence
20230704 intermezzo: mediation as Swiss court turned sour mental health mayonnaise?
20230702 the use and abuse of false mediation and the mental health industry to legalise child kidnapping
20230701 fesip
20230630 Why are we still mucking around with our derelict and conflicting national legal systems?
20230628 Wednesday is Swiss Court Order violation day by Swiss authorities
20230626 SSI-S human rights violating contracts with private individuals
20230624 the SSI-S paid-for child kidnapping and human rights violating contracts
20230622 the Service Social International Switzerland: Criminal Organisation Supreme ~ introduction
20230621 Swiss criminal justice system: Neuchatel Magistrates Council bans correspondence
20230620 What to do? The UN Special Rapporteur attack on alienated children and parents
20230619 URGENT: war on children by feminists: United Nations vote June 22nd
20230618 the Swiss Federal Office of Justice on International Child Kidnapping
20230617 fesip
20230616 What rabbit hole am I discovering ... Missing Children Europe violation of duty to children ?
20230615 Swiss Federal Office of Police and Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner violation of human rights
20230614 Exemplary monkey business politics: Neuchatel, Switzerland
20230613 International Social Service: the hard move from feminism to (child) human rights
20230613 The International Social Service {UPDATED}
20230610 fesip
20230609 What's wrong with the United Nations, and International Instruments? Our countries!
20230608 Swiss violation of judicial rights: no access to justice
20230607 First source of Swiss Rights Violation recordings
20230607 Wednesday is Swiss authorities court order violating day
20230606 The International Social Service
20230606 Below the radar Swiss NGO arranging child kidnapping to Switzerland
20230605 Addendum to who is responsible to act in Swiss Child Sexual Integrity Violations
20230603 fesip
20230601 31.05.2023 Continuation of Swiss authorities organised criminality and violations of human rights
20230527 fesip
20230526 To CSA or to CSIV, that’s a question ...
20230525 Continuation of Swiss authorities organised criminality and violations of human rights
20230522 Part 3: why Swiss NGO's shit their pants and run away
20230521 Part 2: Swiss authorities hot potato pushing in child sexual violence
20230520 publications on Swiss sexual violence against children
20230520 fesip
20230518 And again ... rights and court orders violated by Swiss authorities.
20230517 Part 1: Who must act in CSIV according to international law ?
20230517 (sexual) violence against children: who should act ?
20230515 Language part 2: the language context and Swiss violation of language rights
20230514 Language part 1: the universal right to language
20230513 fesip
20230511 Transnational Repression by Switzerland
20230511 the federal prosecutor: a priori no crimes
20230510 New acts of child kidnapping by the state authorities, may 10th 2023
20230510 Switzerland and its cantons international obligations
20230509 letters to Swiss authorities
20230508 AMEN ... and when you thought there is no more ...
20230508 Swiss violation of whistleblowing protection: AMEN
20230507 which conventions does Switzerland violate?
20230506 fesip
20230506 UPDATE: The fish rots from the head down
20230506 the United Nations Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties
20230504 Swiss child protection kidnapping children by violating court orders
20230503 Swiss psychologists are untouchable
20230503 objectively determining sexual violence is a threat
20230429 new acts of child kidnapping by Swiss authorities
20230424 What is sexual violence on children?
20230423 Human Rights Switzerland
20230423 Part 2: Which Swiss NGO's should act in matters of sexual violence on children?
20230421 The people
20230420 the Attorney General of Switzerland
20230419 Switzerland can not be all that bad?
20230418 The fish rots from the head down
20230418 Part 1: International Conventions dealing with sexual violence on children
20230416 Wir haben es nicht gewusst: Swiss state organised sexual violence on children
20230413 any private individual can be whistleblower?
20230411 overview of whistleblower persecution in Switzerland
20230409 right to truth
20230408 Swiss judicial child kidnapping dictator: one judge decides in all levels of Swiss child kidnapping justice, and beyond
20230405 kids spend Easter holidays in abuse
20230405 unresponsiveness of the state
20230403 state bullying: no lawyer
20230402 pre-kiddnapping timeline
20230401 Alienation documentary
20230331 Overview of Swiss child kidnapping SOP
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