objectively determining sexual violence is a threat

Everyone heard about brain scans, genetics, neurologo, and so much modern science. Particularly how they enable mankind to ascertain certain things objectively.

What if violations of sexual and psychological integrity could be measured, objectively?

Those thousands of mental health jobs writing reports for the courts would be at stake. One machine could in the blink of an eye determine, objectively, whether a child suffered damaging acts. There wouldn't be the need for costly and lengthy opinions, procedures, or keeping children in danger for lack of adult taking responsibility.

Different teams of scientists using different means in different countries have reached similar conclusions: child sexual violence can be measured in both the physical brain damage and the epigenetic changes it is responsible for.

This damage was found measurable and lasting over generations. If a parent was victim of sexual violence as a child, its own children will have measurable brain and epigenetic damage.

If you have suffered sexual violence as a child, and you are in denial or it was not appropriately dealt with, your own child will be damaged by it, indirectly through you.

It may be an explanation for how in certain families throughout generations, behaviour qualified as incest or sexual violence towards children is thought of as normal within the family or social circle, while considered “abnormal” outside the family or social circle.

I found out about teams in the USA, Canada and ... Yes, one of those teams was located in Geneva, Switzerland.

The Swiss team preliminary findings showed not only they could determine through brain, genetic and many other scientific methods whether a subject had been subjected to sexual abuse in childhood. It could discover any kind of child experienced sexual violence with jaw dropping precision.

During the research, some test subjects in the control group, who confirmed themselves as never having been subjected to sexual violence as a child, and who by psy-professions had been determined to indeed never have suffered sexual violence in their childhoods, were found to ... have suffered sexual violence as children.

Further research into those subjects, and thanks to crime reporting prescription laws making sure perpetrators could no longer be prosecuted, suddenly family members confirmed they had been witness of the sexual violence many years before. A perpetrator admitted the crime.

You are reading this correctly.

People who as adults seem to function normally and who believe they never suffered sexual violence as a child, may have suffered sexual violence as a child, and it can be objectively measured.

When I read this, goosebumps all over, and writing these lines, still goosebumps all over.

When fine-tuned, it means any allegation of sexual violence towards children could be determined efficiently and immediately. No question of doubting the word or behaviour of a child. No question of the ego of adults. No question about the ego of the state. No question about opinions of psy-professionals. NO ...

The only thing left for the psy-professions and the law is immediate remedy and help for the victim.

The team could also show there was certain evidence of how the physical brain damage caused by child sexual abuse could potentially (partially) heal.

So not only could this method determine the sexual violence on children for fact, it could potentially also be a tool to help the victims heal, and help mental help professionals be good at healing victims from such ordeal.

When the preliminary findings of this Swiss pluridisciplinary team were published, showing and justifying further research needs in order to confirm the findings, and set procedures in place as a tool for justice to be served and victims to get the necessary support and attention ...

Are you surprised the funding for the research was stopped, and the multidisciplinary team dismantled? From what I was able to trace, none of them still work in the field of child sexual violence!

The other teams working independently on the subject in the USA and Canada have similar findings. Difference there is ... commerce, intellectual property, and similar headwind from the scientific and legal community.

If such a simple and elegant solution exists in child sexual abuse, why don't we go full blast for it?

Jobs, vested interests, the industry of doubt, omerta, ... The system wouldn't be served.

More importantly, the system could be pointed its responsibility, for decades, for millennia. And this transgenerationally. Those unrecognised victims would be empowered to point the finger to a profoundly flawed and defaulting system. Authorities would need to justify themselves, and may face trial, may risk imprisonment for being part in the endangerment of children.

This goes beyond jobs. This is about legal and political responsibility for an unmeasured but huge portion of society. A portion of society we are taught to turn our backs to. Any attempts at measuring the portion of society has pointed to hundreds of thousands of unattended victims, in each country of the globe.

Do authorities want accountability for those hundreds of thousands of people out in the streets demanding ... justice to be served? Cures and compensation to be provided?

WIR HABEN ES NICHT GEWUSST is a much simpler approach to society in the eyes of those bearing responsibility. We all, each and every individual on our planet, bear responsibility.

Next up, the Swiss Psychologists federation, the legal freedom for Swiss psychologists to violate the law, and destroy evidence of sexual abuse so they can not be prosecuted for the harm they are knowingly co-responsible of.

Disclaimer: Contrary to what I like to do, I've specifically chosen not to link to the researchers or the institutions who have discovered, or those who are still working on the subject. The amount of scientific papers published is astonishing, a simple internet search will lead your way. Some of the research goes back quarter of a century at least, up to the present day. We have methods to objectively measure child sexual abuse, and we are not using them. Shame on us!

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