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Topics discussing how Swiss authorities commit premeditated, criminal and corrupt:

Whistleblowing about how Switzerland is :

Hundreds of documents, over 500 hours recordings, and the names of those responsible will be published here on this blog on a weekly basis.

The incriminating material shows a structurally diseased, banana-republic society: judges, police, public prosecutors, child protection services, psychologists, psychiatrists, schools, hospitals, etc. All the way to both cantonal and federal executives. They handle under pretence of (inter-professional) “collegiality”.

Independent international reports from reputable organisations increasingly denounce and openly condemn Switzerland. Those reports will naturally be referenced and discussed.

the whistleblower ...

French is only the whistleblower's third language. While as much information as possible will be in English, some of the material will inevitable be in French.

Want to help? All help translating and transcribing, legal advise and representation is welcome.

Have information to share? All info regarding other cases is welcome, and if wished could be published here.

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A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on. This blog gets the proverbial pants on!

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