Swiss child protection kidnapping children by violating court orders

I've spoken previously about how the fish rots from the head down.

Herewith I share the correspondences pertaining to state acts of child kidnapping on April 26th 2023 and May 3rd 2023.

A few necessary introductory notes.

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has condemned a number of countries in recent years for their authorities not acting on the non presentation of children to court ordered child-family contacts.

The ECHR finds parental alienation a severe form of psychological abuse on children, and finds the non presentation of children to a court ordered family contact alienation.

The ECHR finds the non presentation of children to a court ordered family contact an act equivalent to child kidnapping.

This is a story where the child protection services should have children in their care on specific days and times by court order, and where those child protection services are actively involved in organising the non presentation of children to a court ordered family contact.

The child protection services violate the court order, in so doing they commit an act of child kidnapping and an act of severe psychological violence towards children, according to jurisprudence by the ECHR.

The below is not the international kidnapping, which is also something the child protection services in Switzerland are involved in. I'll document this later, with recordings of the intimate details and strategies, including the discussion of who buys the plane tickets, in order to kidnap children to Switzerland. This other story is one of Swiss child protection services organising international child kidnapping and it is on recording.

Here is described the “local” child kidnapping by authorities. It has been ongoing and recurring for the last 3 years, more then 60 hours of contact “alienated” and/or “kidnapped”, weeks without any news on the whereabouts or the well-being of my children.

It is also important to note that I have requested repeatedly to receive a copy of the alleged court instructions.

Mr. Fellrath has failed to produce the correct court order and instructions, and here below Mr. Bussy refers to an as far as I know non existing court order.

Child protection services state poo-ha dates and court orders and posh language law which to the common individual is not comprehensible. While it is about them, ask a 9 and 5 year old child if it understands. The mentioned dates and orders throughout this and other child protection correspondences are either non existent, outdated or plain wrong. And they do so without providing copy of the instructions they claim they allegedly received from the court.

As for the state services allegedly only communicating by postal letter, regular mail does get lost, and regular mail does take time. This is a matter of child kidnapping. Every hour, minute, counts. Who's to say the intense collaboration between the Swiss authorities and the mother during this time is not used to cover up their criminal acts?

I should not write the question mark above, as I have written evidence between various Swiss authorities, by email, organising the international kidnapping of my children to Switzerland in less then 24 hours. This dates back to 2020.

If it suits them, they can write emails. If they feel finger pointed, the'yll stall you with in the post letters which may get lost.

A total Mickey-Mouse by the state, who is supposed to ... protect children!

The below correspondences are released under the universal right to truth, and are with:

Yanick Bussy, head of the child protection services Christian Fellrath, head of the child and adult protection services Crystel Graf, the councelor (minister) responsible for child protection services Swiss federal prosecutor

Date: 3 May 2023, 2:51 pm by me

Mr Bussy,

Your office has so far failed to justify the whereabouts of my children whilst they were by court order due in your office's care at 14:00 dd. April 26th 2023.

It appears today your office is again violating my children's and my rights of contact, as it has been confirmed my children once again have not been presented by their mother in your office's care.

The by court order designated curator of your office is today once again unreachable and not at the office. Further testament of collaboration between your office and the mother to commit acts of alienation (severe psychological abuse against children as per ECHR). Nor can anyone of your office inform me of the whereabouts of my children who were due in the care of your office at 14:00 in order to maintain parental relationships.

I am entitled to know and demand to be fully informed of the whereabouts of my children. This both for Wednesday April 26th 2023 and Wednesday May 3rd 2023.

Further criminal charges will be drawn against your office for its collaboration to the mother's demands in the non presentation of children (which is equivalent to child kidnapping as per ECHR), alienation (a severe form of psychological violence against children as per ECHR) and non respect of court order by your office.

Date: 27 Apr 2023, 12:17 pm by me

Mr. Bussy,

I take note of your violation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights article 2 with regards to language.

I take note of your violation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights article 16.3 with regards to the protection of family.

I take note of your violation of articles 7 and 8 with regards to due legal process.

As per the mandate you explicitly refer to, but which your authority and your superior in hierarchy has never produced in order to verify its corroboration with the real document, my children, (NAMES REDACTED), were supposed to be at your offices no later then 14:00 dd 27/04/2023 for a 3h30 contact.

Your refusal to document and divulge the whereabouts of my children who at that time should by court order have been under the care of your organisation is duly noted, and constitutes an act equivalent to child kidnapping to which your office has at least collaborated, if not co-organised.

I divulge and underline I have recordings of your office taking part in the kidnapping of other children then my own from other countries.

This message is also transferred to the federal prosecutor as to further document the continued organised crime by the state and its authorities in kidnapping of children from other countries to Switzerland, endangering children's psychological and sexual integrity, corruption, bribery, and all other crimes by your authority and the state in documents and in the 500 hours recordings.

Under the UN principle of the right to truth, your correspondence shall be published and commented for the right to truth of the wider population in matters of crimes perpetrated by the state and its authorities.

27 Apr 2023, 10:49 am by Yanick Bussy


Nous accusons réception de votre courrier électronique du 26 ct adressé au soussigné et concernant vos enfants, ainsi que leur localisation actuelle.

À titre liminaire, nous rappelons que dans le cadre des activités de l’État de Neuchâtel, seule est utilisée la langue française, de même, en application de l’art. 24 de la loi cantonale d’introduction au code de procédure civile (RSN 251.1 ; « LI-CPC »), c’est également le français qui est établi comme langue de procédure judiciaire. Nous vous invitons donc à vous y conformer à l’avenir dans le cadre de vos correspondances.

En outre, il ne vous est aucunement loisible d’exiger une réponse à vos sollicitations exclusivement par voie électronique. En l’espèce, nous vous informons que de façon exceptionnelle cette correspondance vous est adressée par voie électronique et également par voie postale, toutefois à l’avenir, seule sera utilisée la voie postale, ainsi que nous le faisons traditionnellement.

Enfin et comme vous le savez, nous rappelons que l’Office de protection de l’enfant assume, en faveur de vos enfants, une curatelle au sens de l’art. 308 al. 2 CC, à savoir une curatelle de pouvoir particulier, dont le périmètre est défini par la décision du tribunal civil du 28 janvier 2021. Le périmètre déterminé ne porte que sur la surveillance des relations personnelles en faveur de vos enfants. Il ne nous appartient donc aucunement de vous indiquer le lieu de résidence de vos enfants, ni même d’exercer une surveillance sur leurs déplacements. Comme nous avons déjà eu le loisir de le faire précédemment, nous vous invitons, si ce périmètre d’action de l’Office ne vous agrée pas, à saisir l’autorité judiciaire compétence pour demander une extension du mandat.

Nous précisons encore qu’aucune autre réponse ne sera donnée à votre sollicitation du 26 ct partant que votre unique demande n’entre pas dans la sphère de compétence du mandat judiciaire qui nous est confié.

En vous remerciant de l’attention portée à ces lignes, nous vous prions d’agréer, Monsieur, nos salutations distinguées.

Office de protection de l'enfant Yanick Bussy chef d’office

Date: 26 Apr 2023, 2:59 pm by me

Mr. Bussy,

I was due to be video called by Mr. Schallenberger today dd26/04/2023 at 14:00 in order see and speak with my children [redacted] and [redacted]. This following Mr. Schallenberger's usual unilateral, last minute and only verbally expressed decision announced 11/04/2023 of cancelation of the right of personal contact dd 19/04/2023 at the mother's request.

I sent Mr. Schallenberger messages, at 1:49 PM and 2:15 PM, which have been confirmed received and read by Mr. Schallenberger. He did not respond. I tried to call Mr. Schallenberger at 2:23 and 2:24 PM by phone. It rang before being “refused” by Mr. Schallenberger (hung up). I called the secretary at 2:26, who is unaware of Mr Schallenberger's whereabouts. She would send him an urgent email.

I herewith demand you, as head of the department, to investigate and report as to the whereabouts of my children immediately and in writing by email. Without response by email within 24 hours as to the whereabouts of my children for the right of personal contact, the necessary criminal proceedings will naturally be filed. In the meantime the necessary paperwork as to this “disturbing disappearance” of my children is being filed.

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