child protection service secretary lied

For this week's court order violation the secretary lied. But which one?

Last week's female child protection office secretary told me Mr. Schallenberger was on holiday.

This week's male child protection office secretary told me he told me last week Mr. Schallenberger and my children would not be there.

I have the recordings, one day they'll have to get their stories straight. Which one of both was lying?

I've been working on a big report, whilst public events do not wait and cry out to have posts. So whistleblowing postings are suffering. Not forgetting there is to be divulged on many more Swiss wrongdoing authorities ...

The sent email, copy below, generated a new auto reply by the Grand Council confirming reception and a timely reply. One day something will “explode in their face” among authorities in that monkey state which is Switzerland.

30.08.2023 Continuation of Swiss authorities organised criminality and violations of human rights TO: direct perpetrators by hierarchical (co-)responsibility and commission by omission: Crystel Graf, Christian Fellrath, Yanick Bussy COPY: accessory perpetrators by (hierarchical) (co-)responsibility and commission by omission: Arabelle Scyboz, Martine Docourt Ducommun, Alain Ribaux, Stefan Blättler

All herewith held personally responsible for the ongoing and organised corruption and criminality in international child kidnapping, child sexual integrity violations, child psychological integrity violations, child alienation, victim protection violations, witness protection violations, whistleblower protection violations, arbitrary persecution, transnational repression, discrimination on the basis of language-origin-nationality-gender-membership of social group, denial of justice, violation of access to justice, and other human rights violations as evidenced in the 500 hours recordings and documents, gathered and published for the benefit of justice and the public at large under the universal right to truth principle.

Reiterating all previous correspondences and the demands within.

Is added to the list of child and parental human rights violations by Swiss authorities today, 30.08.2023. Are in the meantime co-responsible by omission to act all those copied to the messages.

In total 23 consecutive weeks of Swiss court ordered contact rights violations due to Swiss authorities arbitrary persecution, transnational repression and racism as per defined in international instruments.

According to the OPE secretary, Mr. Schallenberger was not present at the OPE for the by court ordered appointment, and my children were once again contrary to said court order not presented in the OPE's care at 14:00. The secretary also made a to a non corrupt judiciary most interesting mistake on the phone. Either Mr. Schallenberger was not on holiday last week and I was then lied to, or I was lied to this week.

I again notify:

I hold personally responsible and accountable as directors of their service Mrs. Graf, Mr Fellrath and Mr. Bussy, fully made aware of the ongoing child sexual and psychological integrity violations as well as the Bern, Geneva, Neuchatel, Jura cantonal and Swiss Federal state for these continuous acts of violence and corruption by the state and its authorities.

Under the universal right to truth, publication of the premeditated criminal acts by the Swiss authorities continues.

Should this correspondence better be addressed by a legal scholar, you are reminded articles 7 to 11 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and access to justice, are still violated by the Swiss authorities, including yourselves. In particular by the Neuchatel Magistrate's Council and its president violating access to justice under International Law.

Referring to the registered mail received by authorities dated August 14th 2023, June 8th 2023, and all electronic communication defined by International Law, such as email and public posting under the universal right to truth principle.

For the remainder reiterating all previous correspondences in their entirety.

Without any prejudicial recognition, and with reservation of all rights, expressly without recognition of any Swiss competence which remains contested,

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A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on. This blog gets the proverbial pants on!

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