Where are the recordings?

Those who follow the blog probably know: Where are the recordings? KZ sent me this question, and here comes the answer...

500 hours recordings of Swiss authorities committing crimes of international pay-for-contract child kidnapping, child psychological abuse and child sexual abuse

KZ asked:

Sorry, where on the Children for Status website do you have the recordings? I can't find them anywhere. I asked the question because you kept mentioning you had the recordings available but I couldn't find them anywhere, so I was interested. I'm sorry you aren't being heard by the authorities.

The First source of Swiss Rights Violation recordings was posted in the beginning of June, now 3 months ago.

In the post I refer the detailed dates and times of the first source of recordings, those with my own children who are by Swiss authorities kidnapped, sexually and psychologically abused. These include several phone calls and meetings immediately prior to and/or after the kids. Accounting for in total some 427 hours.

I honestly have no idea yet how many hours the other, not yet indexed recordings span. I think I am half way through at 41 hours. That's why I have been talking about some 500 hours recordings in total.

Why recordings, and why not release them?

I started recording because of the grotesque unbelievability of what I was witnessing on one hand, and the threats by Swiss judges I was subjected to on the other hand.

There is a huge amount of material, ranging from the criminal behaviour of the Swiss schools and teachers, the child protection services, the judges, the lawyers, the doctors, the pedopsychiatrists, the police, ... You name it, I recorded it.

There is no other way to document the criminal ganging of people to hide their wrongdoing.

The recordings attest to a well oiled criminal enterprise of and by authorities and civil servants. Forget Dallas, this goes well beyond anything most sane people can ever be moved into imagining.

Swiss corruption

On several recordings you can hear how civil servants discuss their strategy to kidnap children abroad. Such as children's first names, countries, airport to use, who'll buy plane tickets, which judges are inclined and which judges less so, the central authority, involved NGO's, contracts, ... The whole strategy to kidnap children abroad and bring them under Swiss control is mapped out throughout these recordings.

And yet, despite this unalienable evidence, no one is interested.

It would be easy, wouldn't it? Just dump the several GB of data online, for people to make up their own mind. I wonder, will any private person take the time to go through the 500 hours? At a rate of 8 hours a day, non-stop every day, there is 63 days worth of material. That's without the documents...

I can understand for most people it is easier to consider it too big to fathom the possibility.

Who has the recordings?

The Swiss civil judge Yannick Jubin refused in audience to receive my USB stick, whilst the jurisprudence in Switzerland dictates he must receive it.

The Swiss public prosecutor Raphael Arn refused the recordings when I stood in front of him. He bounced back and refused to touch the recording device, yelling at me as if someone was holding him at gun point, with a recording device...

A Swiss bailiff certified the transcription of one recording as counter evidence to the 3 lawyers ganging together against me with one of their many lies. And whilst this is one recording having become an official and incontestable paper trial – evidence of lawyers Marie Berger, Jean-Marie Röthlisberger and Mathias Eusebio ganging together with the perpetrators in lies against a witness, victim and whistleblower – the public prosecutor has as far as I know never done anything to protect the children victims or myself.

lawyers ganging together out of context against whistleblower and victim interests

The Belgian public prosecutor has received about half the recordings. He tries to refuse the case arguing that it would take too long to go through all the recordings, and denies to request the remainder of the recordings. It is hard to pinpoint a single responsible party here, as it is a different substitute signing, every time.

I have documents showing how the Swiss interfere in the Belgian justice system. Black-on white. I also have recordings of some of it. I guess that's where the Belgian public prosecutor prefers the case to be silenced, their head lies in the balance too.

That is the state of the justice system when authorities are involved in international child kidnapping and child sexual abuse. An all hands on deck need to silence the case, by whatever means, whatever the cost.

So what other reasons for not throwing just everything in bulk online, other then no single person would take the time to go through the recordings in detail like I have done (and keep doing)?

Children are named by first names. Parents are referred by “the mother”, “the father”, not their actual names. Other then the perpetrators who'd immediately be informed about which criminal acts against which children are on recording, only a public prosecutor, talented investigative journalist or private investigator could try to track down these other, to be identified children.

That's where investigative journalists come in?

Most journalists, given the sheer amount of recordings, reply “it's complicated”. Then some journalists have asked “give us the one damning explicit recording”. And when I pointed a recording, as journalists must do, the ask the judge/public prosecutor for comment, only to return:

We can't do anything. It is complicated. Different languages, several wrongdoers, several countries, such a network, …

Ultimately you get the honest answers:

Faced with a well oiled criminal enterprise which will not back down and do every criminal act (I've had a few attempts on my life), journalists are moved to think twice. One journalist was fair and square: scared for their kids.

journalists spanked and scared for their kids by public prosecutor

Considering private investigators, the costs and fees associated are excruciatingly expensive. I don't have a dime other then my fingers typing the keyboard of my computer.

And I am denied access to justice in both countries whilst I have the recordings and the documents.

So what's left?

That's where I have been writing, and will keep on writing, in the context of the universal right to truth. This has long evolved from “simple” sexual abuse from a grandparent against my daughter which I have been witness of back in 2018, to large scale corruption going all the way to the highest top of Swiss society, and its criminal transnational influence.

What's astonishing, not a single criminal complaint has been filed since I divulge online. The consequence of any criminal investigation against me for the recordings or what I publish would demand for the recordings to be examined. Exactly what they do not want, because it is them, not me, who would end up in jail.

It is easier for authorities to deny access to justice, and persecute the whistleblower arbitrarily on any cheap thumb sucking fabrication under the cover of the highest judiciary not acting. Such as Arabelle Scyboz, the president of the highest cantonal judiciary, or the Swiss Federal Prosecutor, violating human rights and international instruments, making sure there is no defence made available and no investigation.

In the meantime, business as usual. Children remain psychologically and sexually abused, kidnappings can continue, and children are coerced into to authorities comforting testimonies for which the recordings as counter evidence are denied.

Filthy, disgusting, criminal, corrupt, ... there is no vocabulary suitable to describe the Swiss.

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