Swiss judicial child kidnapping dictator: one judge decides in all levels of Swiss child kidnapping justice, and beyond

Throughout the last three years persecution by the Swiss authorities, the same names kept on popping up in places which to a normal human being have conflicting judicial and other interests. So I got investigative, why, and how come?

Today's post is about the first of these names, who in my opinion based on the publicly accessible information I found is the queen of Swiss child kidnapping deciding power in the Swiss judicial system and beyond:

Marie-Pierre de Montollin.

She is also one of the judges who blackmailed me in the courtroom, in her case it was on April 22nd 2020:

I strongly suggest you (addressed to me) give it a hard thought, and recognise Switzerland as being competent to judge in the matters of your children since they're here for now. Otherwise I guarantee you it will be a very long, costly and painful battle. A simple phone call to my colleague judges abroad and we decide on the outcome here in Switzerland. I hope this reality may over the coming weeks sink in with the parties present here today (looking at my lawyer).

Herewith an overview of the judicial conflict of interests powerhorse. You can also download a PDF here, if all goes well with clickable URL's in the PDF to make life accessible and easy for those who want to double check. All those in red are levels of authority with powers in matters pertaining to child kidnapping, either directly or though controlling. This is only the pure judicial power, not the accessory power through other organisms and organisations, which you find below. You can also download a PDF here, if all goes well with clickable URL's in the PDF to make life accessible and easy for whose who want to double check.

It is in french, but the links should be pretty much self explanatory. It is at this time for interests sake, to understand the scope of conflict of interest. A full overview of all specific case file numbers, evidence and details will follow at a later time. Here I am denouncing only the problematic conflict of interest and power.

I wouldn't mind calling the person who holds reigns in all the child kidnapping power levels the dictator of Swiss child kidnapping justice.

The links with other judges in Neuchatel, equally combining conflict of interest positions, will be posted in the coming days.

In Switzerland it is called “collegial”, in other countries it is called “maffia”.

When I presented these findings to the local Neuchatel press, they claimed :

This is perfectly normal. We are a small canton, everyone knows everyone, and everyone does everything. The Neuchatel population is used to and content of this system, they feel it is normal. Until there is a really big scandal in the public sphere, this is not regarded as conflict of interest or problematic. See, these people in the justice system have high integrity. They can abstract themselves from any conflict when they personally treat the same cases in civil court, civil appeals, criminal justice, the judiciary controlling authorities, ... And yes, they are elected by the political parties. The mix of these people in the justice system therefore represents the shifts in political power. We don't think of all this as problematic, rather we think of it as democratic.

Since the 4th power in Switzerland does not seem to be interested in doing its investigative job and expose structural problems in the justice system, whistleblowing is the only way.

All of this is fine to the people in Neuchatel, and Switzerland at large? I seriously doubt it.

When I presented these findings to experienced investigative journalists abroad, all alarms, bells and whistles went off. Since it goes all the way up to the ECHR, well, that's for in a few months and up to the journalists discretion what hey decide to do with all the information.

We do not call this “collegiality” or “democracy”, we call this structural human rights violating “maffia”.

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