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The Service Social International Switzerland (SSI-S) is the organisation posturing as the International Social Service (ISS). It violates the ISS rules of conduct and (child) human rights. The SSI-S uses the ISS alleged recognition to intervene at authorities in Switzerland and abroad, including judges, to fulfil its paid-for contractual engagements. It co-organises international child kidnappings through paid-for contracts, and puts children in situations of abuse and violence. Documents and story ...

Service Social International Switzerland (SSI-S) International Social Service (ISS) Child Sexual Integrity Violations (CSIV)

Links to the SSI-S current and past team as well as their current and past executives, so you may follow who is who in this story. The past documents are as published on the SSI-S web site when the criminality by the SSI-S started to unfold for me in 2019.

The key protagonists are:

I had announced already this would be a long post, and I decided to split it over several days. It's all written up, hoping to avoid release delays.

the SSI-S posturing as the ISS. Who is the SSI-S?

It is mind boggling to me that a “national” ISS member, which is according to the ISS statutes not allowed to act in countries where the ISS has members or partners, and as such by definition is not allowed to act in allegedly 120 countries, is allowed to call itself “international”.

For clarity and distinction with the “real” International Social Service, I refer the International Social Service Switzerland as Service Social International Switzerland. At least I hope SSI-S will be different enough from ISS for the purposes of posts about these organisations.

The SSI-S is very efficient at posturing to be the ISS. Let's compare:

Item SSI-S ISS Confusion
Name International Social Service Switzerland International Social Service similar, in that both are located in Geneva, Switzerland
Website similar, in that both start with “iss-” and both are located in Switzerland
Logo SSI ISS similar
Founded 1932 1924 different, but history ...
History link link virtually identical history claims, both starting 1924
Location Geneva, Switzerland Geneva, Switzerland identical
Address 9, rue du Valais – 1211 Geneva 32, Quai du Seujet – 1201 Geneva different, organisations can have several locations
Phone +41 22 731 67 00 +41 22 906 77 00 different, organisations can have several phone numbers
N° country claims 120 120 identical

The SSI-S has several URL's, most can be confused with the real ISS.

abuse of credibility and power: press

When interacting with the Swiss press, as example the RTS, the SSI-S by word of people like AM, RW and EA, liberally introduces the SSI-S as ISS:

AM spoke on behalf of the SSI-S in the public sphere, picturing Switzerland as exemplary in International Child Abduction cases.

While the Swiss press has tried, once, to point to the reality that in the vast majority of cases mothers are kidnapping and endangering children, AM on behalf of the SSI-S would not point to women.

Instead, AM is providing excuses for women in an indirect way, so there allegedly are humane reasons for kidnapping. It is defined in the constituent texts and ongoing work by the ISS and SSI-S they work for women, not for kids. AM says:

AM goes on to notify the (mother) resettles illegally to another country (Switzerland), where the (mother) believes to have a better outcome in the courts, and that foreign parents (fathers) disagree with Swiss courts.

Surprised a feminist organisation does not point the finger to women, as objectively found in case numbers?

AM naturally fails to mention women flock to the SSI-S services, and that it is the SSI-S who provides for the necessary maffia-like ties with the Swiss Central Authority, the judges, the child protection services, etc.

A mother has actually admitted in the Swiss press she kidnapped her children to Neuchatel exactly for this reason! We've already talked at length the SSI-S claims to be, among other lies, UN recognised, and why Neuchatel is particularly interesting from a judicial perspective when you read about the Swiss judicial child kidnapping dictator

It would be very useful to document how many paid-for-contracts the SSI-S signed in the weeks following public interventions in the media.

the SSI-S and CSIV

The SSI-S was duly informed of the CSIV. A lengthy phone conversation happened in the fall of 2019 with AM.

Not withstanding the ISS clear rules, and international instruments demanding, and AM of the SSI-S duly informed, the SSI-S refused any protection for both the children victims and the adult witness and victim. The SSI-S violated its universal obligation to protect.

Due to its pay-for-service contract with the kidnapping mother, AM explained that while the SSI-S claims to be all about the “wellbeing of the child” they would not listen or attend any CSIV. AM could not care less about the fact CSIV were going back and were documented to the fall 2018. The SSI-S did not care the kidnapping mother was violating instructions by professionals to no longer bring my children to the perpetrator.

AM was duly informed, and did not care one bit, violating every rule in the book, simply because I as a foreign stay-at-home dad did not have the cash nor the will to travel to Switzerland in order to meet him and pay-for-contract the SSI-S.

When I filed a complaint at the SSI-S, following their procedure, EA denied any problem, CB deferred to the SSI-S director, and RW while confirming there was no problem gave my children a new name. The name of the CSIV maternal grandfather. It is one of the many alienating tactics by the SSI-S. My children are the abusing grandfather's, not my own, so to speak.

You see, for the SSI-S, regardless of your situation or your country, paying = acting on your behalf, regardless of the situation. No pay = no protection.

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