the SSI-S paid-for child kidnapping and human rights violating contracts

The SSI-S acts for and on behalf of Swiss authorities, NGO's and private individuals through contracts and abuse of (self attributed) power. This post is about the SSI-S being above the law, and why.

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What follows in this post is a non exhaustive show of examples on how the SSI-S is a central contractual point for Swiss authorities. The SSI-S is granted greater powers then the government itself in matters of international child kidnapping, in putting children in situations where their psychological, physical and sexual integrity is violated through maffia-like interventions.

follow the money down the rabbit hole, but shush and don't ever dare talk about it

The SSI-S mentions:

Notre action est financée par la Confédération, les cantons et les communes.

They are co-financed by the Swiss federal state, cantons and towns. In itself, nothing wrong there.

Swiss authorities (and individuals) are however offered an a-la-carte pay-for-service menu to pick-and-choose from. You can see in an SSI-S publication which ISS rules and which international laws the SSI-S openly violates for monetary contracts.

The SSI-S has a page dedicated to tariffs and invoicing their services to public authorities, private individuals, private organisations and the courts.

Trouvez des informations sur nos tarifs pour les autorités publiques, les particuliers, les organismes privés et les tribunaux.

Can it be more explicit? Can there be more conflict of interest when being paid at the same time for representing the interests of private individuals, private organisations, public authorities and courts? Moreover, they can't tell anyone, as they are under strict “respect” of confidentiality:

Nos collaborateurs sont soumis au strict respect de la confidentialité.

FOJ references the SSI-S as private executioner of State authority responsibilities.

The Swiss federal government, particularly its Federal Office of Justice (FOJ), is quite open about the SSI-S and ISS. A simple search yields several results.

One of the results is the legal basis of international child abduction in which the FOJ says:

... the Swiss Foundation of the International Social Service may provide assistance.

Another is aptly tilted International child abduction – exercise of rights of access. Its linked PDF's are filled with mixed-up references to the SSI-S and the ISS.

I'll let you enjoy the browsing of public display of State authority responsibilities being run by the SSI-S, the latter having no public accountability for its criminal and human rights violating actions.

SSI-S human rights violating contracts with Swiss cantons.

The rot of the SSI-S maffia runs throughout Swiss cantons, as they openly divulge themselves in their document Services transnationaux:

La collaboration et le financement de nos prestations sont réglementés dans le cadre de contrats de prestations établis avec la plupart des cantons. ... les conditions de collaboration et les conditions tarifaires dans votre canton.

The ISS-S collaborates and is financed for its services through contracts with Cantons, and to get “child protection services” in cantons, private individuals have to pay ! This is in direct violation of the FOJ, not that the FOJ cares given its federal prosecutor says there is no problem.

SSI-S human rights violating contracts with the Office de Protection des Enfants (OPE), Neuchatel

The OPE is the Neuchatel official cantonal child protection authority, as prescribed by cantonal law. It has an army of social workers in different offices throughout the canton. I'll list two examples:

  1. On May 12th 2021 the social assistant Manuela de Montmollin explained the OPE has various mandates in place with the SSI-S. Whenever the OPE is faced with a transnational situation, they do not call the child protection services of the other country, nor do they go through the central authority. The OPE has a contract with the SSI-S to act on behalf of the Canton of Neuchatel abroad. Mrs de Montmollin explained the OPE would not act, but that the SSI-S would act. A discussion ensued in which I explained the SSI-S had already a paid-for-contract with the mother to kidnap and alienate my children. Manuela de Montmollin, as an official cantonal child protection authority decision maker, went as far as exhaling “je refuse de croire”, or “I refuse to believe” on the accounts of CSIV, kidnapping and private individual contracts.

  2. On March 3rd 2022 the OPE social assistant Frederic Schallenberger explained the OPE has contractual partnerships with the SSI-S.

These two events are obviously on recording, not that Swiss justice is interested in the right to truth, nor the superior interest of the state in the manifestation of the truth.

  1. Before the kidnapping, the OPE social assistant Jennifer Gindrat Perrot, whom I have never had any contact with and whose existence I only know through documents which surfaced post kidnapping, interacted with the SSI-S and the Centre Neuchatelois de Psychiatrie (CNP) (see net post) on a course of action to kidnap my children to Switzerland.

  2. In 2020, before I started recording, Mr. Schallenebrger had indicated because the SSI-S involvement I had a credibility problem when dealing with the cantonal authorities. David against Goliath so to speak.

Similarly, I came into possession of email correspondence between Sandrine (Zannato) Mamie, back then a social assistant at the Jura Cantonal social services, and the kidnapping mother promoting the SSI-S services, and how good they are. I wrote about the Mamie family in the What is sexual violence on children? post.

Concluding remarks

Swiss authorities from all levels have paid-for contracts with the SSI-S. It has been ongoing for many years. The SSI-S performs tasks which daylight shuns: Kidnapping children, Violating children and other human rights, international persecution and transnational repression.

If Swiss authorities would permit for the universal right to truth to break free, as they should, then they would have to prosecute themselves. Their own colleagues in positions of authority with whom they collaborate constantly. And, discredit in the process Switzerland's untouchable whiter then white reputation.

This “Swiss Collegiality Syndrome” is on recording, several times over.

Do you know of any authorities anywhere in the world prosecuting themselves without thousands of people on the streets?

And even then, it takes the universal right to truth years after the horrific human rights violations before something could maybe substantiate. Maybe the International Criminal Court could do the job sooner given the Swiss are inept and unwilling?

The SSI-S represents two words which are sung in sync and are preceded by “deliberately organised”: Criminality and Corruption.

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