the Swiss Federal Office of Justice on International Child Kidnapping

In retrieving documents highlighting the criminal organisation between Swiss authorities and the Service Social International Switzerland (SSI-S), the pending and long awaited post, I keep stumbling on very interesting information, how Switzerland violates, knowingly, deliberately, human rights.

I previously pointed that Switzerland pays for legal proceedings abroad to obtain what it wants for Swiss nationals in matters of International Child Abduction, and that the Swiss violate human rights in terms of access to justice in the post Swiss violation of judicial rights: no access to justice.

What does the Federal Office of Justice say?

I refer to the page on the Swiss Federal Office of Justice covering the legal basis of International Child Abduction. It claims nicely that Switzerland respects International Conventions. Not so, as I point to the real situation, not the claimed situation.

a first instance decision can be appealed in almost all States

Not in Switzerland. You can not appeal a Swiss court kidnapping decision. See the posts Overview of Swiss child kidnapping SOP and Swiss judicial child kidnapping dictator: one judge decides in all levels of Swiss child kidnapping justice, and beyond. More on this Swiss violation of Human Rights in a future post.

Mediation is not offered in the same way and free of charge in all States.

A dedicated post on how mediation is used and abused by the Swiss state and the SSI-S to violate human rights is coming later, hopefully this week still. However, I can already tell you the Swiss court decided mediation in International Child Abduction is a paid-for service, costing an arm and a leg, with people who have no formal training in mediation. Swiss courts violating rights.

The Convention provides that that the work done by the central authorities is free of charge. Court or administrative proceedings, including any necessary legal representation, are also free of charge.

Wrong agin, as a stay-at-home dad caring full time for my children, without income or personal wealth, I was forced to loan money from family and friends because the Swiss state would not provide legal representation. Well over 100.000 euro total cost for this procedure alone.

Visitation rights proceedings are not facilitated in all States in the same way as return proceedings. Proceedings usually take longer and visitation rights are difficult to enforce.

You bet. See all the weekly posts on how a Swiss court order is violated by Swiss authorities.

As always, the Swiss are experts at throwing sand in the eyes of the International community. They are so arrogant about it they don't even try to hide it in many instances. Swiss Human Right Violations in plain sight, and no one dares to point the finger the “world recognised superior country”.

There is so much commonality between Switzerland and the pre-second-world-war German regime ...

Back to documenting and typing the SSI-S post(s).

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