Overview of Swiss child kidnapping SOP

Today's post is an overview of the technicalities involving child kidnapping to Switzerland. In my opinion it is nothing less then organised crime.

But first, I can not stress enough that:


It is a symptom of the failed state, of failed or even criminal authorities.

You can find the commented overview as linked PDF.

No two cases of child kidnapping to Switzerland are managed in exactly the same way. Each case is a variation of the standard SOP. Which makes it difficult for the fourth estate (fourth power, the classic media) to do its job denouncing a structured judicial wrong towards children.

In addition the press in Switzerland is risking criminal charges if they blow the whistle. This will be covered in a later topic on childrenforstatus.

How it is done ...

A person of Swiss nationality or a person claiming residence in Switzerland, having the intention to kidnap a child to Switzerland, invents a story about the to be kidnapped child being in danger. I'll call this person CH.

This false story is fine-tuned through various contacts in Switzerland. The story grows, and credibility is generated from the growing believability. People naturally feel compelled to take the side of CH.

A network in Switzerland builds around CH, suggesting actions and starting preparations for the kidnapping with the Swiss authorities.

The non Swiss nationality and non Swiss resident guardian of the child (NSG) is never contacted. People abroad are not contacted. A Swiss mirage is created that the to be kidnapped child is actually linked to Switzerland, up to the point of getting confirmations the child is in fact dependent and physically present in Switzerland. But it is not.

With the created story paper trail, official confirmations are obtained from authorities, and a judge gets asked to decide on the child being taken away from the NSG. This totally illegal judgement, unknown to the NSG or the child, forms the basis for CH to kidnap the child.

The whole thing gets blown out of proportion. Many Swiss authorities act in complete willing suspension of disbelief or fact checking.

To any country, this is highly illegal. It is de facto a criminal association among many Swiss surrounding an artificially created Swiss judicial truth. It exists due to the Swiss willing suspension of disbelief, they call with fancy words interdisciplinary collegiality.

To the Swiss, it is legal, because a Swiss judge decided, regardless of the legality.

This is frighteningly similar denial behaviour responsible for some of the most atrocious war crimes in recent history, one of which ended in societal proclamation “wir haben es nicht gewusst”.

Once CH kidnapped the child, the clock starts ticking to try to get the child back to the status before it was kidnapped.

The “hague” convention indicates it is the legal system of the country where the child was kidnapped to which is responsible to judge whether the child goes back, or not.

The Swiss state deciding against its own illegally created judicial truth? Admitting it is co-responsible for the kidnapping of a child?

The Swiss pull every trick in the book to keep the child kidnapped, helped by the ego and status of the kidnapping country's legal and childcare systems.

More often then not, the child is not returned. And if it is returned, legal procedures take many years. Some children become adults before a final decision about kidnapping is judged.

Willing suspension of disbelief in the kidnapping country is the driving “time” factor. I find the kidnapping country and the “hague” convention are therefore co-responsible for allowing kidnappings to happen.

Let it be clear once again, the current legal status surrounding international child kidnapping is never about the well being of the child.

It is typically accompanied by the system refusing normal contact between the child and its roots, trying to break the bond so the child itself expresses the wish to not return. Psychological violence, manipulation, abuse of the child.

Not only bonds with the NSG are broken, but also with the rest of the child's social ties. And new social ties are as quickly as possibly installed in Switzerland. New memories are trained replacing the old ones.

In kidnapping it is important to understand a child is loyal to the person feeding it and putting it to bed. If normal contact with a NSG and the child's roots is broken, the child naturally refutes its past and gears all loyalty to the only remaining CH. A child can not understand what happens, and developing exclusive loyalty towards the CH is a must for the child's survival.

Courts are incompetent in understanding the psychological violence called alienation. In fact, Swiss universities claim “scientific research” proving alienation does not exist. Unfortunately, alienation has been proven by CT scans of the brain measuring the permanent physical changes of a child's brain, for life. But in Switzerland society is in complete denial of this objective measure proving the permanent psychological damage the Swiss system creates. More on that in another post to follow on childrenforstatus.

The well being of a child in a kidnapping case is vested interest adult and legal talk in the kidnapping country. If it were about the well being of a child, it would be the legal system of the country where the child was kidnapped from which would be competent to decide. After all, they are on the ground where the child was, they can investigate what happened, where the child went to school, what its social ties were, etc. The kidnapping country has no authority to investigate all this objectively.

And in reality, Switzerland rejects, even mocks any evidence coming from another country. The involved Swiss authorities will do everything in their power after the kidnapping to intimidate the foreign authorities, violating foreign judicial sovereignty. The Swiss are not shy to even admit it openly in Swiss courts. In a few weeks the recordings will find their way on this blog.

I believe contrary to the “hague” convention, a child should be immediately returned to the country they were kidnapped from, and this country would need to decide whether the reason for kidnapping a child was justified.

One would no longer have a reason to kidnap a child, for there would be no hope a child would not be returned thanks to dragging out legal and psychological systems.

Another reason why there are so few returns is that the kidnapping country's borders let the kidnapping happen, let the CH with a child enter the country. Deciding a child was kidnapped means the kidnapping country authorities made a mistake towards the well being of children. Which authority would admit such a fundamental rights mistake?

The legal system, the networking between lawyers, childcare organisations, courts, social assistants, child psychologists, etc. in the kidnapping country naturally bond together against the NSG. That foreigner with different language and cultural praxis must be the evil. Switzerland can not be evil, right?. Switzerland is the most righteous and civilised country, no?

It is easily explained, the NSG demands the return, so de facto is a complainer, a lone adult in another country where no one is looking on Swiss fingers. It is easy, almost natural, to be dismissive, even discriminate against the NSG. The CH in Switzerland does look on the fingers, and so do all those instances of official nature in the kidnapping country. They all have to loose, the takes are high for all those adults having acted wrongly in the kidnapping country.

And then there is the financial side of international legal proceedings. Most people can not afford years of internationally competent lawyers. There is no legal or financial support for the NSG. There usually are also language and cultural barriers. And so many other things contributing to kidnapping a child to Switzerland being fruitful for a CH.

It is even easier if the CH is a parent. Such a person can take their child over a border, and refuse to come back, refuse to return the child to where they were kidnapped from. Parents, whether married or not, are legally obliged a plethora of things towards each other. It is very easy to use those obligations as a basis to organise and kidnap.

The “hague” convention is wrong in so many ways, it is so obviously easy to manipulate the rules of the convention in favour of a CH that even international organisations make their “big” business out of kidnapping children and manipulating the kidnapping country's legal system. More details on this crockery in a future post on childrenforstatus.


Child kidnapping is about the status of the CH, the status of the kidnapping country, the status and finances of all the actors in the kidnapping country. The stakes for the Swiss to seemingly successfully persecute the NSG are huge.

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