Part 2: Which Swiss NGO's should act in matters of sexual violence on children?


You'll however find many justifications in the Swiss parliament work, claiming Switzerland does not need an independent expertise body because it believes there are so many NGO's in Switzerland doing the job for them , and government highlighting how much they pay those NGO's to act when confronted with evidence of sexual violence against children.

How on earth is it then possible that in light of the plethora international executionary conventions and treaties, and despite this alleged plethora of NGO's, this country is knowingly and structurally allowing sexual violence on children?

Answering that question runs throughout this blog, but fact is, none of these NGO's act. All hide behind excuses. They actually shit their pants as soon as they hear the words sexual violence on children. That is due to the sorry state of Swiss law, praxis and ego as already discussed and will be discussed in part 3 and other places on the blog.

Onto the NGO's


Before all else, I wish to underline I have the greatest regard for ECPAT International and what it stands for, the work done internationally to improve on the appalling state of sexual violence against children. ECPAT International is victim of abuse of their good name in Switzerland, just like so many other organisations.

ECPAT International is not based in Switzerland, but in Bangkok, Thailand. It groups 124 civil society organisations in 103 countries, where it has representative offices working to the benefit of ending sexual violence against children.

They describe themselves better then I could:

We work to better understand the problem through research while pushing for the critical systemic and social changes necessary to end the sexual exploitation of children with governments, intergovernmental institutions, the private sector, civil society, and the general public, including with the children themselves. Violence against children, including sexual exploitation and abuse, affects an estimated one billion children worldwide and ECPAT’s research has concluded that no country or region is ‘immune’. Sexual violence against children is a growing and increasingly complex crime. It happens to children from all socioeconomic groups, of all educational levels, across all ethnic and cultural groups, and in every geographic region. To end these crimes, knowledge, and evidence must be of the highest possible quality to inform our decisions and guide targeted action and activities. ECPAT continues to conduct primary research, as well as bringing together information from various sectors and countries around the world, to form a reliable and professional range of academic sources. ECPAT also offers information for children to understand their rights, gain access justice, and find medical, psychological, and social support services in case they are affected by sexual exploitation and abuse. We connect adult survivors of child sexual abuse and exploitation to work together to heal as a global community of advocates.

ECPAT international believes Switzerland's ECPAT office is:

Kinderschutz Schweiz-ECPAT Switzerland is an independent foundation under private law and operates throughout Switzerland. As a non-profit professional organization, they are committed to ensuring that all children in Switzerland grow up in protection and dignity in accordance with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

ECPAT Switzerland describes itself as:

En tant qu’organisation d’utilité publique, nous nous employons à permettre à tous les enfants vivant en Suisse de grandir dans la dignité, en bénéficiant d’une protection au sens de la Convention de l’ONU relative aux droits de l’enfant. Protection de l’enfance Suisse dénonce systématiquement le non-respect des droits de l’enfant et accomplit un travail de sensibilisation et de lobbying pour la protection des enfants contre la violence.

Let me tell you, they do nothing of the denouncing sort, as answered in 2022 by Lilian Minder, Dr. iur., RA – Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin Politik

J'ai pu clarifier votre demande en interne et je peux vous donner le feed-back suivant. La Fondation Suisse pour la Protection de l'Enfant est active dans la prévention. Elle ne propose en principe pas de consultations et n'est pas active dans l'intervention.

Nothing against Ms Minder here, I had her on the phone, she does as she is told by Switzerland.

Kinderschutz is more like a political think tank to:

Pour promouvoir l’intérêt supérieur de l’enfant, Protection de l’enfance Suisse participe à la politique nationale.

See, as so often in Switzerland, nice words vent to hide nothing is done. Claiming systematic denouncing but in fact only promoting protection to politicians. What a sad country! In Switzerland acting against child sexual violence protection is not something automatic or natural, it needs to be promoted to politicians.

In reality, ECPAT as part of Kinderschutz can do nothing in Switzerland when it comes to sexual violence against children. It is a sort of academic office whose duty it is to portray how well Switzerland is doing compared to the rest of the world. And in actual fact, ECPAT in Switzerland is no more then a side gig responsibility for one of Kinderschutz's employees. Poor Ms Minder.

This is not the place to discuss Kinderschutz in relation to psychological violence, particularly child alienation, it will be discussed later on the blog.


According the the federal government:

ESPAS propose une première écoute gratuite par téléphone (0848 515 000) et des conseils pour les professionnels et pour toute autre personne ayant besoin d’aide.

For that they get about 70K CHF per year. Less then a year's salary for a secretary. How can they do anything?

Their back in 2021 interim director Marco Tuberoso answered:

Pour vous répondre, effectivement il n'y a rien au niveau fédéral, car la Suisse étant un état fédéral, il incombe aux différents cantons de régler eux-même les obligations de dénonciations selon les personnes qui y seraient confrontés.

I spoke with Mr. Tuberose a few times. He was apologetic, underlining that ESPAS's services are not available in the canton of Neuchatel. Nor are ESPAS's services available in many other cantons either. Mr. Tuberoso conveyed this is due to a chronic lack of professionals with expertise in the field of sexual violence against children. He confirmed to his knowledge no one in for example the cantons of Neuchatel or Jura Bernois has expertise or works on the subject.

He underlined Swiss law is prohibitive to denounce. If ESPAS personnel would denounce anything, ESPAS would be first prosecuted for calumny. Therefore he explained ESPAS only supports victims after a condemnation of perpetrators by courts.

Everyone can understand with government funding less then a secretary's salary no one wants to be in court. I can assure you from first hand experience Swiss legal proceedings costs are a multitude of ESPAS's funding per year.

Mr. Tuberoso also underlined the appalling state of psychologists and psychiatrists, the medical profession as a whole and the child protection services in Switzerland. All according to him in critical need of both academic expertise and field experience when it comes to sexual violence on children. They are in chronic collegial denial, Switzerland is not void of the problem.


The federal government describes the task of KESCHA as follows:

Le Centre d’écoute et d’assistance de l’enfant et de l’adulte (KESCHA) offre informations et conseil aux personnes concernées par une mesure de protection de l’enfant ou de l’adulte, notamment pour les questions relatives aux procédures devant l’autorité de protection de l’enfant et de l’adulte (APEA) ou le tribunal.

It is an NGO mainly operating in the German part of the country. By phone they are only available on Wednesday mornings ... and you need a lot of luck to get through.

I Naturally contacted them on a number of occasions with questions regarding protective measures in sexual violence matters. In writing I have never received any reply. They never gave any information other then by phone pointing to the fact that when and as long as legal procedures are busy they do not respond to individual requests. Their web site hints to it:

Le centre KESCHA ne prend toutefois pas part à une procédure en cours.

Even when COPMA told me to get in touch with KESCHA on another matter, and I forwarded COPMA's message to KESCHA, KESCHA did not respond.


COPMA stands for La Conférence en matière de protection des mineurs et des adultes.

It claims to:

La COPMA a pour objectifs: – de traiter et de coordonner les affaires de protection des mineurs et des adultes ou apparentées ; – de favoriser la collaboration entre les cantons et avec la Confédération dans le domaine du droit de la protection des mineurs et des adultes ; – d’informer ses membres et de leur fournir de la documentation ; – de pourvoir à la formation initiale, continue et permanente des personnes actives dans le domaine de la protection des mineurs et des adultes.

Its members are the cantons. Most notably, it has an organe de contrôle ! An organ of control, in Switzerland? That's a first!

Naturally I contacted COPMA. Mrs. Barbara Käch answered:

La COPMA ne peut pas conseiller dans des cas particuliers

There, I knew it. No real, case based, control.

No wonder COPMA believes all is great in Switzerland with regards to child protection. It notes only one third of its work involves children and this third is mostly regarding child visiting rights.

See, there is no problem of sexual violence towards children in Switzerland! in the eyes of COPMA.

The Ombuds Office Children's Rights Switzerland

The Ombuds Office Children's Rights Switzerland is a novel one. Seriously, that's how its name is written ... No spelling mistake on my part.

Following at least two decades of critique by the international community for not having a Childs rights ombudsman, the Swiss parliament finally voted in 2020 there should be one.

Things take time, and operations in French initiated sometime in May 2022. Back then the ombudsman indicated they would not be fully operational before the end of the year 2022. In an awkward twist, the ombudsman hoped the details surrounding its mandate and funding would soon be clear!

The ombudsman for children's rights can only talk to children. A child needs to be able to pick up a phone, call the ombudsman, and tell the ombudsman something is wrong. In addition, children need to have capacity of discernment.

We discussed the capacity of discernment as per Swiss federal court jurisprudence before on the blog. From 10 years old, sometimes earlier. But let me ask you, which 10 year old child knows it is subject to sexual violence at that age, and can pick up a phone, and in full discerning capacity, and know it is calling the child rights ombudsman? How many children, any age, have the capacity to overcome the violence suffered as well as their perpetrator, find the ombudsman's phone, have access to a phone, and call?

I had several recorded phone calls with the ombudsman's office, which I'll get to publishing later. I had to pinch me repeatedly making sure this was not just a bad movie. A 5 year old suffers sexual violence? Tough luck!

I had a full argument with them, I underlined I had recordings and evidence. The ombudsman kindly told they would not be able to do anything unless my children would themselves contact the ombudsman.

Again, no help for kids in danger at the Swiss child rights ombudsman.

Pro Juven Tute

Contacted the 147 number, they do prevention only in cases of child sexual violence, and revert to others submitting a criminal complaint with the authorities.

They do however acknowledge the problem exists in Switzerland, and is subject of taboo

La violence sexuelle reste un grand tabou en Suisse, et ce malgré des chiffres effrayants. La violence sexuelle est pour beaucoup un événement traumatisant et déterminant pour la vie. Des études ont montré que 97% des abus sexuels sur les enfants ont lieu dans l’entourage proche. Un enfant sur sept subit au moins une fois de la violence sexuelle.

97% of sexual abuse on children happens in the family environment, and one child in 7 undergoes minimum one occurrence of sexual violence.

Missing Children Switzerland

Missing children Switzerland (MCS) is the Swiss bureau of Missing Children Europe, the pan-european network for help in cases of violence towards children.

I did tell MCS I had evidence as well as recordings, and supplied them with the information they requested me throughout the below.

MCS first told me they only work to locate missing children. To them my children were not missing. They were kidnapped and suffered acts of violence. But I knew where they were and with who.

They then told me they have a contract with the Service Social International Genève ( remember, the fake UN affiliated posing organisation ) When I told them about the SSI-S, well, they admitted they could also envisage working directly.

Then they wanted to get in touch with the people in Belgium, ChildFocus, who had told me to get in touch with MCS. At ChildFocus I went all the way to the then deputy CEO, who confirmed Switzerland was extremely complicated, that from Belgium they couldn't do anything there.

Then MCS said they normally do not act in Switzerland, but rather act outside Switzerland, but transfer people to various other services when children undergo violence in Switzerland. Again I could document to them I had already covered the grounds, and with support from ChildFocus they would analyse what they could do.

Ultimately, MCS said it was too complicated, that they do not have the mandate to deal with sexual violence on children in Switzerland, nor the financial ressources, that they risked getting involved in criminal proceedings, ... They wished me lots of courage and good luck.

Human Rights Switzerland

This one gets a separate topic. Juicy! I can't wait, it is a fine example of how Switzerland ensures its human rights violations don't get divulged.


CECAR can only get involved with victims of sexual violence in the church for facts which according to Swiss law are prescribed, let's say, too old. As Brigitte Ansermet responded to me:

uniquement compétente pour des personnes victimes dans le cadre de l'Eglise catholique pour des faits prescrits.

Now, here comes another gut spilling part ...


In the media a full blown omerta campaign was set up. In Switzerland the pressure on victims and their families is such that people are scared shitless to even dare think of denouncing sexual violence towards children. Without proper (any!!) funding by the state, what do you want to do?

Divide to rule! And make the situation invisible. The Swiss Bishop's conference set up a person in each of its 6 dioceses who would receive victims claims, and claims it is the reason CECAR did not get much traction.

I contacted the person responsible for the Jura Bernois and Jura who is based in Basel. I was told to step forward fast, because ... the person responsible would be of pension age 2 months later, and they did not plan to set up a new person, saying in Switzerland sexual violence in the church is not a problem.

There, the disease in plain sight.

If the CECAR, and recognising sexual violence in the church, is such a difficult affair in Switzerland, then how on earth do you expect for an organ like the CIIVISE in France to be set up in Switzerland to document sexual violence in the Swiss family sphere? Should one be surprised anno 2023 pedophiles flock to Switzerland knowing they get access to kids as they pretty please without risk whatsoever?

Only if the Swiss public steps out on the street, protests for weeks on end, forcing the Swiss parliament to set up a public and independent commission, pays for splashing the media for months on end to motivate people to step forward, and ... most importantly ... passes far going legislative reform to safeguard those who speak up from any criminal prosecution ... Maybe, just maybe, people in Switzerland will start to understand what sexual violence towards children is and maybe, just maybe, victims will finally dare to come forward.

What sorry backward country Switzerland is.

other NGO's in Switzerland

Other NGO's exist, such as CIAO, ASPI, Beformore, DIS NO, LIMITA, CTAS ... they either do not work in French speaking Switzerland, or only work in a specific canton, or only work on children of older age, or work only with possible perpetrators, or work only for government and professionals. NONE work with or for young children in situations of sexual violence across cantons with authority, responsibility and expertise.

SOME 10 MILLION SWISS FRANCS, NO MONEY FOR YOUNG CHILDREN IN SITUATIONS OF SEXUAL VIOLENCE !!! All money for producing air, throwing sand to the eyes of the international community, showing how well Switzerland is tackling sexual violence on children. The example nation ...


All NGO's I could find with possible dealings in child sexual violence cases were contacted. None acted. None take ownership of the problem while the federal government thinks it has many NGO doing the job for them.

As you know by now I have 500 hours recordings, and documents, proving what I whistleblow on. There simply is no right to truth in Switzerland, structurally set up by the state. Swiss authorities are covered in part 4. Patience, explosiveness is coming, all of the above is “nothing” yet...

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