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I've separated this NGO from the part 2 discussion, because it goes much further then just sexual violence against children. is quite clear: offre un service de consultation pour les personnes en détention et leurs proches. Pour des raisons de capacités, nous ne pouvons pas offrir d’autres types de consultation individuelle.

Simply put, if you are not in jail, well your human rights sort of can be violated. Having said that, this NGO does have to function in a country where human rights are violated everywhere.

Contrary to the Paris Principles voted at the United Nations in 1993 Switzerland did everything to not set up a Human Rights office. So as NGO is essential. As NGO, they don't have the financial ressources to help everyone whose rights are violated in a country whose national sport is violating human rights. If doesn't set limits, they would not be able to function.

I did contact them about all aspects including sexual violence, and they kindly did tell me they could not get involved.

In addition, they are victims of their success:

Dès la fin de l'année 2022, sera confrontée à une réduction drastique de ses ressources, correspondant environ à un sixième de son budget total. Dans le même temps, l'organisation doit se repositionner et redéfinir son identité. La raison: la mise en place en 2023 de l’institution nationale des droits humains.

Finally, with a delay of 30 years (1993-2023!) Switzerland is succumbing to its international obligation, and sets up a body whose purpose is to watch over human rights. Not that the law was not voted back in 2021, the Swiss like to take their time so they are certain they do not loose control over anything the world should not get to see.

This should be exciting news, because as the Paris Principles state:

A national institution may be authorized to hear and consider complaints and petitions concerning individual situations.

Do you really think that is what Switzerland will accept? Switzerland is having, as usual, a laugh at international rules:

Les Chambres ont cependant précisé les tâches de l'institution. Elle ne doit pas enregistrer de plainte individuelle, ni assurer de fonction de surveillance.

There, you see? Cases and critique of how Switzerland violates human rights? No chance !

It's only going to be created on May 23rd 2023, and for now, no one really knows what its job will in reality look like. My guess? It will be yet another organ safeguarding Swiss interests and image internationally. As per the announcement:

Suisse plus crédible En se dotant d'une telle institution, la Suisse deviendrait aussi plus crédible lorsqu'elle invite d'autres pays à protéger les droits humains

I rest my case. If you've not understood the Swiss way by now, no one can help you. Don't come crying when Switzerland violates your human rights, you've been warned! Despite its name, there will be no real human rights institute in Switzerland.

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