Sinéad O'Connor ~ War: children sexual abuse and rights

To my kids ... In memoriam to Sinéad's transformation of lived atrocity into art, outspoken victim of sexual abuse by her mother, as so many others who have been victims of violence by their mothers, and are silenced in deep rooted societal taboo.

Just like you, spontaneously outspoken at your young age, on recording and with physical evidence. Just like you, your voice and scars repeatedly and still smothered by authorities whose interests are not to protect you, but to use the violence of parental alienation to ensure their wrongdoing goes uninvestigated.

Sinéad argued abuse in families is coded in our societies by the church, because it refused to accept the accounts of parents and children. I can attest to that as a repeated witness.

Sinéad protested repeatedly, and I share here her to me most memorable account. A 1976 Bob Marley song, adapted by Sinéad to draw attention to the continued cover-up of child sexual abuse. In the process, linking similarities between child abuse, its consequences and racism.

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One of Sinéad's accounts was to Dr. Phil, in which she said she still loved her mother despite years of physical and sexual abuse but also clearly explained the parental alienation her mother tried to inflict on her.

Sinéad's repeated outspoken openness about her life long mental health consequences due to the sexual and other abuse her mother subjected on – her, her father, her siblings – is contrasted by today's public omerta and taboo.

As horrible as the experience of child (sexual) abuse is, Sinéad transformed and transcended it in public in more ways then our leaders can ever fathom in their fancy lobbyists and fake science corrupted offices. Sadly, those claiming to defend humanity seem to be in the process to anchor the hidden violence of sexual, physical and psychological abuse in not only perpetual silence, but anchor it in law enforceable censorship, forbiddance to even talk about it.

Women, mothers, are just as capable as men, fathers, to abuse, and alienate, children.

It's been 7 hours and 15 days ... pushes all buttons of reality for those who are victim of parental alienation. Let it be a recalling declaration of “war” as you sang against the omerta by authorities on child abuse, and let it be ever and perpetually louder. Thank you and forever indebted for your art and activism Sinéad.

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