Swiss Pirate Party and hacking

My whistleblowing work has been abruptly halted last week when I discovered in my firewall a hacker had been sitting there a number of times since last year.

I got help in to sort this out.

Based on the IP's (more then one it turned out) it originated from Jonas Witmer (JW). In fact, one of the IP's links directly to his web site. JW is a hacker who on his web site states he is part of the Swiss pirate party and specialises in security and data leaks.

Though it is always possible his IT infrastructure got hacked and is serving as a frontend to someone else, given he markets himself as a hacker and specialist in security I would find that doubtful. Especially given the first intrusion attempt happened back in June 2022, 14 months ago.

I reached out both by email and twitter. Including the Swiss Pirate Party national and cantonal officials. No reply.

the email

the tweet

While one could argue JW is a white hat type hacker from his web site posts, if the hacking attempts against me were of positive intent, I would imagine a reply to have substantiated, quickly. I am after all exposing Swiss authorities corruption, something the Swiss Pirate Party may, or should, be interested in.

Anti transparency and corruption, including whistleblower persecution, is Switzerland's forte. The Swiss Pirate Party is supposed to go against this grain, although in Switzerland the going concern is always “supposed”.

Since there was no reply, and in the interest of the Universal Right to Truth on heinous Human Rights crimes and corruption by Swiss authorities, I post this information.

Hopefully I can get back to whistleblowing heinous Swiss authorities Human Rights violations now. And who knows, keep positive, maybe they are interested in divulging Swiss authorities corruption?

Should an answer be forthcoming from any of them, I'll naturally post it too.

P.S.: Copy of this goes to the Federal Prosecutor with the IP log of the main IP. If he wants the rest, he has to stop violating access to justice. Not that he would ever do anything with the information. But at least authorities are informed, and I can not be blamed for not doing the needed in light of their access to justice violations, retaliations, transnational repressions and persecutions of whistleblowers.


The president of the pirate party took defence of the hacker by saying he's great, but can't prohibit someone leaving traces of his IP in my system. 163 times over the course of more then one year ... Everything is possible, but there is an issue of credibility there.

The hacker got in touch, saying he can't do anything unless he gets:

source IP, the destination IP, the destination port, the timestamp and the timezone. And of course the type malicious behaviour.

The source IP he will not get, of course. I'm not giving a hacker my IP. There are several infringing “destination” IP's and ports.

We'll never know I guess. For now, no further attempts...

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