Transnational Repression by Switzerland

The use, and particularly abuse, of international instruments by law violating authorities such as Switzerland. How safe are you from wrongdoing by someone working in a function of authority, across borders?

It struck me when the US Ambassador Michèle Taylor pledged at the Human Rights Council 51st Session Side Event on the subject of Transnational Repression and Human Rights as follows:

Together, we must deter, and hold governments accountable for, transnational repression.

This was on October 4th 2022.

This year, on March 16th 2023, the US congress introduced the Transnational Repression Policy Act

What is transnational repression?

Not many governments or politicians talk about it. No one for that matter does, really. The definition can be most easily found with freedom house

It is governments (authorities) reaching across borders to silence dissent among diasporas and exiles, including through assassinations, illegal deportations, abductions, digital threats, Interpol abuse, and family intimidation. It is a daily assault on civilians everywhere — including in democracies like the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Australia, and South Africa.

They sadly left out Switzerland form the list ... No sweat. While not using the terms transnational repression, we covered the subject, including the UN special rapporteur on the matter. Read it.

Freedom house continues:

Transnational repression is no longer an exceptional tool, but a normal and institutionalized practice for dozens of countries that seek to control (their) citizens abroad. Its impact on the rights of victims is severe. Even those who are not directly targeted may decide based on the threat against their community to remain silent.

We've covered the transnational repression (whistleblower persecution abroad is transnational repression) by the Swiss justice system abusing its International status and credibility through international instruments at its disposal. As per Swiss law and praxis: anyone who dares to blow the whistle in Switzerland about Swiss wrongdoing of any kind, including journalists, is at least prosecutable ... err, gets persecuted.

What does the US Ambassador say:

In all too many cases, countries use various forms of physical, verbal, or digital harassment to target activists, human rights defenders, or journalists. Countries also misuse international mechanisms or institutions to bring about the detention or deportation of these targets, not for legal purposes but for political motives or retaliation.

I have been fighting the arbitrary use of international instruments by Swiss justice to limit my freedom. I share two examples of the transnational repression and retaliation I am suffering by the Swiss.

Swiss Transnational Repression through passport right violations (plural)

Swiss involvement in the loss of my American Passport is for another topic. This is about Belgian passports.

A Swiss civil (!) judge ordered surrender of Belgian passports.

Belgian passports are property of the Belgian state, given to an individual in order to identify him/herself. At all times it remains property of the state, and must remain in the care of its legitimate carrier for identification purposes. Even in the event the passport holds a VISA to Switzerland, the Belgian passport may not be seized. The VISA may be canceled, but passport not seized. It may never be seized by anyone, except in very limited and specific cases, such as being detained in a prison facility for grave offences.

Swiss authorities have no authority over foreign passports, nor do foreign authorities have authority over Swiss passports. (That will be the day!)

Belgian authorities confirmed to not surrender passports to Swiss authorities on the basis of the Swiss illegitimate demand by Swiss civil judges (that is plural) thinking to be “ruler of the world” while they have no competence on the matter.

In addition, as a matter of technicality, the requested passports are expired, no longer in existence and signalled.

But still the monkey Swiss judges judge that the passports still exist and are still active. Someone, please buy Swiss judges proper glasses so they can read expiry dates on passport copies, as well as dates on when the copies were originally submitted.

Despite all evidence and law to the contrary, Swiss civil judges argue Belgian passports are ... theirs basically.

At least 3 civil procedures I am aware off. And since I am not (no longer) the kind to budge to human rights violations by the Swiss, the Swiss in retaliation criminally persecute me on the basis of not submitting Belgian passports to Swiss authorities.

They have no right to do this. Not in Swiss law. Not in international law. It is against fundamental human rights.

But what do the Swiss care? Pure bullying, retaliation, persecution by a derelict state in order to limit one of the most basic human rights: passport.

Swiss Transnational Repression through illegal use of international instruments

The Swiss filed an illegal and abusive SIS II warrant, in so doing seeking assistance with any Schengen and SIS II state in order to be constantly informed of my whereabouts and my movements.

SIS II is the renewed Schengen Information System.

The most widely used and largest information sharing system for security and border management in Europe.

The Swiss know exactly my whereabouts and address. The Swiss however have made illegal judgements stating arbitrarily and without any evidence, and in fact against evidence in their possession, that I am in inexistent (!) addresses. One Swiss address is known by the Swiss to be someone else's, and the other address is simply inexistent, confirmed by Google. Made up and totally illegal, by Swiss judges!

No accountability and pure impunity. Thumb sucking judges on a bored day deciding “that sounds like a real address, let's put that address on the judgement”. Obviously you do not know you have a Swiss court hearing against you, nor do you know there is subsequently a Swiss judgement against you.

The Swiss know my address, it is on so many documents. Yet they stubbornly continue to retaliate through the illegal use and interpretation of addresses in order to try to justify their need to have a SIS II warrant.

I have argued the illegitimate nature of the notice. I have shown it is totally against the SIS II rules. I have shown that it is arbitrary. I have shown the illegal deprivation of free movement. I have shown the illegal deprivation of liberty. I have a written statement by Swiss police admitting the notice does not conform to SIS II rules but that they have to do it from the Swiss judge.

The Civil (!) judges (plural) filed it anyway, and repeat it every year. Several procedures. Every single time a civil judge files it again, and again, and again.

Pure transnational repression, abusive, with the sole purpose of intimidating and retaliating, violating basic human rights in the process and outcome.

I have filed complaints with FEDPOL who administers the SIS II for Switzerland.

FEDPOL denies access to information on arbitrary ground, against the letter of Swiss law.

I have filed complaints with the Swiss Federal Data Protection Officer responsible for conformity of notices to SIS II. And there things start being interesting ...

Who is Mrs. Caroline Gloor Scheidegger?

She looks like a good data protection fighter in for example her Swiss reports

In relation to freedom of information, the FDPIC continues to see an increase in the number of requests for access and for mediation, which poses problems for him in meeting the legal deadlines in view of the pandemic-related backlog of work. In addition, there is a new tendency in parts of the administration to complicate the informal conciliation procedure before the FDPIC by filing formalistic objections, which further impedes the reduction of backlogs.

Mrs Gloor (apologies, no disrespect, it is easier to just write Gloor) informed by phone in a first conversation her services would in person go to FEDPOL to consult the database, and obtain a physical copy of any evidence therein. She was adamant the issue would get solved. Sort of in the way of “what do they think at FEDPOL”.

She conveyed in a second phone conversation a few weeks later her frustration for failure of her services to obtain the information from FEDPOL when they went physically there to obtain it. “Très compliqué”, Swiss polite code language for “the bastards, can't do anything about it”.

The chief Swiss responsible for SIS II is arbitrarily denied access to SIS II by FEDPOL ... The Vice-chair of the EU data protection committee is arbitrarily denied by FEDPOL access so SIS II ...

All this on legally valid request by the subject whose rights are violated, me.

Anotherone bites the dust ...

The Swiss DPO responsible for the SIS II database's final answer states:

Nous avons analysé votre demande et vous faisons part du fait que nous ne voyons pas de nécessité d’intervenir dans le cas d’espèce.

Good, that's settled. FEDPOL and Swiss civil judges can do as they pretty please in SIS II. No accountability, totally lawless and illegal.

I pity Mrs. Gloor, as so many others in Switzerland's authoritarian administration. They know it is not right. They want to get it right. And they are “collegially” cornered to become part of the “wrongdoing” Swiss team.

Mrs. Gloor department ends their decision by stating:

une décision susceptible de recours auprès du Tribunal administratif fédéral.

Good that's settled. The Swiss legal system violating SIS II law will change their opinion? Or is this another attempt at milking money out of a foreigner deprived of financial means for defence! Remember, Switzerland violates the Universal Declaration of Human Rights articles 7 to 11 concerning human rights access to justice...


I have been arrested twice abroad due to the illegal Swiss SIS II notices. Every time I end up being released, after telling police officers the story, showing them the documents, and them verifying, and then all suddenly ... oops, this poor sod has an illegal SIS II notice against him by the bloody Swiss. With sincere apologies by the arresting police, explaining they have no choice but to act when they see a notice in SIS II, wishing me loads of strength and luck with the Swiss, I get released.

Pure Swiss Transnational Repression through illegal use of international instruments.

One might think some “banana republic” would revert to such low maffia-like primitive practises. Not a country vindicating international allure of allegedly upholding human rights.

Auch, sorry, the Swiss press has been know to call their country a “banana republic”. That's them saying...

I am not mentioning here the Swiss arrests by both police and customs, or the human rights violations during those detentions. That's for another topic, including illegal criminal judgement without right to procedure or lawyer.

The Belgian authorities in this?

“Sorry, each country is responsible for their SIS II notices, we can't do anything against another country's notice. There is no real or effective review mechanism.”

Belgian authorities confirmed they know there are many unfounded notices in SIS II by countries. Notices which are against SIS II rules, or violate human rights. Even when authorities see SIS II violations by other states, they can't do anything about them. They can only apologise somewhat ashamed they have to execute them.

SIS II being European, what do they say?

The Council of Europe Data Protection Commissioner is a Swiss ... A Swiss, with Switzerland known to violate data protection, leads the Council of Europe data protection? Even if I am sure he means well, we know what to expect ... He can't do squat, only responsible for data within the Council of Europe organisation.

The European Data Protection Board while being most helpful confirmed not being competent. It is each individual state who is competent.


On the issue of transnational repression and retaliation, the Swiss perform it like they think they are untouchable gods. I only listed 2 tactics here, there are plenty which will find their way throughout the blog.

Who would dare think Switzerland could violate rules, and commit transnational Repression? They are, and there is no recourse to this deliberate wrongdoing, persecution and abuse of power.

I gave only two examples here, there are many examples of the transnational repression by Switzerland. This includes how Swiss authorities call Belgian authorities, intimidating Belgian judges, intimidating Belgian public prosecutor, and breaching international law on the independence of a state's justice system.

Recordings people, do record everything when in Switzerland, or no one will ever believe you. That's how criminal that country is. Long live Switzerland, the human rights violating supremacy.

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