Part 3: why Swiss NGO's shit their pants and run away.

Nicely fitting continuation to recent posts: why Swiss NGO's shit their pants and run away from Child Sexual Integrity Violations (CSIV).

Note: You'll have noticed work on the blog gets interrupted by life. It gets intermingled with Swiss persecution and transnational repression, and other topics popping up along the way. Writing chronologically would mean writing about currently ongoing events in about two years time. Posting organically with life's interruptions makes for posts and series to not really have coherence. I'm not excluding in the future I'll somehow reorganise them to have more fluidity, but for now, life has its way.

Originally I planned to do a 5 part series. In the meantime part 1 and part 2 were posted, and part 4 and part 5 of that series got covered by the 2 part series.

So there's part 3 left: Why Swiss NGO's shit their pants and run away. It fits beautifully as an extension to Swiss authorities hot potato pushing in child sexual violence

First, let me remind the essence: international law is very clear, there is no secrecy to be had in CSIV and everyone has the obligation to act.

Now to the Swiss. Most if not all their NGO's do not fall under the secrecy professions. Out of their free will, they might keep a high degree of confidentiality in a variety of matters brought to their attention. And maintaining a high degree of confidentiality is not a bad thing on many subjects. But they should not ever keep silent about CSIV. Not in choice, not in international law, not even in Swiss law.

Arguably some of the employees in these NGO's have a background as a psychologist, doctor, or other registered secrecy profession. We've covered that ground in the previous post.

NGO's may have connections, contracts or loyalties towards other NGO's or authorities. Take the previously discussed Missing Children Switzerland for example. It is an easy excuse to push the “hot potato” to that partner NGO, or to another NGO which they think is better poised. The result is they deflect acting themselves. Commission by omission syndrome. Although in such cases they think by deferring to another they've done their duty and don't have to act, under international law they still must act regardless.

What else gets in the way for NGO's to get their hands dirty?

  1. Case intakers and/or case handlers may be ordered from higher up their food chain to not act. What the chain of command does not realise is that even though their identities are not necessarily known to the victim, they become personally accountable for the duty of acting in CSIV to not be performed.

  2. Case intakers and/or case handlers may choose to “not believe” and hence not act. Their opinion is irrelevant in light of international law. Victims have characteristics of emotional or psychological impairment, under the anguish for which silence seems the only remedy. Victims have not been trained to say the right “code words” which make their story “believable”. Professionals are trained in their code language, victims are not. In using a personal “believability” assessment, professionals do not realise the they commit CSIV by omitting. I've lost the reference (hope to find it again) but Manon Schick (head of the child protection services of the canton of Vaud) in one of her interviews was adamant: must act even if it appears evident the reported CSIV is fake, this simply because one can never be certain. The risk of dismissing even a single true case is simply too great.

  3. NGO's and their staff may choose to be scared of retaliation, and keep quiet or dismiss a case because of it. Granted, Switzerland is notoriously reputed for its persecution of those who speak out, and so the “choosing” may in reality be “by praxis conditioned restraint”. Moreover, it is a known fact if they make a mistake the credibility of their organisation and of their person is destroyed forever, leading to inability to effectively help others.

  4. Swiss authorities refer to Swiss NGO's as reason for not enacting plethora of support, and for granting authorities the excuse to not have to take responsibility for wrongdoing. “Because there is this NGO doing a good job the government who is responsible for acting does not feel inclined to act”. In fact, the good job of NGO's is a mirage. They have to justify their good work on account to leverage budgets and funds. A vicious circle maintaining disbelief a problem exists.

  5. Budget. Take the example of ESPAS. They can never afford to have to go to court should they act and be sued for acting. So it is better for the NGO's and employees financial survival to dismiss then to act. They would also not have the finances to help finance a victim's endeavour in court. Add Switzerland's violating the Universal Declaration of Human Rights articles 7 to 11 with regards to financial accessibility of legal representation and proceedings ... Risking in Switzerland is suicidal to the NGO and its staff.


And even beyond these reasons, one should never underestimate the perceived personal comfort of not having to deal with CSIV.

Do you see yourself doing CSIV intake calls all day long, like the volunteers of the CIIVISE hotline in France? What they must hear and process, daily, is unfathomable. Every day as Mr. Sauvé rightly said taking notice of “acts of death”. No wonder the major part of humanity is deflecting and dismissing CSIV in silence and omerta.

I know I would not be capable to receive intake calls, nor manage cases. And yes, I can't do and at the same time I critique the total lack of truly qualified people. It is easy to critique something you're unable to do yourself, isn't it? The greatest respect to the happy few on our planet who know how to deal with CSIV, and stand up to the unfathomable amount of victims.

The bottom line for each and every of these scenarios is the same. People do not conceive in the face of CSIV they are co-victims as defined in international law, and hence should be fully protected. It appears to be human nature to only see the huge risks and liabilities involved in acting against CSIV. Going beyond being afraid takes a level of courage only a few seem to be willing to face.

No law, not even International Law or the UN, is capable of dealing with this aspect of human nature. The likes of NGO's need to step forward and noise up for a long and persistent time, to prepare the ground for society, people, to step forward “en masse”, as a whole, as one unified body, speaking up against CSIV, and demand accountability from their leaders. Until such time, these leaders will continue to cover themselves and the crooked system.

As I recently heard from a victim of genocide speaking up, it is for now the responsibility and obligation of each of the victims to put all the pieces back together, and move on, in silence, in the shadow society does not want to be confronted with. And while I do not want to admit nor can submit to the thought, there sadly is universal truth in it.

Long live Child Sexual Abuse in Switzerland. All pedophiles, flock to this safe haven. All children, flee the country asap.

Much to happen this week for me, I'll take a few days off, I hope...

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