Switzerland is the Auschwitz of Child Sexual Abuse

What happened today thwarts all imagination. A report on Child Sexual Abuse came out in Switzerland. Both the authorities and the church reacted. I need to write, I need to vent. Discover with me the true nature of Switzerland …

Swiss authorities dealing with Child Sexual Abuse. A pack of wolves ripping apart anyone who dares to speak up

Yes, I know!

I am whistleblowing about Swiss authorities committing the deliberate and organised crimes of Child Sexual Abuse and pay-for-contract International Child Kidnapping. I have some 500 hours recordings, documents, copies of contracts. I have on recording authorities planning the kidnapping of children abroad and finding it is better to leave children from time to time with their child sexual abuser then to protect them. I lived authorities dismissing evidence and make up false evidence in order to do everything they can to keep hidden their heinous denial of child sexual abuse. I am whistleblowing about Switzerland automatically retaliating, transnationally repressing and persecuting whistleblowers. …

Yes, I know!

But what happened today just makes a fully knowledgeable, seasoned and ardent fighter for Child Sexual Abuse victims in Switzerland sick. Switzerland is a country sick beyond help. Switzerland which we all take for granted as being the highest order in Human Rights protections and the rule of law, is the most despicable, victim blaming, disrespectful country in the world. By a long shot.

The report

The report titled Rapport concernant le projet pilote sur l'histoire des abus sexuels dans le contexte de l'Église catholique romaine en Suisse depuis le milieu du 20ème siècle is a work by historians.

You read that right. In Switzerland Child Sexual Abuse is examined by historians. It is not deemed a contemporary problem, but a problem of bygone era's, to be documented by historians.

In addition, it is a pilot project. Indeed, there is such disbelief Switzerland could be a nation like all other nations around the world. Remember, elsewhere 1 in 4 persons has suffered child sexual abuse in their childhood. So the Swiss figured, let's do a test and see how it goes.

Kudos to the historians who dared to take the olympic, Herculean difficult task to lead a pilot project on a subject whose existence in Switzerland is totally denied. Monika Dommann and Marietta Meier, and their team, deserve more then the gold medal.

The pilot project by the historians of Zurich University started in January 2020, and was presented today, September 12th 2023.

Three and a half years to document 1002 cases for which as historians, they were given access to certain archives of bishops.

Their conclusions are manyfold, but a few stand out. Note I have these from press clippings. I have yet to read and verify the below press outburst in the 134 pages report. It not being in English, will take me some time to verify the press said the right things:

Most of these conclusions had already been alerted by the CECAR, who's been silenced and budget strapped so not much could come out of it. I published about this in the post on Which Swiss NGO's should act in matters of sexual violence on children?.

The shock

Some math to help the Swiss who love numbers when it comes to wealth and profit, but despise numbers when it comes to victims.

In France, the CIASE investigated 330.000 cases for 64 million people. It was admitted there that too many victims choose not to speak, and estimated at least 500.000 victims should be remembered.

9 million people live in Switzerland. Statistically, it means in Switzerland some 45.000 victims are to be expected. Of that, the pilot project looked at 1002 cases. Let's be harsh, and round it off at 2%.

Are the Swiss prepared to take the leap into shedding light on their heinousness as other countries have done? They're in for a shocker starting at 2% …

The church speaks

While the church admits it destroyed records, it pleads guilty for the crime of widespread child sexual abuse. I admit I am surprised about the rush-of-the moment flat out mea-culpa by the Swiss church, I applaud it. It is a first not seen in any other country where the church has always tried to embellish the problem.

Maybe the dissident voices of the church have not yet spoken? Let's wait and see in the coming days.

The Basel Diocese, Bishop Felix Gmür

I reached out to the researchers as I have evidence of wrongdoing in this diocese. Allow me to publish later, once I see whether they reach out or not.

In any case, the Bishop could not be clearer in the press fully acknowledging the church's responsibility.

The minister Elisabeth Baume-Schneider speaks

And this is where I get angry. Really angry. A fine example of how in Switzerland the fish rots from the head down.

The Federal Councillor for justice, the justice minister, Elisabeth Baume-Schneider, is from the Jura.

Here is what she said:

As per RTS

An “alarming” but “significant” study which could bring us to action. this study is alarming, but it is also a significant step towards getting us to act.

I guess the Swiss commander in chief and its public need to think it through whether when faced with child sexual abuse it is appropriate to act or not? From experience I know they do everything to not act, until this day, regardless of 500 hours unalienable evidence.

she criticised a system “that at some point probably chose to protect the institution and the perpetrators more than the victims.

Let me tell you and confirm, I have the evidence the Swiss system systematically choses to protect the institutions and perpetrator to the detriment of victims. What disgusts most is that the report points out this culture, but the minister dares to doubt it with “probably”.

we're out of the emotional side and we have factual elements.

It characterises the total incompetence and incapability of the minister to have any empathy when faced with the most heinous crime that is child sexual abuse. Ask any child sexual abuse victim about emotion versus factual elements. Disgraceful at best.

There is now a real breeding ground on which we can work

As if civil society has not been crying out. Remember for example Incest according to Manon Schick, Mrs. Justice Minister? Wir haben es nicht gewusst!

Switzerland is the Auschwitz of modern era Child Sexual Abuse

The courts will now be able to respond to complaints or proceedings that take place as a result of this situation.

This is revolting. Switzerland's courts have been in a constitutional obligation to act for decennia. Last time I published about the monist system is no later then this morning. But the minister is right. I too call for Nuremberg to come down on Switzerland. A public parliamentary investigation into the Swiss authorities organised crime of pay-for international child kidnapping contracts and sexual abuse. But ...

we can only apologise

The minister confirms Switzerland is adamant at violating universal human rights.

Err, no, you get a “we can only apologise” Sorry Mrs. Minister, your advocating against human rights leads to the conclusion you should resign.

but above all we must commit ourselves to ensuring that this is no longer possible

Probably the only “honest” part. Admitting the crime of Child Sexual Abuse is possible in Switzerland today, and that the Swiss “must commit themselves” against it.

those who have not dared to testify to find an environment where they can express themselves so that they can feel better.

WHERE? There is no where in Switzerland where victims can testify without being treated first and foremost as calumny perpetrators. There is no where in Switzerland where people may get help to feel better.

The country is devoid of professionals as per several international reports. Including the Swiss mental health industry itself, like ESPAS, admits there is a lack of adequate professionals.

So minister, unless you go deep, very deep, in your endless holocaust confiscated money pockets, and announce a full remediation programme so the competence in child sexual abuse can not only exist but be broadly, easily and financially accessibly available, you are saying to victims:

“screw you, you're on your own, deal with it yourselves, we, the state, are not going to help you, go away so we don't see you as we don't intent to help you anyway”

That, Mrs Minister, is your message to Child Sexual Abuse Victims today.

Mrs. Minister, you should be ashamed of yourself, and resign. No empathy, no recognition, no assistance for victims who you ostracise and leave to their own damaged person to deal with hurt inflicted upon them as children, silenced by authority, and alone.


The Swiss need to have their head looked into. Seriously.

This is no way for the highest official of a country to deal with a societally silenced and denied pandemic which is so big it is impossible to keep it unacknowledged. Yet the Swiss being interdisciplinary collegial at silence, no wonder omerta among authorities perdures. To then keep going the stigmatisation and dismissal of victims of child sexual abuse is criminal. And there is International law which constitutionally must be executed.

Violations of the Lanzarote convention. Violations of the Convention one the Rights of the Child and its optional protocol. Violations of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Violations of the European Declaration of Human Rights.

No, seriously, this lady's disrespect for victims of the most heinous crime, and the law, is totally unfit for office, and needs to step down.

The country is reputed for its cows and cheese. Today it is yet again showing its real face: a country of sheep mended by wolves who will not hesitate to kill any victim voice, and feast on its cadaver as example for all sheep to never dare to speak up against deliberate state organised wrongdoing in Child Sexual Abuse.

Swiss authorities dealing with Child Sexual Abuse. A pack of wolves ripping apart anyone who dares to speak up

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