wir haben es nicht gewusst (we did not know, we had no knowledge of)

holocaust symptoms on child abuse by authorities

The term “wir haben es night gewusst” is used to describe someone's justifying of not acting against heinous crimes, by denying the collective knowledge of their existence.

It adequately describes present day authorities and our societies when faced with child abuse.

Wir haben es nicht gewusst! Aka the Swiss and various child abuse anno 2023.

history of the saying

The saying “wir haben es night gewusst” was allegedly first used in the context of the holocaust by a weekly leftist protestant resistance news pamphlet “Vrij Nederland”, on February 24th 1945. In the short article the author predicts Germans will claim they had no knowledge of the atrocities when held accountable before international courts.

I'm hosting a highlighted version of the pamphlet here; bottom right page 1 and top left page 2. You'll find the original here.

It is an established fact that during the war all of Germany knew about the “working camps” as well as the “deportations”. It's found in propaganda by the nazi regime, which presented the facts for the public to be comfortable with racism, mass trafficking and slavery. The working camps being human extermination camps was also a known fact, albeit less widely.

Despite the knowledge, the vast majority of the public chose to be sheeple, turning a blind eye to the atrocities unfolding right under their noses.

And indeed, this prediction by “Vrij Nederland” became reality. The stereotypic defence used by Germans and collaborators who faced trial: “wir haben es nicht gewusst”; we didn't know. It was a regular statement of defence during the after war trials.

The saying has since evolved to be used in various societies in non holocaust related contexts. It is a claim of ignorance used to deflect accountability when having done nothing to stop heinous crimes perpetrated, and being in the knowledge of them.

maintaining ignorance in the name of monetary interests

A major part of Switzerland's population openly claims ignorance about the second world war.

Mentioning Swiss responsibilities in the heinous crimes of World War II is politically incorrect, and the ongoing (yes, still ongoing) collaboration of the Swiss to the holocaust efforts is subject of omerta.

holocaust omerta in schools and education: it's the cantons

Whilst the law in Switzerland mandates for its teaching in schools, there is no enforceability of the law as each canton is independent in its education system and curriculum. Studying World War II in Swiss school is not widespread, and riddled with bias errors.

No later then in June 2023 you can find the latest example on how the only school textbook on the subject received criticism for censoring correct historical facts. It is a testament to the ongoing omerta of the Swiss when it comes to its collaboration to the holocaust crimes.

holocaust omerta in government: it's a matter of money

The Swiss federal government has acknowledged that in the context of World War II:

Issues of compensation and reparation often play a major role.

To the Swiss, human rights violations by themselves are kept hidden out of monetary interests. Not in the interest of victims, not in the interest of truth, not in any interest other then ... money.

holocaust, Swiss banks, and Nazi money

In 1996 Michel Christopher “Christoph” Meili blew the whistle on UBS, the Swiss bank, destroying evidence of holocaust era assets.

It led to Swiss parliament instating The Berger Commission to investigate Swiss responsibilities during the holocaust, and ongoing cover-up after. In particular its mission was to find all bank accounts so restitution could happen.

In 1998 the Swiss bank sector struck a settlement deal for half the money allegedly discovered at UBS. It was supposed to settle holocaust victims monetary indemnities and reparations.

In 2008, 10 years after the deal, the Swiss found that the in 1998 negotiated Swiss banks holocaust deal was “fair and just”.

Last year, 2022, banks are again in nazi turmoil. Through the take-over of Credit Suisse a universal jurisdiction probe into hundreds of nazi bank accounts remains blocked.

And to highlight how Switzerland deals with whistleblowers, the federal prosecutor has opened criminal investigation against those who leaked the Swiss banking criminality.

the Swiss national sport is violating Human Rights

Despite Switzerland having a monist legal system, and vindicating its superiority in respecting Human Rights and International Legal Instruments, the universal right to truth is a to Switzerland alien concept when it concerns Swiss corruption or wrongdoing.

Everyone, the world over, knows how Switzerland is a centre of many global criminal issues. Being it issues such as the arms trafficking, the funding of war, the systematic persecution of whistleblowers, the responsibility in famines, ... even sports.

The Swiss don't know any other way. Omerta, Omerta, Omerta, ... and anyone who speaks up against Swiss criminality and corruption is silenced by repression, retaliation and persecution.

and to the issue of child abuse

History goes around in circles in funny ways. People the world over still emigrate to Switzerland to escape scrutiny.

Swiss population knows. Swiss authorities know. Swiss justice knows. Swiss politics knows. Swiss press knows.

But since it is in Switzerland's DNA to turn a blind eye, just like it was to Germany and its collaborators before and during World War II, most issues, such as state organised child kidnapping and abuse, are swept and kept under rugs.

As you know by now from all the published articles, Switzerland is a global safe haven for international child kidnappers, traffickers, sexual and other abuse. That's what this blog is whistleblowing about.

Swiss criminal act(s) of commission by omission through interdisciplinary collegiality, and authorities associating to criminality and corruption when faced with fundamental crimes, all in the name of the state's ego and monetary interests.

Some 500 hours recordings, documents, witnesses. All dismissed and veiled by authorities deliberate omerta.

To put things in perspective. The world speaks in one voice stating child sexual abuse and kidnapping are global and widespread phenomena, called macabre acts of death. And Switzerland claims to be virtually exempt of it.

I'll end with a message directly addressed to the Swiss authorities, politicians and press:

You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.

William wilberforce


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