UNSRVAW violence against men, boys, and particularly children as a whole

I can cry, I can jump, I can fly to the moon and back, I am chuffed, I am ... I even opened a twitter account! Yes, me, on social media. Gulp. (all those who know me are crying out in sync: oh my god!) And behold, I even tweeted!

THE UN YESTERDAY DID NOT PUT IN A RESOLUTION UNSRVAW'S REPORT in which feminists tried to ban alienation.

A UNSRVAW tweet by UNSRVAW's Reem Alsalem on July 13th 2023 sparked yet another call for her and her team's urgent resignation. I decided to wait until clear what the UN would do with UNSRVAW report, yesterday. And the UN didn't do anything with the report. No resolution or vote.

I published before about the existence of “rotten apples” who through their actions deliberately abuse the very foundation of the UN, abuse the shared solutions that benefit all humanity.

UNSRVAW unfortunately seems to fall in the “rotten apple” category, as previously discussed and ongoing petition.

I've expressed before, and maintain, that respecting and working to improve women's rights is essential. There are many women's issues still insufficiently or not addressed. That is why UNSRVAW exists and is essential. Things like female genital mutilation, equal pay, the right to vote, the right to education, etc.

The tweet of UNSRVAW Reem Alsalem:

My mandate deals with violence against women and girls. I have to therefore address issues that the mandate covers It does not mean that the UN or the council ignores human rights violations against men and boys and violence committed against them. Other special procedures are mandated to deal with that and they do.

What does UNSRVAW consider is her mandate when women commit violence against girls, in for example the issue of alienation?

UNSRVAW in her tweet publicly admits men and boys also face human rights violations. UNSRVAW answered this in response to public outcry against her alienation banning crusade.

This public admitting, by UNSRVAW, that men and boys face human rights violations, regardless of the context of alienation, is nothing less then:

one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind

Earlier, facing the volume of outrage against UNSRVAW crusade alleging alienation does not exist and that alienation is violence against women, UNSRVAW has had to admit publicly alienation is real.

Alienation is an issue faced by children first and foremost. It has nothing to do with gender. UNSRVAW is forced to admit men and boys also face this human rights violation, if only due to the reality in the world.

UNSRVAW therefore admits, publicly, alienation is a fundamental and serious gender neutral issue, faced first and foremost by children. It is not an issue faced by women alone but by humanity as a whole.

Alienation is not and can not be part of UNSRVAW's mandate. It being first and foremost an issue of children's rights, it should be the mandate of the Committee on the Rights of the Child.

Under no circumstance do women's allegations to rights violations stand above children's rights.

Women's alleged rights being valued above children's and other human rights is the reason why my children have been kidnapped to and are illegally detained in Switzerland, and keep being subjected to psychological and sexual integrity violations, despite some 500 hours recordings and documents as evidence.

Why is it that women and UNSRVAW still believe children's issues are born, in their perception, in violation of women's alleging exclusive “property rights” to children?

I refer to the vast library of publications (go on google or amazon, you'll be overwhelmed) about the loyalty between child victims and perpetrators as long as children are in a perpetrator's influence.

Various victim forums attesting, the amount of violence perpetrated by women and mothers against children is mind blowing. The downplaying and ridiculing by UNSRVAW of this widespread societal phenomenon is a fundamental victims rights violation.

Why would UNSRVAW not report on the danger women and mothers themselves cause to women's rights by violating the rights of men, fathers, children, families, ...?

I reiterate in the loudest possible terms:

shared solutions that benefit all humanity

UNSRVAW, stop violating human rights, particularly child human rights, and start addressing important issues of violence against women. Stop finding ways to polarise society. Stop increasing your popularity among women abusers. Stop using claimed violence against women in issues also perpetrated by women against children, men, fathers, families, ...

I call on UNSRVAW taking accountability for her “shared solutions that benefit all humanity” violations, and when my children are 18, considered adults, sit down with them and listen to the 500 hours recordings, and explain to my children why in the name of the superiority of women's rights my children have had to go through their childhood kidnapped, and illegally detained in ongoing psychological and sexual violence.

I called for UNSRVAW resignation before, and despite the giant leap forward. I must sustain: shared solutions that benefit all humanity

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