What's wrong with the United Nations, and International Instruments? Our countries!

People keep pointing the United Nations does not care about the people, that it is a derelict corrupt organisation, pumping finances of the world in useless endeavours.

I beg to differ ... and think it is the right time to publish a post on the subject.

What's in a name?

nation : a country considered as a group of people with the same language, culture and history, who live in a particular area under one government united : (of countries) joined together as a political unit or by shared aims United Nations : the one place on Earth where all the world’s nations can gather together, discuss common problems, and find shared solutions that benefit all of humanity.

The UN exists thanks to and due to the choices of humanity.

the UN workforce

People working for the UN in some capacity are committing to balance what they personally stand for in favour of every human being on the planet.

It does go wrong at times.

There is wrongdoing within the UN. If only because our countries and representatives battle their, and our, self interest and national agenda instead of advancing humanity.

Wrongdoing happens by those who make mistakes meaning well, believing they are helping to advance humanity. We are all flaw-full human beings.

And there are “rotten apples” who through their actions deliberately abuse the very foundation of the UN, abuse the shared solutions that benefit all humanity.

I do not find it is the UN's responsibility, but the wrongdoing individuals responsibility towards humanity. Of course, the UN, in the best interest of humanity, needs to be transparent as to the remedy.

This transparency is also watched over by flaw-full humans.

Expecting things will go wrong at times does not mean accepting to not remedy. Remember the principle of commission by omission, as expertly executed by Swiss authorities in light of Child Sexual Integrity Violations?

the countries

Countries come together, find shared solutions, and anchor them in international instruments which they voluntarily and in full acknowledgement subject themselves to be bound to.

No one obliges a country, a people's choice, to be part of the UN, or voluntarily be bound to shared solutions that benefit all humanity.

As an example, look at the “arrogance” of our “civilised” countries not wanting to be part of the International Convention on the Protection of the Rights of All Migrant Workers and Members of Their Families. Civilised countries are not subject to it, by their own free choice.

When countries do not respect their engagement for the benefit of all humanity, countries are the problem.

When pointing a culprit, I do not think we should point to the body endeavouring the advancement of humanity. Not the United Nations. Not the International Instruments. Not the tremendous work the UN endeavours.

It is our own country authorities who are to be pointed to, who we as people of “democratic and civilised” nations fail to hold accountable for not respecting our voluntary subjecting to the benefit of all humankind.

In ignorantly pointing to the UN as culprit we fail to acknowledge it is the UN who demands accountability to country authorities on our behalf. This whilst we, the people of the world, fail to hold our authorities accountable. I invite anyone to go read the letters the UN sends on our behalf to our country authorities, requiring countries to justify their actions.

Yes, the UN does not have a “police” to go “arrest” our authorities. So countries can afford themselves to be arrogant and do dismiss the UN, humankind. Never forget countries do so with our “democratic” mandate.

bashing the UN

It is the nature of country authorities to be intolerant to criticism, to be pointed to their responsibility in violating human rights and the advancement of humankind, to be pointed to violation of international instruments.

Someone who dares to point the finger to authorities is immediately exposed to being categorised arbitrarily as a dissident, as someone with issues. As someone who is against, a danger to the nation.

Often times it leads to repression, or worse, prosecution. Even persecution. Executed by country authorities supposed to protect the submission to international instruments.

In that sense, is it not much easier for us, the people, to point to the UN? The misknown, strange, alienated, by our authorities wrongly portrayed as a totalitarian body one is subjected to against one's will? Isn't it much easier to stand behind our national, belittled superior selves? Isn't it easier to stand in misplaced solidarity behind our authorities when the UN points the finger to our countries wrongdoing?

Isn't it much harder to point national authorities, who are not far away, who may show up at our door to spank in the various ways only they are allowed to?

my conclusion

The problem in my opinion lies with country authorities. Not with the UN but with our countries and ourselves not holding our countries accountable.

And that is where Switzerland excels. Switzerland is today's prime example of how the image of superior democracy is used by an in reality totalitarian system to abuse the UN, International Instruments and human rights – in plain sight.

Just my two cents on the subject.

Now I really need to get back to denouncing the Service Social International Switzerland...

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