URGENT: war on children by feminists: United Nations upcoming vote

Men, fathers and all women believing the psychological integrity and basic Human Rights of children is more important then the feminist warfare out to destroy children's wellbeing for their status, to your pens. It is petition time: https://www.change.org/p/sign-now-for-the-un-human-rights-council-to-investigate-unsrvaw-s-report-on-parental-alienation

Please distribute the petition liberally. Please do not hesitate to send it to everyone you know. Please help stopping wrong to millions of children across the world.

I have written before in the post What's wrong with the United Nations, and International Instruments? Our countries! about rotten apples working at the UN:

And there are “rotten apples” who through their actions deliberately abuse the very foundation of the UN, abuse the shared solutions that benefit all humanity.

The United Nations Report of the Special Rapporteur on violence against women and girls, its causes and consequences by Reem Alsalem is such a “rotten apple”.

She promised:

All submissions will be published on the mandate webpage on the OHCHR website, unless otherwise indicated in your submission.

The public seeing the Special Rapporteur did not fulfil her promise or duty to render public the “evidence” she allegedly use for her atrociously child human rights violating report asked explicitly for her “evidence”. The response of the Special Rapporteur is:

Nothing to hide. Not everything is a conspiracy. 😉 It is a matter of capacity. I have a very small team. We got over a 1,000 submissions. If i were to publish i would need to sift through what authors agreed can be published and what they want to remain confidential. Don’t have that time. I will publish a short explanation on approach i took to data. Plus we are under no obligation to publish. Hope that clarifies.

If indeed more then 1000 reports have been received by the special rapporteur, then she should understand there is an issue on the subject in society, and not just blindly follow reports of the likes of the International Social Service and its members who do not release their reports to the public for scrutiny!

The OHCHR published on good governance:

The Human Rights Council has identified the key attributes of good governance: * transparency (failed by Reem Alsalem) * responsibility (failed by Reem Alsalem) * accountability (failed by Reem Alsalem) * participation (failed by Reem Alsalem) * responsiveness (to the needs of the people) (failed by Reem Alsalem)

It appears Reem Alsalem is deliberately seeking disinformation as per the UN report on the promotion and protection of the right to freedom of opinion and expression definition:

Disinformation is a complex, multifaceted phenomenon with serious consequences. It destroys people’s trust in democratic institutions. It thrives where public information regimes are weak and independent investigative journalism is constrained. It disempowers individuals, robbing them of their autonomy to search, receive and share information and form opinions.

Should the feminist, child and human rights violating Special Rapporteur wish to respect human rights, particularly children human rights, she is obliged to render public her alleged “evidence” she used to draft her report, so we can all see where she went totally wrong. She should petition the UN to postpone her report, or withdraw it all together.

The UN special rapporteur in its report violates the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Convention on the Rights of the Child, and various other international instruments the UN holds high.

I wrote before on the topic of rotten apples in the UN:

Expecting things will go wrong at times does not mean accepting to not remedy. Remember the principle of commission by omission, as expertly executed by Swiss authorities in light of Child Sexual Integrity Violations?

The non transparency of the Special Rapporteur borders on bias corruption.

The Special Rapporteur endangers thousands of children, and should be held, personally, accountable for her mistake if she moves forward with her report this week.

I call for her immediate resignation !

Let's try to stop her, and sign the petition now. The letter you'd be supporting, detailing the severe problems of the report, can be read here A 70 page report, detailing among others the repeated recognition by the European Court of Human Rights which the special rapporteur mocks.

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