kids spend Easter holidays in abuse

With over 500 hours recordings, and documents, there is much to be written. I however need to vent. My kids will once again be on holiday with their abusers. To which parent, or adult, is this acceptable? The Swiss! The story unfolds

As it happens I was able to briefly video chat with my kids today. I was so happy to see them, had plenty of things to share, and was very curious as to what went on in their lives.

The only thing the social assistant was thinking about was to discuss in presence of my kids his logistical issues. He was more concerned about the mother, and how to please and accommodate her.

Because the mother has an appointment he cut short the conversation. I wasn't able to share anything with my kids between his constant interruptions. About 20 minutes, just enough to say hi, interlaced with “the mother this and the mother that”. He was not thinking about facilitating contact, which is supposed to be his mandate.

My kids announced they would be spending Easter holidays at the grandparents. The Swiss grandparents who commit acts of sexual and psychological violence on my kids. Kids announced this in presence of the social assistant, not that he cares one bit.

He is only one of the social assistants who for the last 3 years believe this is OK. He actually canceled visiting rights because the kids in his opinion should spend holidays with those abusing grandparents. And when kids returned from the grandparents stating acts of violence he dismissed them as child stories.

Never, even when explicitly insisted by the kids, did he allow a visit with the Belgian grandparents or family. Allegedly because the mother refuses. Pure alienation and participation by the social services to the violence my kids undergo.

Mind you, he is only one of the social assistants, and he is subject to collegial loyalty towards the others and his superiors. Close to retirement, he can't afford to be fired now due to displeasing colleagues or superiors, his pension depends on it. I don't envy his position.

Fact is, Swiss authorities once again are co-responsible for putting my children in the hands of those who commit acts of violence towards them. What a disgusting child rights disrespectful nation.

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