Child kidnapping and endangering child protection services overview

Given the vast amount of evidence, I have been repeatedly asked to offer a short, simpler, graphical overview of various elements. This is a first attempt at one, limited to the child protection services perpetrating a whole array of corrupt, criminal and civil human and child rights violations.

I am battling with IT, unable to publish a clickable graphic page. So herewith a static picture, and this linked PDF of the picture with clickable links. Underneath the descriptions.

Graph of Swiss Child Protection Services perpetrators

Crystel Graf

Crystel Graf is minister of child protection services, discussed.

Christian Fellrath

Christian Fellrath is director of the child and adult protection services, discussed.

Yanick Bussy

Yanick Bussy is director of the child protection services, discussed.

Sophie Neuhaus

Sophie Neuhaus the Youth Delegate director, discussed.

Sandra Joseph

Sandra Joseph is deputy director to Yanick Bussy. (No need for discussion, never met or had dealings with)

Frédéric Schallenberger

Frédéric Schallenberger is the former child protection services director and current social assistant. (To be published)

Manuela de Montmollin

Manuela de Montmollin is a social assistant. (To be published)

Jérôme Erard

Jérôme Erard is social assistant and substitute to Frédéric Schallenberger. (To be discussed)

Adrien Omer

Adrien Omer is a social assistant and sporadic substitute to Frédéric Schallenberger when unavailable. (No need to discuss)

Nicolas Jornod

Nicolas Jornod is the regional child protection office manager. (To be discussed)


The child protection services secretaries are well informed of the various cases. (To be discussed)

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