Neuchatel perpetrators, who's who?

Who's who and how “interdisciplinary collegial” are they? A run down of abuse of power, trade in influence, corruption, and how it makes the protection services complicit to Child Sexual (CSIV) and Psychological (CPIV) Integrity Violations.

Throughout the “legal” posts you've been seeing a sample of the amount of Swiss people of “authority” having either direct criminal (co)responsibility, or committed by omission to act.

Who's who in the child protection services?

To make sense of the “interdisciplinary collegiality” and which authorities bear responsibility, the organigram of the Département de la formation, de la digitalisation et des sports (DFDS), whose minister is Conseillère d’État Crystel Graf (CG), will be most helpful. CG is the minister of education, digitalisation and sports.

Under CG's department falls the Service de protection de l'adulte et de la jeunesse (SPAJ), the Neuchatel child and adult protection services.

The SPAJ director is Christian Fellrath (CF), who's allegedly taken his senior position back in 2001 and does not have an official page.

The SPAJ has 4 departments, of which the three of importance are:

Follows the discussion of each one of them.

Sophie Neuhaus

SN allegedly shares (or shared) an office with YB, the chief of the OPE. They both work under CF, the chief of the SPAJ.

SN has been working for the federal authorities in child related competences for the longest time. First at the Swiss National Youth Council (SNYC), and now also at the Federal Commission for Childhood and Youth (CFEJ).

Founded in the 1930s, the SNYC is now established as the umbrella organisation for more than 60 youth organisations in Switzerland, representing more than 500,000 children and young people. The SNYC pursues the main goal of acting as a voice for the interests of Swiss youth on a political and public level. To achieve this goal, the SNYC initiates and develops various projects within its central areas of an engaged youth, our future and the inclusion of all.

The CFEJ advises on child and youth policy issues. As a specialised commission, the CFEJ plays an important role in the political handling of social issues. It provides specific interdisciplinary knowledge in the field of children and youth policy, which the federal authorities can refer to when necessary.

As a federal commission, the CFEJ members are obliged to divulge their other interests, for public scrutiny. The Federal web site page for CFEJ links to its members other interests. Err, that is a broken link as you will notice ... So no checking who's who and what their potential conflicts of interests may be. Are we surprised? Me being me, I digged it up. Here it is:

As you can see, SN has been very transparent (sarcasm) in her interests divulging. Not only she has “Aucune Indication” (no indication) next to her potential conflict of interests, she “forgot” to mention as her main job she is working as the Neuchatel DJ !

Let's have a closer look at the “interdisciplinary” nature of SN's “no indication” of (potential) conflicts of interests...

The CPEJ works to ensure the application of children's rights and the development of child and youth policies in Switzerland (protection, promotion, participation), as well as the coordination between the cantons. The CPEJ is a technical conference of La Conférence des directrices et directeurs cantonaux des affaires sociales (CDAS). CDAS is the conference of cantonal directors in social matters. It promotes cooperation between the cantons and contributes to the harmonisation of social policy.

The cantonal youth delegates collectively defend the interests of children and young people and promotes a pro-active policy in this area. They make their expertise available to the various political authorities and institutions and take a stance on issues relating to children and youth. Where appropriate, they collaborate with other institutions involved in the promotion of children and youth at cantonal, national or international level.

The Neuchatel platform to combat excessive debt. Working for the Conseillère d'État Florence Nater, Département de l'emploi et de la cohésion sociale (DECS) here ... The minister of employment and social cohesion.

The committee's role is to advise on health prevention and promotion, ensuring an interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral vision that reflects the realities on the ground. Working for the Conseiller d'État Laurent Kurth, Département des finances et de la santé (DFS) here ... The minister of Finance, Health, statistics and ... the church.

The perpetrator (mother) works in health, and personally knows SN as evidenced in various email exchanges.

The Swiss sure like it complicated with a lot of titles and “interdisciplinary” ties, which they don't ever consider “conflicts of interests”, don't they?

I don't know what you think, but one person working for 3 cantonal ministers and for the federal government and in civil society at the same time ... No, there naturally can't be any “interdisciplinary” ... collusion?

Over the next days the others will face the scalpel. If we get lucky digging up a few documents I'm still looking for ... juicy ...

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