Officially announced internal accountability investigation ... that never happened.

Third post in the ongoing series of Neuchatel authority perpetrators, who's who? Yanick Bussy (YB) officially announced on May 23rd 2022 an internal investigation into the criminality and corruption in his Neuchatel Child Protection Office, which never happened...

I suggest to go through the introduction of this topic.

Who is Yanick Bussy

YB is the chief of the OPE, the Neuchatel Child Protection Office. The OPE competences are described by law as being:

Each and every by law indicated responsibility of the OPE is violated by the services of YB's office, including himself being personally aware of the violations and not doing anything to remedy.

It is strangely bewildering since YB has a bachelor's degree in psychology and in law.

He of all people is supposed to have the “qualities” to know when children are in danger, and at the same time know international law we've been discussing at length throughout the various topics of the blog.

While YB's information is not transparently or easily available in order for the public to be able to scrutinise his position for conflicts of interests, YB sits on various parliamentary commissions.

He is first and foremost a politician. I list those I could find which will be shown in later posts as conflicts of interests or trade in influence, underlining the criminality and corruption of the Neuchatel authorities:

So YB seats in some of the parliamentary commissions where his OPE may be subject to scrutiny. The to be controlled who controls himself in the name of the public, so to speak. Democracy in one of its corrupt iterations, wouldn't you agree?

YB has also taken part in the 2018 Neuchatel parliamentary public hospitals working group Pour deux hôpitaux sûrs, autonomes et complémentaires and its report. I'll remember you about this when we'll discuss the role of the Neuchatel hospitals medical and legal personnel in the omerta, inter alea, of the lesions to the sexual organs of my children.

And lastly, he (co)represents the Neuchatel Central Authority on the latin cantons Federal Body of Child Adoptions, the CLACA.

YB confirmed investigation ... that never happened

Between September 2020 and January 2023 YB as head of the OPE received a total of 14 correspondences denouncing various acts by his team and violation of obligation to protect incidents.

22.09.2020 06.09.2021 01.07.2022 26.09.2022
24.09.2020 29.03.2022 18.08.2022 15.01.2023
06.10.2020 09.05.2022 08.09.2022
13.08.2021 09.06.2022 23.09.2022

This list excludes the Swiss court order violations by his team which I have been publishing about.

YB can not claim he is not fully aware of the evidence against his OPE concerning the: – CSIV (such as child sexual abuse) – CPIV (such as parental alienation, psychological abuse) – organised child kidnapping by his office – involvement and responsibility of his personnel

He acknowledges reception in his responses. dd. May 23rd 2022 he announces he has received the various elements and is conducting an investigation.

We acknowledge receipt of your e-mail dd May 9th concerning the follow-up of your children's case, CENSORED, within the Child Protection Office. The various elements set out in your email are currently being analysed in order to provide the most favourable response. We will send you a detailed reply as soon as possible

Throughout my correspondences I underlined I was available and wished to meet him, with the evidence. He never requested.

By chance, during his public appearance 6 months later I bumped into YB during a reception following the round table on parental consensus which was held on November 24th 2022.

When I pointed him to the fact his investigation report was long overdue, he got angry, and said agitated:

It is not because you have not received a report or have not been requested to submit information/evidence that I am not doing anything. I personally committed to you receiving this report, and you will receive it in due time.

YB doesn't know I was recording everything he said... ouch!

The only way to prove what I say is true in the face of criminal authorities is to record, as proclaimed repeatedly by the European Court of Human Rights as being the duty of an individual facing corrupt authorities.

Until this day, the promised report is still ... under YB's personal supervision?! And one must believe the investigation is being conducted ... extensively thoroughly?! Today is day 436 since he announced it. Wouldn't you agree to expect one hell of a report on the criminality and corruption in his department? But how would he do this without requesting the evidence I have?!

He's not the worst of the OPE-SPAJ lot, I assure you. Most probably, he's subject to walk the line expected of him by what the Swiss call “collegiality”, which in any other normal country is called mafia praxis.

In any case, he can not claim he is not aware, and so as head of the department he is at least responsible for commission by omission in serious child abuse and criminal matters.

Oh and Wednesday = Swiss authorities violating Swiss court order day

Same as last and every week for 19 consecutive weeks now. Mr. Bussy whose personnel and department are explicitly appointed in the Swiss court order, as silent and criminal as ever, violating the court order.

Next I'll peel (like an onion, layer by layer) as much as possible the big boss, SPAJ's Christian Fellrath. Maffia, anyone?

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