The ghost of child and adult protection services

When a director of a canton's highest protection authority runs both private and public money and policy; does so at cantonal, national and international levels; and transparency & public scrutiny are denied for over 3 decades ... Meet the Neuchatel corrupted child and adult protection ghost: Christian Fellrath (CF).

Forth post in the ongoing series of Neuchatel authority perpetrators, who's who? I suggest to at least go through the introduction of this topic.

Who is Christian Fellrath?

Christian Fellrath (CF), is the director of the SPAJ, the Neuchatel cantonal adult and child protection service. CF is directly reporting and taking orders from the Councillor Crystel Graf (CG). YB & SN both take their orders from CF.

CF's whole career, since 1991, has been at the SPAJ, and he's been in director positions since 1998, first as head of what today is called the OPE, then since 2001 as director of the SPAJ.

there'll be a CF, YB, FS line-up of interferences in a later post

As supreme director of the department, for almost 23 years, CF holds responsibility for prevention, promotion and protection of children issues, as well as for attending to adults in difficulty. The SPAJ is also responsible for things like specialised child institutions, adoptions and foster care.

CF is a person around who there is very little transparency. CF does not have a profile page on the Cantonal official web site as is would be normal for a public servant of his high level responsibility.

CF is an expert at sending out dependent disciples, people who work for and depend on him for their livelihood, into positions where public disclosure of all mandates is required for the public's interest to have scrutiny. In this way, there is no scrutiny of his conflicts of interests. CF is not “officially” known to federal institutions, but he is there holding the puppets.

I'll give you a fun example: page 28 of the CFEJ 40 year celebration wish card shows the message of the official CFEJ representative SN discussed earlier. Notice how CF is the only cantonal director co-signing alongside the representative? In fact, it is the only co-signed message...

For some reason, he has managed to be a publicly unseen eel holding power of decision. (I use eel for this alliteration, since a snake you can catch with your both hands whereas an eel, forget it)

A broader internet search in the face of complete lack of transparency is bound to be incomplete. But it can point directions.

CF holds cantonal parliamentary positions:

Just like YB, the controller and controlled are one and the same.

From a previous post we know the SPAJ (co)represents the Neuchatel Central Authority on the latin cantons Federal Body of Child Adoptions, the CLACA, on which board CF has been member for over two decades, and at times president.

As Neuchatel Central Authority, CF has been on trips like Haïti and the Dominican Republic, representing the Neuchatel Canton authorities alongside the Swiss Federal Central authority. It is a rough job I am sure...

CF holds a plethora of mandates in various child related private foundations and associations. Such as (but not limited to):

And quite frankly, there is so much more conflict of interest and interdisciplinary collegiality, read mafia, tying people's omerta up in the canton of Neuchatel you'd be blue in the face, if you are not already.

This Neuchatel Canton, and its authorities, are truly amazing. An open air museum with living relics of medieval vassalistic mob reality. The sad part is, it is ongoing and endangers children in plain sight.

The lack of official transparency on any person of authority is a problem to the public interest and scrutiny. As various UN documents alert, such lack of transparency is the source of much governmental criminality and corruption.

I invite you to keep searching the net. You can puzzle together CF holds important positions in various child related foundations and public authority decision making positions. And there are many documents and decisions of his hand mentioned in parliamentary work, of which only a very few can be traced.

Any Neuchatel whistleblower feeling like sending “le liver noir de la coparentalité”, an internal SPAJ working document arguing policy against co-parenting, is welcome to do so. Reach out on Twitter, or by email, which you'll find on this page.

Next post I'll blow the whistle on CF in the context of a foundation ... and a Child Sexual Integrity Violation ... And then finish off on a final CF post ... child kidnapping and endangerment. As they say in slang: he's a piece of work.

Series on Christian Fellrath, director of the Adult and Child Protection Services:

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