(child) sexual violence parliamentary commission: canceled

Why was the parliamentary commission on (child) sexual violence dissolved, and no public scrutiny on the subject is possible since? Contempt of parliament by those in authority.

Until 2007 the canton of Neuchatel had a parliamentary commission on sexual violence, including child sexual violence. The canton had (still has) a sexual violence problem.

The “commission consultative cantonale chargée de la prévention des délits sexuels” was dissolved on April 4th 2007. Chritian Fellrath (CF) was the sexual abuse commission president, and had delivered a report to the Neuchatel government on March 12th 2007, demanding the commission to be abolished.

This March 12th 2007 report should be of public record because an important public policy decision was based on it. It is however no where to be found. So we do not know on what grounds the Neuchatel government, back then and until this day, decided sexual violence doesn't need to be looked at in its own right by parliament.

Thanks to the child and adult protection director CF, no more commission on sexual violence in Neuchatel.

CF public government statement: child protection team incompetent in CSIV

In 2011 CF delivered a short bullying statement concerning the implementation of the UN protocol on child sexual abuse. His rights issues statement was officially delivered through the Neuchatel ministry, and was directed towards the Swiss federal authorities.

In it, CF puts the responsibility for failures to the Swiss federal authorities. This while the federal government, in the name of national cohesion and alleged respect for the alleged independence of cantons, has always internationally pointed to the responsibility of the canton's for the failures of international law implementations.

One of the points for which CF appoints responsibility to the federal authorities is the total lack of CSIV competence of professionals, including his services:

Quant à la formation dans les domaines relevant de la protection de l'enfant, qui constitue l'un des éléments déterminant de tout bon dispositif de protection, le Conseil d'Etat souligne que le domaine général de la protection des enfants reste peu développé au niveau de la formation de base et continue des différents professionnels concernés.

CF is saying he is not responsible for the incompetence of his team. Dare I ask …who is:

* hiring the people working in his child protection department? * responsible for determining the criteria on which his team is hired?

If we are to believe CF's governmental communication, his team is hired on the criteria of incompetence in CSIV ?!

In shrill contrast, there are plenty of references of CF publicly moaning out against CSIV. I found one in English as an example:

“These acts are unacceptable,” said Christian Fellrath of the Service for the Protection of Adults and Youths.

Well, if CSIV is unacceptable in CF's opinion, he has been personally fully aware of the ongoing and duly documented CSIV for a few years now. What has he done other then take part in the cover-up? Nothing. No protection of the children. As such, he is at least responsible of CSIV commission by omission.

other victims

I've had the opportunity to meet a few adults who as children were victims of various forms child abuse in Neuchatel. None of them have positive accounts of CF's actions when they were children. In fact, these now adult child victims are mostly outspoken about CF's total mismanagement throughout their youth, and point him as responsible for their abuse not being addressed.

When asked if these victims would be willing to testify, the answer has been consistent: not as long as CF is a free man. He is too powerful and protected in the canton. Anyone speaking up against him commits, and I quote one testimony: “an act equivalent to suicide”.

Is that the kind of person who sounds to be an adequate state actor responsible for advancing public interests in child protection?

To wrap it up

| —– | —– | | CF reports to government on sexual abuse | CF's report(s) disappear | | CF publicly speaks of the unacceptability of CSIV | CF closes the parliamentary sexual abuse commission | | CF spanks the federal authorities for structural CSIV problems | CF is sole responsible in his canton for the problems he denounces |

Publicly CF is all against child sexual violence, but behind the scenes the opposite happens. A policy of permissiveness, closed eye, omerta reigns throughout his (child) protection services.

When faced with hours of recordings duly documenting the incompetence and premeditated endangerment of children victims of CSIV by his department, he himself as public authority sets the example, playing cover-up.

Double standards at least, or is there more?

What I do know from personal experience and recordings is that his services are adamant: The Neuchatel child protection workers are not allowed to denounce sexual violence against children unless they have the perpetrator acting in plain sight with various witnesses around. Anything else, they keep their mouths shut, hands of, look the other way and when pushed, actively take part in the ostracisation of the person who dares denounce.

If anyone gains access to the 12 March 2007 report, please do send it on.

Next I'll post an intermezzo on the latest Swiss country review by the UNCRC. Then I'll wrap up CF's involvement, publishing his correspondences and actions, or rather failure to act, in detail.

Series on Christian Fellrath, director of the Adult and Child Protection Services:

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