What's the fuss about not bringing children to a court order about?

Parental Alienation, Child Sexual and Psychological Abuse, False Allegations and False Evidence in the face of Unalienable Evidence against Authorities Authoritarian, Corrupt and Criminal involvement.

Getting back to Christian Fellrath's (CF) role in the ongoing Human Rights violations, corruption and racketeering.

By July 2021 a criminal complaint about destruction of evidence by, and non action of, authorities was submitted. (I'll post on this later)

I also had contacted the then Federal Councillor of Justice and Police Karin Keller-Sutter about the non action of authorities. Her office's answer had been on some points inconsistent with reality, and some points confirming. (I'll post on this later)

My back then by loans funded lawyer who found out was furious. He claimed I could not contact Swiss authorities without facing retaliation. That's how sorry a state Switzerland is.

direct communication with the ghost of child abuse

So it is only on September 20th 2022 CF receives a formal complaint about various topics. As Manon Schick indicated, and the response of the Federal Councillor had indicated.

CF had not responded to the correspondence he received the year before, so I copied his direct boss, the minister Crystel Graf (CG). I did not expect any reply. I had learned through the grapevine both Yanick Bussy and CF were angry and on their guard that I kept denouncing their office's wrongdoing.

Since there are more litigious cases where the authorities committed corruption and crime against children and/or parents, they even hired a lawyer, Sandra Joseph (SJ), to be the deputy director to YB and his child protection office. Two lawyers, YB and SJ, heading the child protection service, helping their office get away with wrongdoing.

As so often in Neuchatel, there is no official public profile to scrutinise the administrative personnel in power of authority. But SJ LinkedIn profile says she is indeed the Cheffe d'office adjointe Office de Protection de l'Enfant.

CF responded on September 23rd 2022 indicating I have to take his services to court, and he alleged his services are handling in accordance to a court order (which they were violating).

On September 26th 2022 I indicated again CF is in violation of various International Instruments, and ask copy of the court order he alleges (in order to prove to him he is wrong).

On the same day, CF sends a then even in Switzerland invalidated Swiss court order.

Why using a Swiss invalidated Swiss court order?

This way CF protected his services towards his direct boss, the minister CG. Using the credibility of his position and alleged court order, in the eyes of his minister he could continue to keep himself and his team dry. That the court order he claimed was invalidated, and that he was violating the terms of that invalidated court order, gave him 2 different angles of defence.

“Wir haben es nicht gewusst” that the court order was invalidated, and at the same time, since it was invalidated they couldn't have violated it.

I needed to get his explicit confirmation he did not make an “accidental mistake” sending the wrong court order. So I immediately responded asking for his explicit confirmation this was according to him the correct court order.

Any further confirmation by CF would have enabled a clear avenue for a freedom of information access request, to obtain all emails and documents. Are you surprised no confirmation or further communication ever came?

Since his boss (the minister CG) was duly informed, the fact no further confirmation or information came engages also her political responsibility. The minister CG also never responded.

The picture at the top of this post speaks a thousand words, doesn't it? Child protection is no where on the horizon with CF in position.

to round up

CF is duly informed of his and his services duty to act. He knows he is violating International Instruments. Being silent does not change the fact CF is fully aware he is a perpetrator of commission by omission to act in:

Rights violations are running through his team under the illusion of superior “interdisciplinary collegiality”, as blood runs through human veins.

Abuse of power, racketeering, corruption, ... in child and adult protection services. A true SS-type mafia running from the bottom employee all the way to the minister.

Take CF away from the protective veil of his ghost position, into public scrutiny, and the whole canton goes up in roar of “despair by ignorance”.

CF does not belong in his position, he belongs in a public parliamentary investigation commission for the Human Rights violations committed throughout his career.

If such a parliamentary public investigation would be publicly announced, and victims can rest assured they will be protected instead of having to go through repression, retaliation and persecution as I am going through, many victims I met will step forward.

It is something the minister, the government, the state will never accept given its typical confidentiality and keeping the public dumb system. Imagine a “white march” in Switzerland ... there is no such thing possible. The authorities would arrest the masses when Swiss authorities confidentiality DNA gets publicly known to be the Swiss disease fuelling corruption and child abuse.

To quote a local Arcinfo journalist:

In our canton this is normal. We're accustomed to that. We are a small canton and everyone knows everyone. We do not question our authorities. The Neuchatel public is contempt to divulging their set ways. You have to understand these are very powerful people, and unless there is something our population would feel sufficiently strongly about, we will not publish authorities wrongdoing. Imagine, all our child systems having to be reshaped, what a mess we would be in.

“WIR HABEN ES NICHT GEWUSST”, just like the second world war: conspiring, corrupting, racketeering, protecting wrongdoing authorities, denial, ... and persecuting those who dare to speak up.

Series on Christian Fellrath, director of the Adult and Child Protection Services:

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