Below the radar Swiss NGO arranging child kidnapping to Switzerland

The illegitimate Service Social International Suisse (SSI-S), dubbing itself as “International Social Service Switzerland”, is not to be confused with the international “real” International Social Service (ISS). The former is a well oiled criminal organisation violating Children Human Rights, using and postering as the latter; the latter is a recognised feminist organisation which has influenced United Nations conventions and authorities since the 1920's.

In bringing together the different elements for publishing the truth about the SSI-S criminality I realise the story is big, spidering too broad and large for a single post. I'll be splitting in several posts over the next days, and index them here. The links will populate as the posts are published.

  1. The recognised feminist International Social Service (ISS)
  2. The ISS posturing Service Social International Suisse (SSI-S)
  3. The authority claiming, rights violations and criminality by the SSI-S
  4. How mediation is abused

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