We're only flesh and bones, it's our deliriously enlightened spirit that makes us think otherwise.

unknown origin

I have no idea where I have this from. Maybe it is one of my early years brain quirks, as I have used it for longer then I can remember.

There sure are plenty expressions about “flesh”, “bones”, “delirium”, “enlightenment”, “thinking”, “spirit”, ... but apparently not in the above sequence. At least not that I could find. If anyone has or finds a reference, please send it on.

As for the meaning, it's really quite simple in so many situations.

Authorities thinking they can do as they pretty please, perpetrators getting away with some of the most vile wrongdoing, beliefs taking over from unalienable facts, ... you get the picture.

I find the word “delirious” the most pertinent in describing “enlightenment” and “spirit”, don't you think? Let's keep feet on the ground.

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