Exemplary monkey business politics: Neuchatel, Switzerland

From time to time I check the web site of the child kidnapping canton of Neuchatel, checking for updates to email contacts and people who hold authority in this derelict human rights violating outcrop. Every time I am in awe of yet another discovery.

Today I checked the ne.ch web site for updated details. We are Wednesday, which is Swiss authorities court order violating day, and I expected the Swiss authorities would yet again violate their own court order.

Let's have a look at the Neuchatel Conseil d'Etat contacts

For the period June 1st 2023 to May 31st 2024 are in position of power:

President: Alain Ribaux Vice-President substitute: Alain Ribaux Minister of economy, security and culture: Alain Ribaux

How can you be president and vice-president substitute at the same time? Where is the accountability of the people in power?

Look further on that page.

Florence Nater is substitute of Crystel Graf, who is substitute of Laurent Favre, who is substitute of Laurent Kurth, who is substitute of Alain Ribaux, who is substitute of Florence Nater, who ... back to the beginning of the sentence.

They all substitute one another.

Picture each one in a circle holding hands, and you get the picture of the canton of Neuchatel. One makes a mistake, they all in typical umbrella politics fashion keep each other covered.

How does one expect such a rotten political system to head a Canton? Is it not more a question of beheading democratic functioning of a canton in favour of personal and/or party interest? A medieval structure designed to cover up crookery at best.

I just don't get how Switzerland could ever be deemed to be an exemplary democracy...

Wednesday is Swiss authorities court order violating day

Wednesday and yet again my children are not presented by 14:00 at the Neuchatel child protection services, violating Swiss court order. A copy of today's message to the Swiss authorities. Since all the email addresses are public anyway, I'll not censor them and leave them be.

As you can see, all Neuchatel and Federal authorities who bear responsibility in the ongoing (child) human rights violations are listed. While they all bear at least some responsibility, don't think any of them would ever do something to remedy the (child) human rights violations.

TO: christian.fellrath@ne.ch, yanick.bussy@ne.ch, crystel.graf@ne.ch, Conseil.magistrature@ne.ch, arabelle.scyboz@ne.ch, chancellerie.etat@ne.ch, severine.despland@ne.ch, secretariat.gc@ne.ch, Martine.DocourtDucommun.GC@ne.ch, Secretariat.DFDS@ne.ch, alain.ribaux@ne.ch, Secretariat.DESC@ne.ch, secretariat.djsc@ne.ch, secretariat.pjne@ne.ch, rechtsdienst@ba.admin.ch, info@ba.admin.ch SUBJECT: 14.06.2023 Continuation of Swiss authorities organised criminality and violations of human rights DATE: Wed, 14 Jun • 2:22 pm

Mrs. Graf, Mr. Fellrath, Mr. Bussy,

Reiterating all previous correspondences and the demands within.

Is added to the list of child and parental human rights violations today, 14.06.2023.

In total 12 consecutive weeks of Swiss court ordered contact rights violations due to Swiss authorities arbitrary persecution, transnational repression and racism as per defined in international instruments.

According to the OPE secretary, Mr. Schallenberger was present at the OPE with another appointment then the by court ordered appointment, and my children were once again contrary to court order not presented in the OPE's care at 14:00.

I again notify:

  1. I hold personally responsible and accountable as directors of their service Mrs. Graf, Mr Fellrath and Mr. Bussy, fully made aware of the ongoing child sexual and psychological integrity violations as well as the Bern, Geneva, Neuchatel, Jura cantonal and Swiss Federal state for these continuous acts of violence and corruption by the state and its authorities.

  2. Under the universal right to truth, publication of the premeditated criminal acts by the Swiss authorities continues.

  3. Should this correspondence better be addressed by a legal scholar, you are reminded articles 7 to 11 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights are still violated by the Swiss authorities, including yourselves.

For the remainder reiterating all previous correspondences in their entirety.

Without any prejudicial recognition, and with reservation of all rights, expressly without recognition of any Swiss competence which remains contested

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