Independent interim report reveals Neuchatel child protection problems

On May 12th 2021 Manuela de Montmollin (MdM) from the cantonal child protection OPE services threatened (on recording): if sexual abuse and/or kidnapping to Switzerland would be true, my children would need to be placed in foster homes because the Swiss authorities would never send my kidnapped children back home to safety.

MdM also argued it would not be guaranteed that my children would be together in the same foster home. They would most probably be split apart. I nor the mother would be allowed regular contact with them.

MdM argued it would be much worse for my children to be in foster care then being kidnapped to and sexually abused in Switzerland.

Being separated from normal contact with their stay-at-home full-time caring father she found was a lesser evil, regardless of her clearly underlining there not only was no problem with me but that my children actively need and ask for me, their caring father.

I argued the stay-at-home full-time parent, myself, was fully available to the children, that foster care would by no means be needed. That not returning them and not protecting them from further violence is criminal.

MdM expressed literally she “refused to believe” my children were in any danger, regardless of the hard evidence, which in writing she refused to receive!

This, and more, is on recording. MdM is a social assistant at the Neuchatel child protection services. Some of her many problematic interventions have been mentioned before. Her extensive corruption, criminality, intimidation, trading in influence,... and violation of (child) human rights will be discussed in detail later. A total of 4 hours recordings and several documents.

The interim report

An interim report on Neuchatel foster care was submitted in December 2020. The minister Crystel Graf presented the report to the Neuchatel government in May 2021. It highlights problems and hierarchical responsibility in the cantonal child protection services.

The independent interim report on the implementation of the Neuchatel Cantonal child foster care reform was contracted to Dr. Philip D. Jaffé. Dr. Philip D. Jaffé (PJ), is the Swiss specialised pedopsychiatrist heading the Geneva University Rights of the Child division, and seats as an independent expert in the monitoring body of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

You can read the full 57 page report, but I give you a few highlights.

PJ has had to work with what was offered to him:

nous ne disposons pas de chiffres l’analyse d’un échantillon des dossiers des enfants en famille d’accueil fournie par le SPAJ

we have no data analysis of a sample of foster children's files provided by the SPAJ

The report had to be drafted in absence of data, and only had access to a by the SPAJ determined sample of cases. I would consider this a form of censorship.

Il ressort de manière explicite que, dans la pratique, les professionnel-les opèrent des choix par rapport au type d’informations à partager sur l’enfant ou le/la jeune

It is clear that, in practice, professionals make choices about the type of information to share about the child or young person.

In addition, PJ noted that the information professionals decide to share or not is their personal choice. Arbitrary information so to speak.

plusieurs professionnel-les ont signalé que la communication à l’interne du SPAJ était insuffisante, comme cela a été le cas au sein de l’OPE rapports de collaboration dont certains ne sont pas encore entièrement établis à satisfaction

several professionals reported that communication within the SPAJ was inadequate, as was the case within the OPE collaboration reports of which some have not yet been fully and satisfactorily drawn up

Communication and collaboration within and between the SPAJ and OPE is problematic.

née de contraintes budgétaires

born of budgetary constraints

As always in Neuchatel, there is an alleged money problem ...

l’enfant a le droit d’être impliqué et de participer dans les proccessus décisionnels qui le concernent, la mise en œuvre de ce droit peine encore à s’imposer

children have the right to be involved and to participate in decision-making processes that affect them, the implementation of this rights is still problematic.

The Rights of the Child to be heard and participate in decisions are not respected.

un soutien à l’inflexion de la conceptualisation et des pratiques de protection de l’enfant soit formulé et opérationnalisé aux niveaux les plus élevés de l’administration et de la politique

support for changes in the conceptualisation and practice of child protection has to be formulated and implemented at the highest levels of administration and policy

Speaks for itself, no support by OPE and SPAJ director and minister.

The report as such, politely, highlights profound structural problems:

I've documented concrete examples of each of these structural problems in various previous posts. Are we surprised the fish rots from the head, the highest authorities, as usual?

I think the following is the best conclusion, as per the report:

Si l’évaluation que le CIDE a mené ne porte « que » sur un bilan intermédiaire de la réforme du dispositif de soutien de protection de l’enfant et de la jeunesse, nous sommes convaincu-es qu’il ne s’agit que d’un premier grand pas d’un long marathon de transformation en profondeur des pratiques des professionnel-les des secteurs qui y sont associés et qu’il convient de poser au centre de cette évolution la formation de base et continue des intervenant-es en protection de l’enfant au sens large, à savoir toutes celles et ceux qui travaillent avec et pour la protection de l’enfant.

Although the evaluation carried out by CIDE is “only” an interim assessment of the reform of the child and youth protection support system, we are convinced that this is only the first major step in a long marathon of in-depth transformation of the practices of professionals in the associated sectors, and that the basic and ongoing training of child protection workers in the broad sense, i.e. all those who work with and for child protection, should be at the centre of this development.

PJ really knows how to put things softly, politically correct, so no one's toes are stepped on. But it also allows for little accountability or pressure for change.

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