new acts of child kidnapping by Swiss authorities

It's been a bit more quiet then expected on the blog. Usually an indication something's up. In this case, new child kidnapping co organised by Swiss state authorities.

By Swiss court order my children were due to be presented by their mother Wednesday 26 April at 14:00 to the child protection services. They were not, and the authorities refuse to divulge the whereabouts of my children.

The usual Swiss authorities not giving a rat's ass about children's well being, violating rights and laws, from local to international, all the way to violating the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Where were my children? How were they? Where are they now? How are they now ... The authorities claim in 3 words: “they are well”, and admit they themselves do not know the whereabouts.

Despicable and disgraceful child kidnapping Swiss authorities.

My children were left the previous week in the care of the sexually abusing grandfather.

I bet something has happened again which should not see the light of day.

The official reason to go against rights and court decisions? They wish, not law and against their own court decisions, wish, to accommodate the mother's “wishes” and “needs”.

Swiss authorities really do not give a rats' ass about children. They just wish for the truth to not see the light of day.

Right to truth, much writing and evidence to come as soon as time will permit, divulging the truth about the continued organised criminality by the Swiss state and its rights and child integrity violating authorities.

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