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Except one polite auto-reply acknowledging reception of the below email to state authorities, saying a response would substantiate, no response to the below after 3 days. It shows once again how serious Switzerland is when it comes to protecting children from #sexual and #psychological violence: 0 priority. We'll get into how this is a violation of executionary conventions Switzerland is subject to in the next weeks.

It was sent to the “conseil de la magistrature”, the judiciary surveillance authority, (CM) of the canton of Neuchatel. The CM is supposedly the controlling judicial body, overseeing and guaranteeing the correct functioning of the justice system in the Neuchatel canton. Sadly, this judicial organ is set up and governed by the same people who are judges.

The judge checks he did not make a mistake, especially when he made a mistake kind of thing.

A graphical overview of this mafia-like judicial nonsense will be posted in the next few days. It will show clearly the conflict of interest, and complete lack of proper control and accountability, throughout the Neuchatel justice system.

I'll add to that graphical overview a recording from a Neuchatel judge. In this recording the judge tells me explicitly it makes no sense to write to the CM since no judge has ever been slapped on the wrists, that they all know each other well, and are fully protected, especially when judges do wrong. He sarcastically adds that it is my right to write to the CM, but that doing so is a waste of time and energy, that it will get no investigation whatsoever.

That is the answer I got when I informally asked a Neuchatel judge what to do about things like conflict of interest, denial of justice, sexual violence on children, etc.

My feeling is this relatively young looking judge was just fed up with the rottenness of the system he is working in. It felt more like a desperate cry-out for help from his part to get the system fixed.

Allow me alliterate to try put things into perspective.

I am against zoo's and museums in general. I am of the opinion one does not keep specimens in confined, unnatural and controlled environments disconnected from the real deal. I find it wrong to do it for the pleasure of mankind to stroll by in amusement. My opinion is you don't visit the Colosseum in London or lions in La Chaux-De-Fonds. Each place his.

There are exceptions to this. Sometimes it is a necessary evil, to remember vividly the wrong mankind is capable of, in an attempt for it to “never happen again”. Things like the concentration camps fall in my opinion under this exception. Never again should mankind be tempted by this kind of structural state wide willing suspension of disbelief.

Same thing in Switzerland. It is not because Switzerland claims and enjoys the status of superiority in the world, that it is. If anything it makes the crimes by the Swiss justice system actually worse.

Hopefully it will get to that point with the Neuchatel justice in the future: “See, it used to be crooked to the bone, but all checks are in place now for it to never be like that again”.

Other then the CM, it was sent to various other organs as listed and linked. Naturally, they too did not respond.

Here comes my first pickle. I do not intend any harm to individual people eventhough some intend harm to my children and/or myself. I think sometimes names need to be mentioned or the exercise makes no sense. In as much as their names can be found on the official web sites and I provide the links, you can look them up yourselves. You'll see I censor out my kid's name. Another pickle. Do I want their names out in the open at their very young age? They are the prime victims. It doesn't feel right, at least for now. So for the moment, until I find the answers on how to tackle these kinds of issues, I self-censor a few names. When I do, it'll be clear to all, and it may change in the future.

Without further ado, here is the non timely answered email:


Madam president of the Neuchatel judiciary surveillance authority,

The state and the legal profession in the Republic and Canton of Neuchatel are fully aware, all details provided in the various cases, that I have no financial means to pursue matters.

Despite this unalienable fact, both the legal profession and the courts deny one of the most basic human rights: https://www.ohchr.org/en/instruments-mechanisms/instruments/basic-principles-role-lawyers

I herewith once more demand for this basic human right to be respected. I am to be attributed both civil and criminal lawyers, funded without limitation or interference by the state, as to conduct all and extensive activities for the truth to finally come into the light.

I have been without civil lawyer since mid December 2022. Any correspondence from the Swiss courts has therefore not properly been received, and any judgements not properly notified.

Given the severity of the violations of law by the state, a lawyer willing and capable of countering the arbitrary civil aggressions and violations of international law should be appointed. Previous civil lawyers expressed limitations in their actions due to the retaliation risk for their careers. An appointed lawyer should have the necessary international expertise and not be subject to cantonal loyalty or potential professional retaliation.

I am now also without criminal lawyer due to a refusal of the state to respect the UN UDHR. For the criminal matters, I specifically request for Me. LAWYER to be appointed by the state. Before returning his mandate Me. LAWYER mentioned he would take the mandate back as soon as duly and fully provisioned by the state, without limitation of work (to be) performed.

Ever since being blackmailed for a second time by a judge in Neuchatel I recorded as much as I could. The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has judged repeatedly that when in front of authorities violating fundamental rights one not only is allowed to record, but actually has the obligation to record the state's wrongdoing. Switzerland is known to not respect this rule of international law, and persecute those who diligently document wrongdoing by Swiss authorities.

It is in the public interest for the public to be made aware of the violations of rights by the state authorities and its actors. I am now publishing the violations against myself and my children, CHILD and CHILD. I am also publishing the evidence I acquired about other families from other countries. Kidnapping by the state, endangerment of sexual and psychological integrity of children by the state, modern enslaving by the state of those who dare to speak out, discrimination, ...

It is also of particular interest to the public how Neuchatel, and by extension Switzerland, is a safe haven for those who kidnap children, and those who commit sexual and psychological violence on children.

In their by Swiss authorities arbitrary and contrary to reality created environment my children still undergo violence. Things like CHILD explaining how his penis is played with by the grandparents, how tongue kissing with adults is normal, how CHILD is not allowed to speak and is afraid her mom will be angry if she does, how CHILD is punished away from social interactions, how strange angel and black magic locations in the woods are visited, how the authorities are in denial out of collegial credibility when confronted with what the children say, etc. Hundreds of hours of recordings.

Wir haben es nicht gewusst?

Everything is recorded from start to finish. The recordings show how the reports by appointed authorities, and even judgements in Switzerland, are false. In any event, for the avoidance of any doubt whatsoever, all audio and or video recording mentioned have been made in the interest of justice and the public at large.

The public's interest is to know this happens in their canton, in their country, how and why it happens, and who holds responsibility. The state actors should individually be held accountable for the violation of victim's rights, and their taking an active role in the persecution of a victim parent who dares to point to the state's responsibility.

Under the provisions of the Council of Europe as well as the provisions of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, as whistleblower and victim I, and my victim children, should be protected. Not persecuted or discriminated against, not put in danger, as we have been for more then 3 years now.

I look forward to receiving your confirmation of the non Neuchatel lawyers appointed and fully funded by the state. I particularly look forward to the protective measures for my person as whistleblower and victim, and my children as ongoing victims of psychological and sexual violence while detained in Switzerland.

Copy to:

Without any prejudicial recognition, and with reservation of all rights, expressly without recognition of any Swiss competence which remains contested.

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