Swiss criminal justice system: Neuchatel Magistrates Council bans correspondence

The Neuchatel Magistrates council by way of its president Arabelle Scyboz, blacklist correspondence, ensuring denunciations of human rights violations by the Neuchatel judicial system can not be received.

What is the Neuchatel Magistrate's council?

Le Conseil de la magistrature est l'autorité de surveillance des autorités judiciaires et des magistrats de l'ordre judiciaire. Il veille au bon fonctionnement de la justice. Il assume la surveillance administrative des autorités judiciaires et la surveillance disciplinaire des magistrats.

Translated by deepl:

The Conseil de la magistrature is the supervisory authority for judicial authorities and magistrates. It ensures that the justice system functions properly. It is responsible for the administrative supervision of judicial authorities and the disciplinary supervision of magistrates.

Once a week I have been underlining to the magistrate's council, including its president Arabelle Scyboz (, that Swiss authorities have been violating the Right to access to Justice since before the kidnapping of my children to Switzerland (illegal judgements prior to and co-organising the kidnapping).

Apparently, the Magistrate's council president, Arabelle Scyboz, blacklisted me in their “SenderFilterConfig list”:

Sender denied as sender's email address is on SenderFilterConfig list'

Oh, and by the way, you guessed right. This week again, for the 13th consecutive week, Swiss authorities violate their own court decisions. The message to inform the chief of the justice system of the rights violations is blocked by the chief in command herself.

Further testament to the rights violations of the Swiss justice system, you can't even let them know they violate access to justice !

Needless to say that when Swiss authorities violate even Swiss court rulings, and you can't let the chief in command know, that Swiss authorities feast on deliberately violating human rights without accountability.

For the technical, herewith the excerpt:

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