A ruined man fell from her hands like a ripe fruit, to lie rotting on the ground.

Émile Zola in “Nana”

picturing Emile Zola's A ruined man fell from her hands like a ripe fruit, to lie rotting on the ground

Emile Zola is a French writer and political activist, with a weak spot for the falsely accused. His work was nominated for the Nobel Prize of literature. Today's fesip comes from his novel Nana

Public policy capturing

In today's age it has become politically incorrect, even punishable, to speak of men as victims and women as abusers. The whole violence against women gendered narrative fuelled throughout the last century is culminating in the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Volker Türk, who publicly only speaks of violence against women, and reduces any issue as being the exclusive responsibility of men.

The OECD warns in its OECD Recommendation of the Council on Public Integrity, which I've written about before.

On the subject of women's rights Volker captures public policies for narrow interests, and directs public decisions over policies away from the public interest towards a special interest. The interest of imposing the biased narrative women are always victims and men are always responsible. It exacerbates inequalities and undermines democratic values, economic growth and trust in government.

By victimising feminine perpetrators and diabolising masculine victims the human rights chief in command violates the United Nations core principles such as gender neutrality, non discrimination, equal rights, … and most importantly: shared solutions for all humanity.

As western societies blindly endeavour, Volker undoubtedly forgets William Shakespeare's

Do not cast away an honest man for a villain’s accusation, William Shakespeare

Gender violence: a kiss fact to fiction

Age old battles in gender equality fuel constantly popping up new conflicts.

It is good to question our ways, but do we need all the public frenzy, on something surrounding … a kiss? And if so, dare I ask whether the civil reaction would be different between man-kisses-woman and woman-kisses-man?

I wonder, how many have before their first kiss:

Oh wait, let's think this through, isn't this not unlike what religions imposed in bygone era's? Those patriarchal structures by excellence had meaning and purpose, didn't they!?

My wife did not ask me before pressing her lips against mine for our first kiss, in her impossible to control upwelling of excitement and desire, whilst to me coming totally out of the blue.

Regardless of the gender of a person, isn't it normal that regardless of how similarly on the verge to act both persons may be, one of both initiates the kiss? Or did you do the contract thing?

puppy shaking head

Let's be honest now …

Macabre data to the rescue

Official data and research factually shows women are abusing men just as often as men abuse women. The form and excesses might have been perceived as distinctly different, and in specific areas may indeed objectively differ. While they are being gender bias valued, it does not change the scientific evidence.

The UN released the following graph earlier this year:

gender biased graph of homicide data

Now first off, any person killed by another is heinous and one person too many. No life is worth more then another and none should be lost by homicide. Period.

If you take those numbers and do the math, you distil:

Does that difference to you justify that all focus goes to women? With weeks of unilateral press attention to women, and no one speaking of the dead men? Men accounting for 81% of all homicided people?

Once again, public authorities capturing public policy away from public interest for a specific interest. Gender bias.

The UN research tries to justify more importance and weight to femicides. At the same time is admitted many inter-partner homicides of men are wrongly attributed as legitimate self defence by their (female) partner, and may be wrongly referenced as non circle of trust homicides.

So the reality is, we don't even know if the 1.6 more women could not be 1.6 more men …

I'd like to focus on what it really means here. Every loss of every human life to homicide is equally dramatic and important and worth of our attention. Even if 99 women and only 1 man would be a statistic, quod non, I would expect for an organisation like the UN to also acknowledge the 1 man.

Let's be honest here. There are bound to be differences, however small they are. Regardless of any differences, it is the close similarity if anything that needs to be underlined. There is no gender based difference of violence by men or women. They are both just as capable.

Back to Volker and the UN

You remember me writing about what's wrong with the UN?

We are in an era where public officials capture policies, and lack integrity and truth. No organisation or person is immune to it.

We are in an era where a women beating or killing a man is his well deserved punishment, and a man being prosecuted as a perpetrator for just looking at a woman is normal.

women abusing men

Are you shocked by seeing this picture? Be shocked! It caricatures, according to official statistics, about 50% of domestic violence.

I would argue in a society which systematically and deliberately demonises one group, it is harder for victims within that group to be heard. How would the UN hear men victims when Volker says this morning on Twitter:

over & over we see the same demand: # WomenLifeFreedom The response must go beyond ephemeral change & empty promises. My Office & I stand with these movements & will tirelessly challenge patriarchy, toxic masculinity & cycles of impunity

How in this context can we afford to have a true picture of both female and male victims, and perpetrators? Is this the United Nations' shared solutions for all humanity? How in this context should Francesco Cecon, Head of ECPAT's Global Boys Initiative work on the subject of boys being also abused by women?

Aren't we fuelling false allegations, and impunity, perpetrated by women?


I know in my wider family more women abusing much younger men, as house-physical-financial slaves, then men abusing any women. Women who have achieved a degree of wealth and/or status and/or power in life, and get some sort of something I can't grasp out of eating their men alive.

Sadly women equal men is not equal to men equal women. Today, any such admission is politically incorrect, is wholly frowned upon and rejected. We live in the cult of unblemishable females. Poor boys and men groomed into man-eater societies.

Let's finish off the week in music.

While Hall & Oates song Maneater originally was intended to describe New York City in the 1980's – its greed, avarice, and spoiled riches – they feminised it for it to be more relatable to people.

Hall & Oates, Maneater

For those who prefer a more privacy friendly alternative.

I know I announced a different fesip in my last post this week, but this morning's tweet by Volker Türk, ongoing over the last 5 months, really needed addressing, lightly.

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