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On this Easter day, April 9th 2023, I wish to stand still for a moment about right to truth. Symbolic on a day recognising a resurrection from the consequences of evil.

The truth may be experienced as violent to such extend that it is the most effective trigger of human right violations. It is what makes the right to truth fundamental to human dignity, and the most effective opposition to all forms of violence.

The right to truth is a through time evolving concept and definition by the United Nations (UN). The right to truth is invoked in gross and systematic human rights violations perpetrated by or rendered acceptable in states.

The UN can establish truth commissions in cases of human rights violations by states.

The right to truth is often invoked at times of transition.

The definitions in abduction, psychological and sexual violence towards children have transitioned. The amount of international conventions on these subjects is testament to those transitioned definitions, and so are the amount of international organs who claim to oversee the implementations.

The human rights violating societal praxis of fear and shame, of threats and intimidation in these matters is so powerful the blinded states are rewriting these transitioned definitions in human rights violating jurisprudence. All levels of government take part, and it happens in our western, civilised societies. (Switzerland to name just one of the countries)

Just as it happened on so many occasions in so many other cases.

Since 2006 the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights concluded the right to truth is an inalienable and autonomous right, linked to the duty and obligation of the State to protect and guarantee human rights, to conduct effective investigations and to guarantee effective remedy and reparations.

While the best practices for the effective implementation of this right to truth have been described in a 2009 report by the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, states are still failing miserably in cases of child abduction, child psychological violence, child sexual violence.

The UN imposes an obligation on States to adopt all measures needed to identify the perpetrators of crimes, and establish true account of past events. Which state holds itself accountable in light of its failure?

In light of the transitioned definitions, the path taken by the states is no less then criminal to the highest office. The fish rots from the head down.

The relatives of victims are recognised themselves as victims by the UN. The right to truth belongs since 1998 to all members of society. Victims and society require and are entitled to know what happened to them. This knowledge is essential to remediation, reparation and guarantee of non-recurrence.

According to the UN, the right to truth implies knowing the full and complete truth as to the events that transpired, their specific circumstances, and who participated in them, including knowing the circumstances in which the violations took place, as well as the reasons for them.

The right to truth is a fundamental principle to combat impunity.

The right to truth sadly often comes to the foreground only many years after the facts. For if had come forward at the onset the defense of the truth, united in the threat to human dignity, violence would be stopped.

The right to truth is often fought against by states. See how Switzerland persecutes whistleblowers.

Child kidnapping – sexual violence against children – psychological violence against children – whistleblower persecution: Isn't this exactly what I – and so many just as isolated, alienated and persecuted others – are whistleblowing Switzerland (and some other European nations) for? Again and again? Generation after generation?

Remembrance is not the end, but the beginning of responsibility.

Psychological violence and sexual violence have both been recognised in right to truth cases pertaining to the adult world. The UN also specifically invokes the right to truth in child abduction, kidnapping, cases.

I believe a truth commission is in order to assess the current responsibility of European continent states, Switzerland as central figure first and foremost, in perpetrating violence against children through abduction, sexual and psychological violence. It seems the only way to stop the fast pace by which western states overrule the transitioned principles in these matters.

To be continued ...

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