New acts of child kidnapping by the state authorities, may 10th 2023

As per last week, Swiss authorities violating Swiss court order and violating human rights under international instruments (treaties). Fuming. Where are my kids? How are they?

Date: 10 May 2023, 3:33 pm To and copy: – Swiss Federal Prosecutor – Neuchatel Magistrats council – Arabelle Scyboz – Neuchatel Chancelor – Celia Clerc – Neuchatel Grand Council – Crystal Graf (Neuchatel councillor for adult and child protection) – Alain Ribaux (Neuchatel councillor for justice) – Yanick Bussy (Director of Neuchatel service for Child Protection) – Christian Fellrath (Director of Neuchatel service for Adult and Child protection)

Madam President of the Judiciary Commission of the Canton of Neuchatel, Mister Federal Prosecutor of the Swiss Confederation, Other parties of responsibility copied,

Based on all previous correspondences; Referring to the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties; Referring to other international instruments, including but not limited to: – the Lanzarote convention on the protection of children victim of child sexual abuse – the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, particularly its optional protocols relating to child sexual abuse – the Terminology Guidelines for the Protection of Children from Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Abuse; – jurisprudence of the ECHR, even against the Swiss state; and many other international instruments and jurisprudence violated by the authorities of Neuchatel, and Federal authorities, as evidenced through documents and some 500 hours recordings.

By Swiss (!) court order the mother needs to present my children FIRSTNAME and FIRSTNAME LASTNAME every wednesday at the Office de Protection de l'Enfant (OPE) in the care of named curator of the OPE, Mr. Schallenberger at 14:00.

The over the last 3 years ongoing total lack of discipline and respect for court orders has duly been notified repeatedly in wiring to the various levels of authority. Notifications account to: – repeated refusals to present children to contact rights; – psychological manipulation and alienation of children by their by Switzerland illegally and unilaterally attributed guardian; – unilateral last minute cancelations by the curator acting to please and accommodate the mother's wishes. The curator's mandate is to accommodate and ensure contact with the father, not to accommodate the mother's and maternal environment ongoing alienating tactics.

The total lack of transparency of the authorities as to the execution order(s) of the OPE mandate(s) is testament to total lack of respect of Swiss authorities for even their own legal system. No wonder Swiss authorities violate human rights.

April 26th 2023 the curator notifies in a signal message:

nous n'avons rien organisé pour l'instant. La maman a dû prendre des dispositions pour organiser la garde des enfants durant son travail, le mercredi n'est pas possible pour des visioconférence.

This clearly shows the curator has no respect for children or parental rights, at the mother's request. This regardless of a court order, regardless of rights under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, or other international instruments ratified and executionary in Switzerland.

May 3d 2023 the curator notifies in a signal message:

S'agissant de la mise en place de visioconférence hebdomadaire, comme également expliqué, le mercredi n'est pas possible.

This time without specifying for whom the court ordered Wednesday appointment allegedly would not be feasible. Should one understand as per the allegation of the previous week it is at the mother's request? Most probably, based on the recordings available showing the structural praxis.

Whether presenting my children as per ordered is feasible or not is irrelevant. Children must be produced by court order, period. If they are not, the act of not producing the children in the care of the OPE is an act by jurisprudence equivalent to kidnapping. I demand and am entitled to know where my children were “illegally detained” whilst by court order having to be in the care of your authorities for the benefit of maintaining parental relationships. And I also demand and am entitled to a full and detailed account of how they are, as well as have contact with them.

Both mentioned events it was impossible to speak to the curator. Today, Wednesday May 10th 2023 I still have no account as to the whereabouts of my children due in the care of the OPE May 10th, May 3rd, April 26th.

Today again the curator is unavailable, unreachable.

The same May 3rd curator signal message includes:

A noter que vous pouvez toujours appeler la maman qui vous mettra en lien avec vos enfants.

It has been documented, and written about extensively. I have even been insulted in front of my children being a liar by the OPE, in presence of evidence I was not lying. The mother refuses ANY normal contact with ANYONE from outside Switzerland. The recordings show that on repetition, including how the curator is bound to execute the mother's demands.

Your authorities are fully aware a device was offered to my children by their Belgian alienated family members, for Christmas 2022, so that my children could establish contact with their father and family from whom the Swiss state has kidnapped them more then 3 years ago. This contact enabling present substantiated on explicit suggestion of their by court appointed therapist (on recording). The device was promptly confiscated by their mother, and the OPE duly informed of the matter (on recording) has chosen to not undertake any action against this act of theft of children's property by their mother. In so doing ensuring no contact is possible.

Of note, the law is clear. The de facto (and contested) guardian parent has the obligation to make certain parental contact is safeguarded. This explicitly in law and extensive jurisprudence foreseen element, violated now for over 3 years, should be reason enough to act immediately in favour of safeguarding parental relations with the alienated parent (in casu father) and withdrawing parental authority of the alienating (and child integrity endangering) parent (in casu mother).

The international conventions, documents and ECHR jurisprudence are clear about the timing issues revolving children. Immediately is not Switzerland's more then 3 years accumulation of damage by organised denial.

It has been notified to the OPE, as well as the other authorities already mentioned, the OPE is in violation of the required protection of child victims of sexual abuse, including the required protection of witnesses. These witnesses include OPE personnel (curator) who are as per recordings not at liberty to go against the opinion of their colleague and children's mother. This despite children having, on recording in presence of the curator, spontaneously and explicitly mentioned sexual abuse. Including lesions to sexual organs children spontaneously notified as having happened while in the care of their known perpetrator with the OPE's full knowledge.

In the words of the mandated OPE De Montmollin, it is an “aberrant situation” which she, and I quote “refuse de croire”. Not a matter of actual facts, but of personal (dis)belief. On full recording.

The negligent and criminal acts by the OPE, and its full chain of duly informed command, including the OPE's active participation (on recording) of kidnapping other children from other countries defy Switzerland's being party to the stated international instruments. Being party comes with responsibility, not with the possibility to commit deliberate criminal acts, destroying child sexual and psychological integrity, and persecution and intimidation of the whistleblower and witness(es) with threats and human rights violations (on recording).

Swiss authorities may never be condemned because they are Swiss in Switzerland in a byes system having proven unable to respect human rights due to the derelict state of Swiss local laws violating the international treaties Switzerland is a party of. This story of state organised criminality is being published for the world to know, under the universal right to truth. As a consequence at least my children will have the opportunity to know the real facts, not those created by Swiss authorities in violation of their international obligations.

As usual, should this message better be directed by a legal scholar, such as a lawyer, and referring in full to what's been previously written in other correspondences about the matter, under the UDHR articles 7 to 11, it is your duty to provide, and protect.

Without any prejudicial recognition, and with reservation of all rights, expressly without recognition of any Swiss competence which remains contested.

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