Language part 2: the language context and Swiss violation of language rights

The #story of our language context, and how Swiss authorities violate language human #rights in a persecuting fashion. You'll understand why taking the time to do part 1 of this series was really important at the end, when giving examples of how even Swiss law is shown to violate Language Human Rights.


My daughter was raised in three languages: English, Flemish and French. My son, +4 years the cadet of his sister, was raised in two languages: Flemish and French.

Why all these languages one might ask? Because in our situation it was not only common sense, it was a deliberate choice, on more then one account.

English because given the international context of our lives there have been times schools in English were the only options. Me, their father as stay-at-home caretaker of the children, is US born and English scholared, with an open and international perspective on life.

Flemish in the context of the mother's demand to live in Flanders, Belgium. Kindergarten and school were Flemish. Me, their father as stay-at-home caretaker of the children, being Flemish. My children's godfathers and the extended paternal family being Flemish.

French in the context of the mother's demand to live in France, and the maternal environment being highly discriminative of any other language.

I dealt with all 3 languages, the mother only with French.

the choice

Scientists have shown they can measure in the brain whether children were exposed to multiple languages. They've shown its positive impacts on literally every subject, such as socio-cognitive and socio-emotional abilities, communication skills, behaviour, opportunities and chances in life, curiosity and interest sparking, ...

So multi-language education of our kids seems a logical, most natural choice, right? In my opinion it should be the choice of every parent in the world.

I could go into how we are all conceived without language, how in the womb there is the onset of hearing, how at birth our brain's elasticity provides for acquiring any language, and how our interactions from that moment onwards reduce our brain's language elasticity. So many fascinating reads on the subject, sadly, not for this topic.

From the onset our choice of multilingualism was challenged by most in the maternal environment. Take for example my daughter's godmother, also the mother's childhood best friend, who as psychologist claimed all sorts of negative nonsense about multi-languages or internationalism. There was in-laws mockery, discrimination, even hate and plain racism against other languages. Not withstanding a few rare exceptions, the colonial-like pressure was on to do like the Jura people, and only use French.

While I was doing the language thing, the mother wouldn't engage in anything else then French. The execution of our parental choice rested on my shoulders alone. The mother never assumed any responsibility for what was very much also her choice. Many times I wished not having to balance several languages, alone.

I think the maternal environment pressure, coupled with the mother's deep rooted hate towards the USA, and racism, led to her refusal to learn English or Flemish.

The mother never attended more then one Flemish class stating in typical small Swiss villageois discrimination: I am not sitting in a classroom with people from all stretches of life, especially not with people wearing a headscarf. Despite the repeated offerings for free language courses and assistance, as mandatory by law in Flanders, she refused to attend. She imposed herself in French with most.

It is inconsiderate to live in a country, and impose your own language and ways in the public sphere. Yes to keep your language and your ways in private and in your (language) group(s). But it is a form of basic respect to learn the language of those in the society where you live. In Flanders we are used to that kind of postering behaviour. We accommodate, as I did. Even if, understandably, often it is not done more out of duty then the fullest pleasure...

The free English classes from Canada, which came with our expatriation in support of new permanent residents, were started by the mother once we had emigrated from Canada to Belgium. You read this right, once we had left Canada. English was suddenly the lesser evil, sort of.

Yet for the kids and me, she kept pushing languages. A duality which I think might come from wanting a different life for our kids. Different from the backward ways she was stemming from.

Fool I was to not see or hear the warnings that this anti-language behaviour was testament to a typical loyalty by the Swiss towards their closed minded, and superiority above the rest of the world attitude. It runs throughout most of its population, and particularly its authorities, even its laws.

Swiss authorities children birth language denial post kidnapping

When my kids were kidnapped from France to Switzerland, we were denied any contact for almost 2 months. All this time the only language my kids were in touch with was not English or Flemish, but French.

Swiss child protection or the Swiss courts never asked themselves, or me, what language was spoken at home.

Before I was allowed to talk to my children by video, in presence of child protection services, I had to agree to the child protection services prohibition to speak to my children in English and Flemish, as I was used to. It was deemed dangerous, the Swiss would not have control over what the conversation was about.

I was the stay-at-home caretaker of the kids. Kids had been kidnapped by their mother in collaboration with Swiss authorities. And I was treated like the criminal.

My back then Swiss lawyer refused to alert the authorities about the language violation, saying it would cost money and would not be accepted by Swiss courts. And he felt if by any chance the courts would entertain the idea of a translator for the child protection services, they'd have me pay for it. He felt it had to be sorted outside courts, directly with the child protection services. I did not know back then his loyalty as renown professor was to the authorities, not to defending his client or children's rights.

I contested with the child protection service as per lawyer's instruction, both verbally and in writing. They kept imposing I'd not speak in anything else then French. In anticipation for if a complaint would substantiate, they copied their answer to the court claiming “with child protection authority” that they considered the common language between myself and my children was French. One of many Swiss child protection services deliberate lies.

Child protection services had co-organised the kidnapping with the mother, as documents later would show. Everything had to be French for the purpose of building a contrary to reality judiciary truth which would protect them from their gruesome actions. A falsely constructed truth that would discharge child protection services of responsibility from their grave human rights violations and criminality.

It was either accepting this language right violation, or not getting to speak to my children. I had dared to speak up for rights, and got deliberate acts of repercussional transnational repression.

Since the kidnapping, my children have been denied access to their birth languages, denied access to their parental languages, denied access to their extended family languages, denied access to their former school languages, denied ...

Even when the much later by court attributed pedopsychiatrist felt, in this context, it was up to me to find language solutions, my kids's access to those solutions was denied by the mother, and permitted to be denied in full knowledge of the child protection services.

Language books, story books, CD's with child stories, Santa Claus letters, a device with recordings to listen to, ... My children only sometimes got access to these during the very short contact moments with me. Most of the time my kids told they did not know where their mother had put the materials. The device was stolen immediately after it was given by the mother, in order to prohibit my children's access to their birth languages.

All this happened in full knowledge of the child protection services, who did nothing. I told them about it, repeatedly, verbally and in writing, and they did nothing. They have, even by by Swiss law, the obligation to denounce such acts of: – theft from children; – #psychological aggression (language alienation) towards children – child language rights violations. You read this right. The Swiss child protection services did nothing, let the mother get on with it. If anything, they supported and even took part in the language rights violations.

Access to basic human rights, language human rights, not protected but denied, by Swiss authorities.

Audrey Azoulay, the UNESCO Director-General, highlighted :

Learning or forgetting a language is thus not merely about acquiring or losing a means of communication. It is about seeing an entire world either appear or fade away.

3 years on, it comes as no surprise both my kids have no recollection of English or Flemish. How are they to ever communicate with their extended family and godfathers abroad, when raised in an environment of disdain towards other languages and people? How are they to function in society as adults, when spoon-fed Swiss superiority, and disrespect for their own roots?

And while jurisprudence by the European Court of Human Rights condemned this sort of far reaching violation of human rights in other cases, Swiss authorities, its legal system, and child protection services, do not care one bit. Swiss authorities are content performing transnational repression and #persecution, for the good of covering up their wrongdoing and criminal acts.

To Swiss superiority of annihilation and destruction of (children) language human rights !

In Bern they've tried to be cautious. The public prosecutor there briefly supplied a translator.

In Neuchatel the public prosecutor and none of the civil judges ever asked whether a translator was required or useful. They use the violation of language rights to happily munch at any wrongly interpreted words and sentences to violate my rights, my children's rights, and condemn on that basis.

Deliberate arbitrary persecution in order to cover up their wrongdoing and criminality is their only goal. There is no regard to any of the human rights.

I recently started pushing through my language rights. And systematically get responded denials to use my language of choice, which I am entitled to. I share two examples:

Arabelle Scyboz, judge and president of the Magistrate Judicial Council of Neuchatel, Thu, 27 Apr • 9:33 am

vos courriels, rédigés au surplus dans une langue non officielle, n’auront pas d’autre suite que la présente.

If the Magistrate Judicial Council, the top of the Neuchatel legal system, calls to violate fundamental language human rights, what do you expect?

Mr. Yanick Bussy, who has a bachelor's degree in law and psychology, director of the Neuchatel Child Protection Services, Thu, 27 Apr • 10:49 am

À titre liminaire, nous rappelons que dans le cadre des activités de l’État de Neuchâtel, seule est utilisée la langue française, de même, en application de l’art. 24 de la loi cantonale d’introduction au code de procédure civile (RSN 251.1 ; « LI-CPC »), c’est également le français qui est établi comme langue de procédure judiciaire. Nous vous invitons donc à vous y conformer à l’avenir dans le cadre de vos correspondances.

If the director of the child protection services is arguing the violation of child and parental language human rights on account of claims in Swiss law, what do you expect?

I've said it before, the Swiss's national sport is how to get away with violating human rights and international law. Deliberate arbitrary acts of persecution and transnational repression.

Will I comply? What do you think? Read the most recent fesip ...

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