pre-kiddnapping timeline

This timeline is a compilation of the personal story preceding the kidnapping listed under story telling. It is a work in progress ...

11 Oct 2009 Mom and dad met in Paris at the opening evening of a masters degree in taste we were both enrolled into. Later dad would learn mom slept with co-students, confirmed by one of them and mom.

03/2010 Mom goes desert trekking with CAJ (her lover, adultery, learned much later).

04/2010 Mom cooks for a Christian Easter camp, organised by CAJ. First time dad meets mom's parents, mom reorganises mattresses in her parents home, on the floor, as she imposes to her parents we sleep together.

05/2010 Mom's best friend and cohabitant, suggests adultery in desert. Mom denies.

21 Jun 2010 Dad proposes mom to marry on the shortest night of the year in the Westfjords, Iceland.

22 Jun 2010 Deadly car crash in the morning, mom badly injured among which fractures C1, T2-3-4. Mom dictate: no contacting her parents to inform them of the accident, dad disobeys and informs them. Parental violence towards mom.

07/2010 Mom has no support from her family and is boycotted by best friend with whom she lives in a cohousing apartment. Dad takes the decision to stop career as to help and support mom.

08/2010 Mom gets 14 days eviction notice by best friend, move to an apartment in Neuchatel in distress. After apartment move, discovery fractures moved (due to apartment move obligation) and too late to medically intervene.

10/2010 Love letters CAJ and mom received, mom denies lover for many months until confronted with the letters.

02/2011 Mom corset from car crash June 2010 ends, physio starts. We go on honeymoon to Cuba.

17 Feb 2011 Mom and dad PAX (legal union). Mom forbids to announce to anyone in her family or friends we PAX except two friends. One friend tries to warn dad. Everyone important to dad knows.

04/2011 Mom cooks again for CAJ Easter camp.

05/2011 Mom starts personal therapy on adultery, toxic friendships, family and parents bullying. Therapy until at least 2014.

09/2011 Relationship mom-CAJ confirmed by CAJ.

11/2011 Mom allegedly mobbed at work. Mom forced to resign due to loss of trust by team. Infatuations (?) mom: colleague who got just married and whose wedding she went to, allegedly (in mom's opinion), has an adultery relationship with boss.

01/2012 End mom work contract.

02/2012 Announcement to mom's family we are paxed, big parental fight. Forced to organise a wedding.

04/2012 Mom cooks again for Easter camp CAJ, alleged no more lover.

05/2012 Neuchatel city hall wedding 04 May 2012. Wedding party in Italy 05 May 2012.

06/2012 Examining expatriation: Savoie, Italy, Canada, UK.

09/2012 1st visit Canada, meeting officials.

11/2012 Dad is (was) US Citizen by birth. Mom hates the USA. Mom & family pressed dad to renounce American Nationality. Mom's family pressed dad should obtain Swiss nationality, until Swiss law changed in 2014. Start immigration Canada to obtain Permanent Residency (PR) status on non US nationality, and renunciation US.

01/2013 Mom starts new work contract.

03/2013 Examining expatriation: Isle of Wight.

04/2013 Mom cooks again for CAJ Easter camp.

05/2013 Second review of expatriation options and countries.

07/2013 Isle of Wight opportunity gone, mom expresses disappointment.

11/2013 Canada PR procedure error, rejected and resubmit.

22 Nov 2013 [daughter] was born.

01/2014 Canada PR confirmed.

03/2014 Start family therapy. In 2015 mom writes to therapist saying she is afraid of what she could be capable of doing to harm dad.

04/2014 Mom cooks again for CAJ Easter camp.

05/2014 Trip to Canada to prepare expatriation. In dad's absence, mom's parents manipulate [daughter] baptising due 25/05/2014. All mom's extended family is imposed, none of dad's family allowed, so dad cancels the ceremony upon return from Canada.

17/11/2014 Family psychologist confirms mom is a “poor listener”.

19 Jan 2015 Expatriation Canada in hell conditions by mom. Dad had to empty the Neuchatel apartment and prepare luggage for the Canada expatriation alone while taking care full time for [daughter].

03/2015 Return to Switzerland from Canada for Easter imposed by mom's family. Outward trip departure 30/03/2015, return dad on 10/04/2019 and mom on 17/04/2015. Mom cooks again for CAJ Easter camp.

23 May 2015 Mom depressed, says wants Canada but clearly not, has been boycotting advances in Canada for months. Found mom crying again on couch on business investment day, canceled business for well being [daughter].

27 Jul 2015 Start road trip Canada & USA, East to West, to reflect on what mom really wants and where.

21 Sep 2015 Move to Montreal as mom decided she wants to live there.

26 Oct 2015 Move to Belgium as mom decided she wants to live there.

11/2015 Mom takes [daughter] to Switzerland on 09/11/2015 for their definitive expatriation admin to Belgium. Mom deadly car crash with [daughter] on 19/11/2015, returning from pick-up personal effects at her parent's place. In shock, she claims to police and dad she wanted to kill [daughter]. Dad orders mom never to speak like that again. Almost 2 years administrative and health burden follows. Discovery calcified nodules (cancer?) on 19/11 on thyroid mom due to accident. Mom decides she wants to go back live in Montreal, dad refuses.

04/2016 Mom cooks again for CAJ Easter camp.

11/2016 Mom kidnaps [daughter] first time to Switzerland by car on 01/11/2016. Dad received document 02/11/2016. Mom claims she never quit her job in Switzerland as reason she had to go back to Switzerland. Lies. Dad joins Mom and [daughter] on 08/11/2016 by TGV.

12/2016 Confirmation in stages by various Swiss administration directors dad's degrees are not recognised in Switzerland. Dad can not work there. Mom wants to move to France, and does everything to that effect.

02/2017 Mom decides she wants to live in the french Jura. First exploration trip 12 & 13 February.

03/2017 Mom decides she wants to live in Canada, but then we go pick up the last personal effects in Canada from 24/03/2017 to 27/03/2017, and mom regrets afterwards.

04/2017 Mom cooks again for CAJ Easter camp. Mom gets pregnant, checks with medic 04/2017 for analysis and results, and hides pregnancy for 9 months from everyone.

05/2017 Mom wants to move to Menorca, first intent 23/05/2017 Violence from mom towards dad rises. Friends in Belgium notice and joke about it. Dad asks for family therapy, mom refuses.

06/2017 Active research in France continues. Visits of Montessori schools all over the country. Mom wants Arbois school and life.

24 Dec 2017 Mom aggresses dad, dictates to drive home (Belgium) immediately while holiday booked in Venice a week later.

25 Dec 2017 Mom finally reveals she is pregnant. Preceding months lies, and abusing dad physically and psychologically.

1 Jan 2018 [son] is born. 4.8 kg and 55 cm, well hidden by mom. Dad demands family therapy. Mom keeps refusing family therapy for almost a year.

03/2018 Mom continues french Jura around Arbois.

04/2018 16/04/2018 Mom enrolls [daughter] in Montessori school Mesnay. Dad keeps insisting family therapy, mom keeps refusing.

09/2018 23/09/2018 First sexual abuse mom's father on [daughter]. Mom forbids to ever talk about it to anyone. Dad continues insisting need for family therapy.

10/2018 Swiss police informal advise: no pressing charges or else automatically kids assigned to mom is praxis in such cases in Switzerland. Dad continues insisting family therapy to mom. 17/10/2018 dad seeks advise from pediatrician during consultation, on how to handle sexual abuse and mom denial.

12/2018 Finally family therapy starts, at mom colleagues of CNP on 17/12/2018. Immediate moratorium on sexual abuse and pregnancy issues.

03/2019 Second sexual abuse mom's father 03/03/2019 Moratorium at psychologists stays. Mom continues expatriation France.

04/2019 Mom re-enrolls [daughter] in school in France on 23/04/2019

07/2019 Mom forces dad family to buy us a car to drive kids to school in France.

09/2019 School in France starts 02/09/2019 Enrollment [daughter] in social circles like music and dance by mom. [son] refuses to be diaper changed by mom from mid September. Discovery 29/09/2019 that despite family therapists were clear no contact grandparents, mom took [son] behind back to grandfather. Diaper change refusal potential indication of abuse?

10/2019 01/10/2019 dad asks divorce. One too many violations of trust by mom and endangerment kids. 19/10/2019 Mutual agreement, handwritten by mom, full consent.

01/2020 15/01/2020 Mediation finally starts, but farce, only interests mom and SSI-S

02/2012 17/02/2020 Mom last minute does not appear in court.

7 Mar 2020 Mom kidnaps kids on joint holiday in ski resort. Evidence of preparations for kidnapping for over a year.

Throughout this decade, dad never completely left home, staying within the free movement of persons, family contact and temporary away rules. Idem for the kids. Switzerland was never an intention, only an imposed mandatory and temporary passage.

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