when a man is denied the right to live the life he believes in, he has no choice but to become an outlaw

Nelson Mandela

And “It always seems impossible until it's done.”

the poetic way

Like William Ernest Henley's poem “invictus”, which Nelson Mandela acknowledged regularly was a major part of his never giving up.

It is humanity's duty to never give up fighting to right the wrongs done to children, the wrongs done to the future of humanity.

the law(less) way

When the law violates the law ... enabling the dismissal of evidence ... ensuring the truth can not be acknowledged ... so that the interest of wrong prevails ... and humanity is kept asleep.

Edison Haines allegedly said (but I couldn't find a solid reference for it):

Law is not justice and a trial is not a scientific inquiry into truth. A trial is the resolution of a dispute.

Brian Herbert & Keven J.Anderson said:

Laws are dangerous to everyone, innocent and guilty alike, because they have no human understanding in and of themselves. They must be interpreted.

As interpretation of disputes goes, administration of justice can only be personal.

In the end freedom can only become in outlaw. And whether noticed or not, it all does not change the universal truth.

the “flower power” way

In Nelson's memory, as a man remembered also for his colour and flowerfull appearance, I searched for a meaningful flower. Sure I could go for the Mandela's Gold... But I've always had a preference for another flower when I was regularly in the Cape on business travels. The recent passing of my aunt reminded me how fragile families and people are in the face of agression and violence perpetrated by authorities.

The Silver-edge Pincushion, Leucospermum patersonii, is a South African plant. In the Northern hemisphere its flower opens toward the South. In the Southern Hemisphere it opens towards the North. One could argue its opening points towards the equator. Alas, it is not a compass, but plant cells seeking the prevailing light, and in so doing privileging to open first towards it. Don't we, or shouldn't we, all in seeking the truth?

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