intermezzo: mediation as Swiss court turned sour mental health mayonnaise?

I'll describe 3 examples of how Swiss courts abuse of mediation to kidnap children and maintain them in situations of Child Sexual Integrity Violations (CSIV).

the judge Marie-Pierre de Montmollin (MPDM)

The Swiss judicial child kidnapping dictator, MPDM, who is supposed to be the “competent supreme” in international child kidnapping, asked the SSI-S network lawyer Jean-Marie Rothlisberger to organise mediation. The judge's request was explicitly for the Neuchatel CERFASY.

The CERFASY does not offer mediation. It is a have it al business for psychologists: courses, seminars, counselling, and a clinic. No mediation whatsoever.

MPDM, as president of Gemme Switzerland, knew this of course.

The CERFASY and/or Rothlisberger attributed the mediation mandate to Thierry Gros (TG).

Thierry Gros, testament to the still existing but empty page, has apparently left the CERFASY. Luckily, I have for the purposes of justice a copy of his profile while working at the CERFASY.

From the onset TG admitted it was strange he, or even the CERFASY, was appointed, confirming he had no formal training or experience in mediation. He knew even less about mediation in international child abduction cases.

One of his first questions was if I would give him authorisation to correspond with his colleague Yvan Rupp (YR), the problematic psychologist.

YR worked for both the problematic and state dependent Centre Neuchatelois de Psychiatrie (CNP), and the CERFASY. As per YR CERFASY profile, he left the CNP in 2021.

I naturally refused, but you understand, them being colleagues and working together, friendly collegial talk over a coffee is ... human? Conflict of interest is mildly putting it.

The CNP is the Neuchatel state institute, as defined by law:

Depuis le 1er janvier 2009, le partenaire unique de l’État en matière de prise en charge psychiatrique est le Centre neuchâtelois de psychiatrie (CNP), comme le prévoit la loi sur le Centre neuchâtelois de psychiatrie (LCNP), du 29 janvier 2008.

TG from the onset tried to convince me, now that my kids were kidnapped to Neuchatel and detained there, the courts would never accept to send them back. Explaining that the mother works for a state subcontractor, has Swiss nationality, and had managed to illegally attribute domicile of my kids to Neuchatel without parental consent.

Mediation by someone who has no competence in mediation, serving only an effort to get my approval for the kidnapping. Naturally one can not agree with such situation.

TG attributed in his correspondence the failure of the “mediation” to ... me.

And the judge, MPDM, gladly noted her plan had worked. She had created a judicial truth contrary to reality, ground to alienate the stay-at-home father of the kids and decide to keep them in Switzerland.

the judge Nathalie Guillaume-Gentil Gross (NGGG)

NGGG was touched upon twice already, here and here. So you may have read before that before opening the court hearing, NGGG blackmailed: “I have read the documents and I am fully aware you asked CSIV protection measures for your children. Let me be very clear that I will not treat this aspect in court today. If you dare to bring it up during the hearing, not only I will dismiss it, I will condemn you and you will not see your children for a very long time. Is that clear Sir?”

During the court hearing she made clear if I would not agree to a “mediated temporary solution” of only seeing my children on Wednesdays afternoons between 14:00 and 17:30 , which she unilaterally imposed, she would judge I would not get to have any contact with them.

My back then Swiss lawyer said I had to agree. He indicated this was a most strange way of doing things, that he would later appeal and turn the tide (which he never did), but that I had to sign there and then or it would be more difficult to re-establish contact afterwards. Under duress and threat, I was forced to sign.

the judge Yannick Jubin (YJ)

YJ claims the “mediated agreements” he chaired in court are true and valid and in the best interest of the children. Quod non.

The alleged agreements before YJ are no less then the previous examples obtained under threat and duress.

YJ prides himself in court repeatedly the only thing that is of his interest is the children. Yet his actions are violating children's rights, and the most basic human rights.

I have to travel at least 9 hours one-way to come to court. ( google maps ) (A following post will show how this is transnational repression given the Swiss and international law)

Some 7 hours of continuous court session without lunch break. During the session YJ dismissed official (governmental) evidence, refused to take a USB stick with 500 hours recordings, accepted clearly false evidence, forgery and lies of the kidnapping mother instead, and knowing but not taking into account I had 9 hours driving and it being well past 4PM he ultimately gave me a choice: either sign his imposed “mediated agreement” or he would see to it I would no longer have access to my kids.

YJ watches over the judicial truth that clears Swiss authorities criminality. He doesn't give a rats arse about children or their well being.

so what is mediation to the Swiss justice system?

The Swiss justice system clearly does not know what mediation is. It uses the concept of mediation to threaten people who are under duress.

The Swiss justice system seeks secondary victimisation of those who are witness and victims. Those who should be protected are violated their most basic human rights.

The Swiss justice system serves the purpose of alienation, and keeps children in abuse.

But more importantly, it makes sure state authorities, including the judges, committing crimes, go free.

All three examples are violations of the conventions against slavery and torture, which will be covered later.

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