SSI-S human rights violating contracts with private individuals

The SSI-S feasts on women who want to get rid of fathers. Using any means, including illegal, they seek to obtain success for their paying client. The openness by which the SSI-S promote themselves to private individuals as having access to state authorities defies imagination. They go as far as stating the SSI-S is complementary to authorities, acting for authorities in Switzerland and abroad. They obtain contracted arbitrary court decisions by getting access to judges through the back door.

Some examples:

... le SSI-S offre un soutien complémentaire et subsidiaire aux services des autorités centrales instituées en vertu des Conventions de La Haye. À travers son réseau, le SSI-S coordonne les interventions des organisations étatiques, des avocats, des services sociaux et des organisations non gouvernementales entre les pays concernés. Par l'intermédiaire de son réseau, le SSI-S demande l’établissement d’un rapport social sur la situation de l’enfant dans l'autre pays et la mise en place de mesures de protection.

I could go on copy-pasting from the SSI-S documents openly marketing the SSI-S towards private individuals, but I think those few examples should suffice to get the picture. It is not up to me to do the Swiss Federal Prosecutor's job...

The SSI-S use their access to authorities, lawyers and money to blackmail victim fathers who can not afford or are unwilling to pay the corrupt services of the SSI-S.

I contacted SASB, the Belgian member of the ISS, who fell off their chair concerning the SSI-S activities. SASB confirmed they would adhere to the ISS rules, and since judicial procedures were underway they would not get involved. SASB explained they have to regularly file reports, and justify they are following the ISS rules for each case they are following.

Herewith copies of some paid-for-contracts for private individuals looking to kidnap children as examples, directly from the SSI-S web site:

The mother contracted and paid for the SSI-S services. The SSI-S acted on her mandate to take part in the kidnapping of my children. The SSI-S asked repeatedly on entertaining contact with me both in writing and by phone, vindicating the mother's claims, and try to pressure and trick me in their illegal system.

Phone calls with the SSI-S are recorded. AM warned me about that early in phone conversations. AM tried during one of the phone calls to trick me into going to their office, and also pay for their services. He was “selling” that if I also pay-for-contract and if they feel I am the better parent, they would pay, at least in part, for a lawyer of their lawyer network. He also made sure to explain that if I were to not choose to pay-for-service, it would lead to the SSI-S working exclusively on the basis of the mother's claims regardless of the claims being valid or not, and to me not having any chance in court even in my own country. The use of their power and network against me would make sure of that AM said.

The SSI-S being a criminal organisation, it has turned out that way in more ways then one can imagine.

denial of access to information

Since 2020 I have requested from the SSI-S, as per international law foreseen, a copy of the recorded phone calls. I have also requested a copy of the contract between the kidnapping mother and the SSI-S as well as the payment excerpts. Since my children and my person are targeted, I have a right under various laws to obtain access.

The SSI-S through Elodie Antony, its Head of Swiss Latin region Transnational Services, has denied the right of access to the recordings and documents, and the Swiss judicial system has refused to obtain the recordings and documents.

I filed a complaint about the refusal of access, which Carole Baumgart-Aubert, Administrative and Human Resources Manager, deferred to the SSI-S director.

In his response, the SSI-S director Rolf Widmer confirmed all is in order, no access to the requested data, take the issue to court, for which there is no access to justice in Switzerland.

The SSI-S has a network of lawyers who work on SSI-S mandates. Two of them are Jean-Marie Rothlisberger and Marie Berger. Unfortunately, the list of “accredited” lawyers of the SSI-S is no longer found publicly on their web site. If anyone can locate the document, has or can obtain a copy of it, please send it on.

The SSI-S list has been adapted (lawyers added and removed) by the FOJ, who regularly updates it and makes it available on its web site:

You'll observe the file has no lawyers in the canton of Neuchatel any more. In fact, the FOJ scrapped Neuchatel lawyers from the list back in the first version of its overtaking the document in 2020.

The SSI-S however does not hide its business. They promote their paid-for legal services openly, on legal help sites and in their own documents, such as on page 32 of their 2019 annual report.

As indicated in a previous post, Swiss violation of judicial rights: no access to justice, the SSI-S lawyers collaborate closely and feel so at ease, protected under the SSI-S umbrella, that they do not even try to hide it in judicial procedures.

Even my Belgian lawyers admitted being scared of the SSI-S, and warned me they had never faced such a transnational repressive human rights organisation, chasing not the wellbeing of the child but the claims of their paying Swiss client, and intimidating authorities in order to obtain their client satisfaction.

The SSI-S lawyer contract establishes the conditions and tariffs under which the SSI-S will go to court on behalf of and for a contracting kidnapper. The tariff is “only” 200 CHF per hour, about 300 CHF per hour under the “normal” going rate.

They go as far as stating:

Les personnes qui sont dans des situations financières précaires pourront se voir accorder des facilités de paiement ou même être exonérées partiellement ou totalement par le SSI Suisse.

Naturally, it creates very clear conditions of discrimination on the basis of financial ability, favouring those who contract the SSI-S. If you contract the SSI-S and take part in the criminality, you'll pay less then half the fee, or even nothing.

Interim conclusion (yes, there is more to follow ...)

The SSI-S is a law violating, money making pariah business, feasting on governmental and private contracts. For and and on behalf of their clients they obtain arbitrary judiciary decisions by forcing access to judges through the back door. The child is the last of their interests, for the child does not have monetary or contractual abilities.

{ End of SSI-S series, though it goes on into the next series on Mediation }

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