To CSA or to CSIV, that’s a question ...

Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) and Child Sexual integrity Violation (CSIV), what’s the deal? What’s the difference?

Those who follow the blog will have noticed I’ve evolved from using CSA to using CSIV. This is due to a learning curve. My comprehension of subjects evolves through uncovering, studying and discussing criminality by Swiss authorities.

I started the blog clearly stating I am no expert. Being a witness of CSIV on my daughter, I evolved into a whistleblower denouncing my discovery of Swiss State structurally organised criminality. Due to the ongoing persecution by the state I turned human rights activist.

Arguably, running someone over while being drunk driving, shooting someone, or skinning someone alive are not “the same”. But, the end result, death, is the same nonetheless. The means to the same result are different. People and courts will have a different weight attributed to each occurrence.

The public opinion seems to believe that CSA due to the word abuse is broadly understood as the act of having sex with a child. Anything less is shoulder shrugged at, or even plainly dismissed as nonsense.

The Terminology Guidelines for the Protection of Children from Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Abuse and other international law instruments are however clear. The word “abuse” includes acts for which there is no need of physical contact.

Due to the public opinion versus international legal instruments difference in understanding CSA, to me the words CSA had become inappropriate


Sexual integrity to me includes more clearly non physical and psychological components.

The word integrity to me also transposes a world beyond legal frameworks. It includes standing tall to one’s experiences, a non corruptibility, a notion of universal undeniability, an untouchable truth.

Integrity is exactly where society falters in CSA. The same integrity absence fuels slavery, genocide, racism, … all human rights violations. Dare I propose a bold statement: There is no violating human rights in presence of universal integrity?

about gaining human rights

Anyone ever wonders where our Universal Human rights come from? One might think it comes from the magical hats of those fat salary, suit wearing, legal experts who are in total disconnect of the real world.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Human rights are rules made by humans, originating from real human stories, creating a momentum strong enough to enough people for long enough. It is about “enough is enough” in the face of integrity.

How do you want any authority condemned for “only” a couple hundred child kidnappings and/or CSIV a year? I have said it before, it will take many years of all victims, not just the few on the barricades, and the people, to stand up.

violations of integrity

When human rights are drafted in international legal instruments, countries are free to decide to join them or not.

As such the man made solutions do not necessarily turn out the right or intended way. Nor does it guarantee the solutions stand the test of politics, courts and time. That own free will comes with an agenda and interests.

An example mentioned already on the blog is none of the western countries have become parties to the convention on migrant workers.

More often it turns out much worse. State authorities deliberately decide to violate their country’s own signature under international legal instruments. First they all agree together a convention is the way, and then they don’t do it. It is pure deceit of the public by its authorities.

Human rights drafted through integrity, by momentum of the people, violated by authorities devoid of any integrity.

So to me, the word integrity has its full place, is essential, in talking about CSA. Hence I talk about CSIV.

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