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While the rest of the world opens up to tackling the problem of child alienation, Switzerland as self proclaimed advanced and superior society is still in medieval denial, revindicating through its academics, scientists, and law alienation of children does not exist.

Alienation has been recognised by the European Court of Human Rights as being a severe form of psychological violence. Psychological violence to the child, but also to the alienated guardian and wider circle. It has been classed a violation of human rights.

I think alienation should also be classed as a deliberate act of child kidnapping.

For each of these individual reasons it should therefore be treated under child protective measures as stated by international executionary conventions such as the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and the Istanbul Convention on Domestic Violence.

The latter is a by Switzerland profoundly violated convention. Switzerland violates most notably art. 4, hence a basic human rights violation. Children and men victims are explicitly mentioned in the convention. Children and men can be just as violently aggressed by women as women by men. Alienation of children falls under the scope of the convention.

Switzerland actually has a federal office making certain the convention is violated. It is called the federal office of gender equality.

But more on this subject of the Swiss violating the Istanbul Convention with data and examples in a later separate post.

I’d like to share a documentary, it is gutting and troubling to any caring parent. While it shows the situation in the USA, it reflects exactly what universally goes on in Switzerland.

Without further ado: ERASING FAMILY

Watch on privacy minded Invidious Watch on youtube

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