And again ... rights and court orders violated by Swiss authorities.

Swiss authorities defying Swiss court order and human rights, my children were again not presented at 14:00. In addition, they claim postal letters. I guess Switzerland still uses pigeons and they get lost on the way ...

Herewith under the universal right to truth, copy of the email sent to the director of the child protection service (Mr. Bussy), to his superior the director of the child and adult protection services (Mr. Fellrath), to his superior the cantonal counselor (Mrs. Graf) whose department is responsible. It was copied to the usual others, such as the magistrates council, the state chancellor, the great council, the justice councilor, and the federal prosecutor.

Wed, 17 May • 5:08 pm

Mrs. Graf, Mr. Fellrath, Mr. Bussy,

I reiterate the various UN instruments on the rights of victims and witnesses. I reiterate the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties. In particular the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, as well as their state party binding instruments such as but not limited to declarations, general comments, and resolutions.

In light of documents, but particularly in light of the 500 hours recordings (!), as evidence shows, your office's active involvement is noted in the crimes of: – international child abduction to your canton; – non producing of children for exercising contact rights (which equates to further child abductions); – participation in the annihilation of parental and family contact rights; – denying and destruction of language human rights; – theft of children's property; – (non reporting of) child sexual and physical integrity violations and; – (participation in) sending child victims to their sexual integrity violating perpetrators. This list is non exhaustive with regards to the various rights violations my children and/or myself undergo as victims and witnesses to the ongoing crimes. The non exhaustive nature of the above list is to be known through the previous correspondences, to which I explicitly refer.

Provided the benefit of the doubt for your office should prevail, your office should indeed have filed reports with the competent authorities, and hold a detailed account of these crimes.

As detailed in international law, I have the right, and based on that right demand, to be fully informed, and receive copy of all elements about everything your office has done to report and try to stop the mentioned crimes perpetrated over the last years.

In particular, but not limited to, copy of reports filed by: – the secretary of your office; – the social assistants Mrs. de Montmollin, Mr. Schallenberger, Mr. Evrard; – yourselves, Mrs. Graf, Mr. Fellrath, Mr. Bussy, as duly informed directors of your offices.

In general, I demand to receive copy of all reports and documents attesting to your office's due execution of its obligations to report the mentioned crimes under the rules set forth by international law.

In our modern age the requested information is electronic, and therefore easy and quick to extract and make available. As per GDPR and other data access laws, the demanded documentation should be made available without delay, immediately, and electronically.

Any delay or attempt to defer the availability of requested information is, according to international jurisprudence and in light of the evidence of the crimes, to be interpreted as deliberate obstruction of rights and justice. This in an aggravated context of the time element consideration in cases involving children and abuse of human rights by authorities deemed to protect those rights.

Therein is required under international law that you acknowledge a clear timeline for the production of demanded information in respect of the time and method constraints foreseen by international instruments.

Should there be further attempts to yet again try to violate language human rights, or hide behind internal postal service wishes, or create unnecessary strain and delay in the process, or violate any of the international instrument provisions, I hold you personally, as head of your office, accountable for deliberately violating international law.

Regretfully, today 17 May 2023, again the Office de Protection des Enfants violates contact rights and its duties. Come 14:00 my children were not as per court ordered in your OPE's care. Nor was the by court ordered social assistant available. I am regretfully having to report new acts of child kidnapping by or in collaboration with the state.

I reiterate I am entitled to and demand a full account of where my children were whilst they were by order of your own courts supposed to be in your office's care at 14:00 dd. Wednesday May 17th 2023, May 10th 2023, May 3rd 2023, April 26th 2023.

The OPE secretary informed that various postal letters would have been sent to me.

I confirm as of today I have not received any postal letters, except the one by Mr. Bussy dated April 27th 2023, which reached me by email on the day and was responded to on the day. Copy of the email from Mr. Bussy dd. April 27th was also received by 2nd class mail (!) on May 8th 2023, 11 days later. Or how by insisting on ancestral methods precious time can be deliberately lost.

If, as per claimed by the OPE secretary today, other postal letters have been sent, and regretting this ancestral and time loosing method imposed by the OPE's choice, designed to obstruct instead of facilitate communication, I demand to receive copy of all alleged postal letters by email. GDPR and other data transparency laws imposing.

Should this correspondence better be drawn by a legal scholar, I refer to the ongoing violation of the UDHR articles 7 to 11 by Swiss authorities. It is, among others, up to you to see to the correction of this wrongdoing by the state which you work for, as per defined in previous correspondences.

Without any prejudicial recognition, and with reservation of all rights, expressly without recognition of any Swiss competence which remains contested.

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