publications on Swiss sexual violence against children

In preparation of the next post Part 2: Swiss authorities hot potato pushing in child sexual violence, herewith a post referring various studies and official publications regarding Child Sexual Integrity Violations in Switzerland.

the Optimus Study

The Optimus Foundation started a 10 year study in 2007. Data collected in 2009 and 2010 led to first reports in 2012 and 2013. In 2016 new data was collected, which brought about a new publication in 2018.

The Optimus foundation web site has disappeared since 2019. Such vital work first briefly redirected to, then to which indicates for the last 4 years a new web site is under construction and directs you to the UBS philanthropy blog, where the majority of documents from the study are unavailable.

Testament to the omerta regarding CSIV in Switzerland, such vital works are no longer broadly accessible.

I still have some of the copies of their reports. Them being vital to the right to truth principle, I publish them here:

cantonal recommendations

Each canton has its own ways, and documents for its (alleged) “professionals”. They are not always easy to come by, you have to search for hours and hours in the hope to find something. The below is non exhaustive.

They are testament to the profound differences in dealing with CSIV. There is one commonality: you'll see in each and everyone of these documents, despite acknowledgement of the obligation to act, the possibility for Swiss professionals to not report CSIV.

research on the subject of CSIV in Switzerland

I only list here those which I have not yet mentioned in other posts.

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