highest judicial authority reverts to threatening and lying

Intimidation, lies and threats by judiciary. The authorities revert to practising the Swiss national pastime of repression, retaliating against and persecuting whistleblowers. Is the pressure building?

Wednesday the Magistrate's Council replied to the week 20 denunciation of rights violations by authorities.

What is the Magistrate's council?

You can find the details directly on their web site.

The Conseil de la magistrature is the supervisory authority for judicial authorities and magistrates. It ensures that the judicial system functions properly. It is responsible for the administrative supervision of the judicial authorities and the disciplinary supervision of members of the judiciary.

It is the Magistrate's Council (CM) responsibility to make sure the judicial system works properly, to supervise the judicial authorities and take disciplinary action when things break horribly down. It is supposed to examine violations brought to its attention.

This includes overseeing the judiciary does not violate Human Rights, International Instruments, Swiss or cantonal laws.

If there is corruption among the system, the CM is responsible and supposed to take the necessary action too.

What has the Magistrate's Council been duly made aware of?

Every email the CM has received has indicated violations of:

In addition the CM has been duly informed of:

Arabelly Scyboz (ASC) and the CM of which ASC is president are fully aware of these violations, which fall under their authority to investigate and remedy, and have in full knowledge, deliberately, failed to address.

In a Human Rights violation aggravating move, ASC has banned electronic correspondence, repeatedly. In so doing she violates not only access to justice, she violates the very rules on which a properly functioning judiciary is based. The judiciary rules of electronic communication.

We've published in the 4 part series about how the Swiss judiciary authorities violate international law on electronic communication.

Commission by omission: child sexual abuse

Both international instruments and Swiss law foresee any Swiss authority to whom's attention has been brought child abuse is obligated to act, even if there is no obvious or apparent evidence of it.

In light of the CM and ASC being fully aware of the existence of recordings as evidence of the heinous crimes, and the fact they dismiss their responsibility, there is at least commission by omission of child sexual abuse by the CM and its president.

Wednesday's answer by the Magistrate's council

The Wednesday received answer of the CM is quite something:

Let's start with the email and its internet translation.

Sir, We would ask you urgently to cease your as numerous as ill-timed correspondences to the magistrate's council and directly to Mrs Scyboz. Neither are involved or competent to give any kind of response. We hope that our letter will be followed up in order to avoid us being obliged to consider taking other provisions or measures.

Let's get into the message bit by bit.

... numerous ... correspondences

The amount of Human Rights violations by the Swiss judiciary are “numerous”. Every week new violations, of which it is my duty to inform them.

The magistrate's council as you know get 1 email per week. Not more. And the only reason they receive an email is the non addressing of Human Rights violations.

As such, the Numerous correspondences claim is nothing short of defamation, attacking the victim-witness-whistleblower, who they have a duty, unalienable obligation, to protect.

... Ill-timed correspondences ...

It is not because the CM has potentially been on holiday that the Human Rights violations which they need to be informed of have stopped. Are they suggesting during their holidays they should not receive correspondences concerning Human Rights Violations?

If so, no auto reply or other information was received from the Magistrate's Council. Other authorities did have autoreplies.

Or would it mean Human Rights violations by the judiciary are OK when the CM is on holiday? Let's not be silly here.

I conclude it is nothing short of defamation geared towards the person who dares standing up for rights instead of geared towards the Human Rights violating perpetrators in the judiciary.

to the magistrate's council and directly to Mrs Scyboz

Should I understand ASC secretary is not aware their boss illegally banned the receiving of denunciations concerning issues of their responsibility?

It is a severe Human Rights violation to ban access to justice, particularly by the highest judiciary authority who should be fully aware of the rules.

Bullying in an attempt to divert responsibility of the correspondence banning by Swiss authorities should one day the public scrutiny call for their accountability?

Neither are involved or competent to give any kind of response.

Blatant and deliberate lie to deceive and bully a non legal scholar civilian. Issues are, as indicated higher in this post, their responsibility to deal with. It says so on their web site.

The highest judicial authority seeking to dismiss responsibility by lying to civilians is a heinous human rights violation. Seeking to cover up the non working of the system in this way will only aggravate the crimes they have so far collegially committed by deliberate omission to investigate.

We hope that our letter will be followed up in order to avoid us being obliged to consider taking other provisions or measures.

Let me rephrase in the non jargon language of regular people.

“If you don't shut up, we're going to do something, which we're not telling you what, to you”

You read this right. This is the highest judicial authority issuing a threat to a non legal scholar civilian – victim, witness, whistleblower – seeking access to justice and protection from judicial corruption and deliberate wrongdoing.

It is the kind of scene having its place on kids playgrounds. Not in a place of judicial authority.

Magistrate Council obligations

It is the CM obligation to denounce the heinous crimes of the system it is chief of, and provide protection from ongoing:

And more...

The refusal to denounce and provide protection, and the lying and threatening by the CM is no other then an effort to cover up the state's active involvement in criminality and corruption.

You can not claim Switzerland would be a civilised Human Rights and rule-of-law respecting nation, whilst its highest judicial authority leads the example of wrongdoing. In any civilised society, this sort of behaviour is punishable by law. In Switzerland, I am certain, the cover-up machine is desperately in full swing.

I've said it before and I reiterate: it is the Swiss national sport to violate Human Rights and persecute those who dare to point Swiss authorities wrongdoing.

I reiterate, should there be any doubt, having some 500 hours of recordings and documents as evidence to substantiate what I write about. I appreciate that must hurt Swiss authorities ego.

I appreciate the Universal Right to Truth is not something the Swiss are akin to, nor that they respect their country's international obligations under international law.

Those who have followed the blog will know by now: I will not stop until such time those authorities responsible for heinous Human Rights violations are held accountable, and the Universal Right to Truth prevails.

Feel the heat? Understand why they scramble to lie, repress, retaliate and persecute those who dare speak up? There's plenty more to come ...

P.S.: I'll most probably not respond to the email before Monday, there's something happening behind the scenes which I can't yet talk about. Maybe Monday. Suspense ...

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